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10 Tantalizing Tidbits For House Rulers in Synastry

Recently, I have been listening to other astrologers on U Tube. Astrology is such a vast field that one can never master it. I realize that I may not give enough credence to House Rulers in synastry. I think that they are quite secondary to the planets and the aspects, but they are an important layer to the chart and give us very interesting insights. So, let’s do it—House Rulers in synastry.
Tantalizing Tidbits For House Rulers in Synastry

1. If your Venus lands in the 12th House of your love interest, you may feel a deep, almost spiritual kind of love for him. The love may feel “ethereal”. However, the love may not be able to be shown to the public. It may have to remain hidden.

2. If his Sun lands in your 2nd House, he may be interested in your money.

3. If his Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus land in your second house, I would make him sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

4. If his Sun and Moon land in your 11th House, he may see you as a friend only.

5. If his Venus and Moon lands in your 8th House, there may be a passionate sexual and a deep emotional relationship.

6. If his Mars conjuncts your Ascendant, you will both feel a great attraction.

7. If his Mars lands in your 10th House, he may help you with your career.

8. If his Mars lands in your 7th House, he may be someone who is critical of you if you have a serious relationship with him.

9. If his Moon conjuncts your IC, you will feel as if he is an old and trusted friend.

10. If his Moon lands in your 3rd House, you may feel you can communicate with him well.

23 thoughts on “10 Tantalizing Tidbits For House Rulers in Synastry

  1. amiannAndrew

    This is great stuff. I wondering, what about house rulers aspecting eachother? For instance what if your 8th house ruler aspects his? Or what if your 5th house ruler aspects his 7th?

  2. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    Interesting !

    I always thought the House person determines how the planet person is seen, as in „his Sun in your 11H makes you see him as only a friend“? Or is it the other way around, or both ? Or are there different opinions on the matter?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the house person feels the planet person, I think, but the planet person is interested in THAT house. For example, if a guy put a lot of planets in my 2nd house, he may be interested in my money etc–things like that, Vivi

  3. amiannVivian

    I have the mars conjunct ascendant with someone . I am the mars though but it is still hot all the same

    @Ami what effect do you think Mercury in someone’s eight house will have?


  4. amianna

    So true especially about venus in the 12th… it’s like the love is always there no matter what. You see them in your dreams, and you always have them somewhere in your mind. They randomly pop up even when you haven’t spoken in ages. It’s bizarre, but very powerful and spiritual. You never want to let them go… you can’t, because you feel connected in such an indescribable way.

  5. amiannCassandra

    This is an inaccurate and over simplified article. The house person is the individual who experiences the energy of planetary overlays, not so much the planet person. For example, Person A’s Sun falling in Person B’s second house means only that Person B views Person A as an asset, and in extreme cases, as a possession, as the 2nd is an ego house.

    1. amiannAtheer

      Disagree. I got cancer in my 8th house cusp and each person comes to my life that got cancer planets are attracted to me. And they feel deeply connected to me. I’m the house person the one who accepts the energy or refuse it

  6. amiannNatasha H

    Cassandra is right. The house person always gets the feel of the planet that lands in there.
    Hence why the 2nd house is possessive over the planet person landing in there. Eg. Mars/Venus.

    I know a guy, 5 of MY planets land HIS 2nd house. Everytime he sees me he sees money. He believes I am moneyed, he believes I come from money. He’s not entirely wrong but he does it over board. It even makes me cringe cause he’s a guy, I’m a girl, I should blush over the the fact that “he has money”. You know what I mean.

    3 of my PLANETS also land in one of my female friends 2nd HOUSE and she so sting she just wants me to pay. She gets mad excited over my money and what I own. She immediately says its “ours” lol.

    One guy has his PLANET moon in my 8th HOUSE and I am aware of HIS emotions of me, love and hate. All of it. I feel it and go through it. Cause the house is aware of the planet and what it brings into it.

      1. amiannNatasha H

        Therefor it’s safe to say:
        2. If his Sun lands in your 2nd House, YOU may be interested in HIS money.
        – he landed his planet sun in your house of money and you will be alerted of his sun arriving where you are possessive and aware of material gains, so you immediately respond to him as a “filler” of that house.

        3. If his Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus land in your second house, he should make you sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

        – Cause his 4 planets are landing in your material gains house from said planet.

        4. If his Sun and Moon land in your 11th House, YOU may see HIM as a friend only.

        – I personally experienced this with one of my ex’s. I was comfortable with telling him we would make cool friends once we break up. He of course didn’t like hearing that. But his sun and moon where in my 11th house. I saw him as a potentially good friend after splitting.

        Just like if his sun and moon would’ve landed in me 2nd house, I’d see him as money and want to constantly receive from him.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          No, if his Sun is in your 2nd house, He is interested in your money. He is the one that is giving attention to the house in which HIS planets land.
          No, YOU should make him sign a pre nup etc

          If YOUR Sun lands in HIS 2nd house, you are interested in his money.

          1. amiannNatasha H

            The house is observant of the planet.
            The house reacts to the planet.
            The house is internal, the planet an object.
            The internal responds to what enters it.

            Hence why the countless people I have encountered responded to me according to the planets that belonged to me entering their specific houses.

            That’s why when my venus and mars enters someone’s 1st house, the person is in awe of me, sees perfection, sees a superstar.
            In turn, boosting my image of self.

            – That would be because my 2 planets entered their 1st house. Which is the house of recognizing the ideal image.
            Just like if it entered the 2nd house, it’s the house of recognizing material gains as possessiveness –
            Now the talk would be “wow, money. You have money. What’s yours belongs to me too. I want to possess”.
            Yielding my worth to them, to “bless” them with my worth. That their 2nd house recognized in me when I entered.

            The house gains from the planet.
            The house is the receiving end of the planet person.

            That’s why if someone has too much of their planets in YOUR 4th house, they seem so familiar to you/remind you a lot like your Father/brother. YOU (the house) yield to them as an act of recognizing them in your house 4.

            That’s why you wanna be careful when someone puts many planets in your 8th house. Everything they feel, will be bare and drowning to you. They will give you all of them love/hate. You will be receiving this, wishing you did not just witness heaven and hell in one blow. They probably love you more than you could them, just like I spend more on my x friend than she did on me (3 of my planets landed in her 2nd house).

            All she had to do was respond.

            That’s why if your Saturn falls in your partners 3rd house, he’s responds to your planet Saturn is by feeling restricted when it comes to communicating with you. Something he has to overcome with YOU even thou he talks a lot with others. It’s cause your planet of restriction is in his house of communication, and as the house person all he had to do what respond to your planet, the giver (of restriction).
            If Your Jupiter landed in his 3rd house, then you see him talking and growing a lot, in communicating with you.

            See the planet sets the tone. And the house receives and responds to what it’s being given planet wise.

            The planet person is not the gainer.

            His planet SUN in your 2nd house doesn’t make him want your money.
            A house is empty until something enters it, that which enters it, fulfills it (house).
            It makes his planet set the tone and impression upon your 2nd house of gain that your about to gain.

            Just like if someone’s planets entered your 7th house, you see them as an ideal partner and so it happens that they fulfill that. They are just perfect. Your perfect mate.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Are you sure it goes in this direction. It makes more sense that if a guy puts his planets in my second, he wants to use me for money, just an easy example, although I did see it before lol

    1. amiannSteph Hani

      I think I agree with both..
      The house person seems to feel the planets obviously but I think that the planet person acts (maybe unconsciously) more thru the filter of that other person’s house its planets out..

      It is all inter connected.. I were thinking alot about it bcs I was confused that ppl seem to have different fiews on this..

      Everything influences everything..

    1. amiannViviVox Nox

      Natasha H, I love how you describe the dynamic of House/Planet in synastry!
      Do you have a blog or something? Or would it be too much to ask of you to add how other Houses would “react” to different planets put in there in synastry? I am an intermediate and am not completely unaware of how it works but I haven’t found any source describing it as well and accurate as you did:)
      I also absolutely agree that the House sets the tone, i.e. you seeing them as being perfect/ideal = 1H and then, them behaving more confident and “ideal” in your presence due to the ego boost you give them. I see it a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way (though I do think that’s just one way to describe it to someone to get the idea. For instance, if someone feels extremely familiar to you (4H overlay) you will instinctively let your guard down with them and treat them like family. They, in turn, will feel this warmth and trust coming from you and act accordingly, being open, trustworthy and emotionally vulnerable themselves.
      And I also agree with what’s been said before that while the House sets the tone (7th House seeing 7th House planets as perfect match) it still depends on the other persons’ Chart and how they see said first person. If, for instance, the first person’s planets fall in the other person’s 11th House they will still see them more as a friend, even if they might sense how their own planet’s are in the other person’s 7th House.

      On another note, the House overlays with the guys in my life I had a serious relationship with and/or something going on were extremely fitting:

      L – first crush
      His Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron in my 7H
      His Sun in 8H
      His Mars in 4H

      R -first BF
      His Venus in 8H
      His Juno in 7H
      His Jupiter in 4H

      His Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron in 7H
      His Sun in 5H

      L – second BF
      His Venus/Mercury, Sun in 7H
      His Chiron, Mars in 8H

      My Moon in his 5H
      My Mars, Mercury, Venus, Sun in12H

      His Moon in my 7H
      His Juno in my 8H

      My Juno, Mercury in his 7H
      My Venus/ Sun in his 8H
      My Moon in his 12H

      Anyhow, I love this topic!! Sorry for oversharing:D

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