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Amber Heard– Hidden Secrets

All charts have hidden secrets. The astrologer can discover them. You may not like it but that is how it is. For this reason, I don’t do any charts for people in my real life. I am afraid they would never want to face me again. I do them for my family though.

Onto Amber Heard and let’s see what we can see. If I had to guess at Ascendant, I would say a Taurus Ascendant. One reason is that the Sun and North Node would be in the first house. She has a very confident persona. She also has a self centered aura. The Sun in the first house can make one both self centered and superficially confident.

Taurus Ascendant is one of the most beautiful Ascendants. Taurus is ruled by Venus. She is very beautiful. Also, she can be very charming which is a trait of Taurus.Venus is in Taurus as well. In the above scenario, Venus would be in the first house adding to her beauty.Venus in Taurus may have a lovely voice, which she does. She has a very lovely self presentation. She has what I have—an Unaspected Venus.Mine is in Gemini. I see the Unaspected Venus as having good social skills—-having an innate confidence in social situations.The Unaspected Venus is supposed to give charm, as well.

If we give her a Taurus Ascendant, we have Chiron in the second house, which makes perfect sense to me. I think she is a gold digger and a bad one. Her beauty and charm give her the ability to snag, so to speak, a rich man. It seems obvious that she wanted Johnny due to money reasons. It seems obvious to me after watching the trial.

Moon in Libra is COLD. It is called the Courtesan’s Moon for obvious reasons. It could be called the sociopath moon if one wants to push it a lot. However, it gives you an idea that reason/head is above emotion/heart with this moon. Honestly, I would not trust a person with Moon in Libra. By trust, I mean to have your back in a foxhole.

If we have a Taurus Ascendant, the Libra Moon is in the Sixth House. This fits her because she has a Virgo sense about her. She seems picky. If you listen to the tapes of her and Johnny, she seems like she “rides his back/ is on his case. I don’t really like Virgo Moons because they are very nit picky through no fault of their own.

I have a find here. It is Venus quincunx Medea. Often, the “secrets” lie in the asteroids. Medea is extreme revenge. Medea killed her children because her husband cheated on her. The quincunx is something that festers but can never be solved. Hence, when it comes to love, Amber has a festering kind of desire to get revenge when she feels she is mistreated.

I need to add more asteroids and will do so as I move on.


12 thoughts on “Amber Heard– Hidden Secrets

  1. amiannMindy Bailey

    My moon is in Libra by some birth chart calculators but I feel like a Scorpio moon. I feel things so deeply it makes me sick. I feel if people are good or bad by their energy, I know if someone is lying. I want to solve the case I just can’t leave it. I love the dark and quiet. I need alone time. I had a very bad relationship with my whole family. But I am easy going and have a thing about fairness. Could I be on a moon cusp ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You could be a Scorpio Moon. Sometimes the birth is recorded wrong. If you have deep loyalty like Mafia kind of loyalty like I do(Cancer Moon) you are prolly a water moon. Well, not Pisces lol

  2. amiann=Moonie=

    “Men want women for sex, Women want men for money” to put it simplistically. Depp referred to her as a “stunning creature” when they first met. She hooked up with Elon Musk for a while. Go figure. These age old (yawn) stereotypes never seem to go away. Women will sleep with a guy who looks like rotting tree bark if he owns a castle…a guy will sleep with a heroin-addicted street beggar if she looks like a playboy bunny.
    When I first looked at Depp & Heard’s charts I didn’t see much in common, or compatible. (except those conjunct Venuses) It starts off “love”ly but any ultimate incompatibility signs or issues eventually prevail and the “love is blind” adage bears its due fruit. Not necessarily referring to venus placements, just in general.
    And I think I agree with your take on Libra moon. Upon reflection yes, one I can think of in personal experience — can be close knit and loyal, but supportive only up to a point. You’ll have to dig your own way out of any foxholes. But Libras like companionship and partnering, so Libras do have benefits. Just be knowledgeable. Glad you pointed that out anyway.

    On a brighter note// I once read that the best moons for long haul compatibility i.e. marriage is to have your partner’s moon in same sign as your sun (or vice versa). I’ve always kept that in mind. Have you noticed anything like that Ami in your research?


  3. amiannVenus

    Amber has her mars sitting on Johnny Depps Moon. So i guess when it was good it was passionate and loving, but when it was bad it was arguing aggression and fights. Also both of them have the Almost the same Venus degree in Taurus and when they met in 2009 both had transiting Neptune squaring their Venus. Talk about rose colored glasses. I had this once with a guy and felt so in love I did things I never did in any previous Relationship. The moment the Neptune square went over 3-4 degrees orb I finally landed back in reality and saw the guy for who he really was.

    As far as ascendent I see a strong Aries and Libra energy in Amber. Also appearance wise. So I would expect this axis to be here Asc/Desc.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much, Venus! Great post. I find the Mars person abuses the Moon person. I never looked at Tr Neptune. I always look at natal things. Thanks

      1. amiannSolLibra

        Yes. I had the square with someone – I was the Moon person (in Scorpio), they were the Mars person (in Leo) and I felt so dominated by this person – also their Mars in Leo was opposite their Aquarius Moon, natally. I felt absolutely liberated when it ended.

  4. amiannJessica

    I wouldn’t agree on her being a charming person, she’s undeniably beautiful but not charming.
    She always screamed “mean girl” way before all this.

  5. amiannGen

    Hi Ami! As always your articles are fascinating. My husband’s Sun and Asc are both in pisces, but more than 10 degrees apart with his sun in his 12th house. Would this still contribute to being self centered? He also has his Libra moon in his 7th house within 2 and a half degrees of Dejanira. I know moon conjunct Dejanira indicates a victim of child abuse which is correct in his case, but what does its location in the 7th house indicate? How does his Asc and sun both being in pisces and his sun’s placement in his 12th house modify his moon? His moon opposes Valentine in his first house as well. Don’t know if that helps with the question or not…

  6. amiannE

    Hi Ami!

    As pretty as she is, I don’t think Taurus ascendant is likely. Taurus risers look solid & often have real curves. Sensual looking bodies & if they are starving themselves to fit a type (as in Hollywood) they look as if they could use a good meal as though they are gaunt. Amber looks naturally slim & active, firey. Just my 2 cents.

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