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Amber Heard—What the Heck is Wrong with Her?

Let’s review this question together. I am going now to draw up her chart and we will learn together.We don’t know the time of birth, so we need to disregard houses. As I move on, I may theorize a few things but I will let you know.

We have no personal planets in water. This is something that can make someone “clueless” when it comes to understanding emotions–her own and that of others. It is really sad to see how clueless she is to how people see her. Not all people with low water are THIS clueless.

She has a single planet in Air. I find that in these kind of cases, the person wants to PROVE she is high in the element. In this case, she would like to prove to others that she is intellectual. This seems to fit what we hear from other people.

Mars in Capricorn is a very driven person. This does not have to be “bad” per se. It depends on how one goes about getting one’s goals( if you get me)

Unaspected Taurus Venus. This is a huge dose of charm, which one can see in her early interviews. The Unaspected Venus makes one comfortable socially.

Mars conjunct Neptune is not a good thing. Neptune can make one unable to see oneself as one is. If she uses men for economic gain, she may deny this to herself( and others, of course). However, the worst denial we have is to ourselves.

Moon in Libra is a cold moon. I will be honest here. I would not have a close relationship with a Moon in Libra. I don’t think they can really be loyal. They do what is expedient for them and if that includes throwing you under the bus, have a nice ride! If one takes pictures of one’s husband in embarrassing positions, I think I have made my point.

Sun conjunct North Node is a native who HAS to shine. She has to appear confident. Honestly, how she can stay so cool with all the lying is a great feat.

I may do another article on her. I have had a very hard time on getting her info tonight. I almost gave up but so many sweet people told me they were waiting for this and I appreciate the people who come here and wanted to do this article.

I know we really need asteroids but this is a start, I think, and I hope you have gained something from this.

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15 thoughts on “Amber Heard—What the Heck is Wrong with Her?

  1. amiannRuth

    She doesn’t seem to be the “sharpest tool in the shed”. Perhaps she believes everything everybody else says to her? Maybe she is also a liar and a deceiver? Could she have a drug problem as well? Perhaps, but in my opinion, not as big as the one Jonny Depp has with alcohol. Neptune is isn’t my favourite planet because of how deceptive it is. It’s also glamourous too, which makes it good for the movie industry. But, in my opinion, it has a really big downside. Drugs and alcohol, lying and deceiving being some of them.

    I haven’t been watching the Amber Herd V Jonny Depp trial. I Youtubed Jonny Depp and was dismayed to see what looks like an alcohol problem. It would be a shame to ruin all that talent.

    Maybe Jonny Depp’s chart would be interesting too?

  2. amiannBonnie

    I done a chart for both, amber has asteroïd “lie” 26955 and nessus conjunct in leo 21°/ 22° so a kinda square her venus in taurus and fixed star algol.
    Johnny has his asteroïd karma conjunct her lie and nessus.
    His own asteroïd lie is conjunct his jupiter in aries which makes a trine with his ascendant. They have a wide orb with amber chiron 11° and johnny’s sun in gemini 18°. And johnny’s chiron is conjunct Ambers jupiter and karma in pisces 13°.
    To me this comes across as a karmic relationship, the ones you read about, fatal attraction and both end up losing.
    Amber comes across shes not self-aware so it would surprise me her sun and north node would be in the 12th house and her venus in 1st, shes to busy with her looks..
    That would shift her chiron in 1st house, which her self confidence now must be damaged. If you use 7 am you get a different picture.
    Her jupiter conjunct karma in pisces shifts in 11th house, shes beeing slaughtered by the public!
    The Eleventh House is where you make your debut into society, and the reception you get out there. It’s the traditional house of friends, but also extends out to colleagues and social circles. This is the house of Aquarius and Uranus/Saturn.
    It would shift her leo in 4th house, trying to hide her lying and abuse (nessus), with the sneaky sun in 12th house..
    That would make more sense to me to be honest. The pluto retrograde in 6th, the so called control freak shes trying to hide close to her south node… it was her karmic lesson too.

  3. amiannRuth

    Her Moon doesn’t look too ‘happy’ to me. In Libra, it’s trying to find objectivity, balance, fairness and diplomacy (“social justice”?), and it also just happens to be in a pretty tight opposition to Mercury in Aries…

    To take a quote off the Astrologyking about Moon-Mercury opposition: “You can appear overly analytical one moment, then over-emotional and irrational the next. This can make you very sensitive, anxious, curious, and confused. An inability to find inner balance and reach a tranquil state of mind can leave you highly strung with a tendency to addiction.” That doesn’t sound good….But there’s more! Amber’s moon also squares her Neptune and Mars over there in Capricorn (those two are not that close to each other, but close enough). These guys also square Mercury in Aries. The square between Mercury and Neptune is pretty tight – lies, deceit, deception? I did wonder if Mercury in Aries was responsible for her blurting out poorly thought out things without enough reflection?

    It’s a bit of a mess for her, especially as all of this is playing out in public arena. Kind of weird, because from what I’ve heard, the Moon represents “The Public” and Libra – those are the scales of justice… It makes me wonder if this type of dynamic isn’t being played out in the public…. or maybe it’s all distraction and being promoted as such? Anything to take “The Public’s” mind off what those idiots in charge are doing.

    I looked for some positive aspects to her Moon. All I could see was Trine to Chiron and Sextile to Saturn. Hmm, these aren’t exactly the ‘life and soul of the party’ are they? More like a couple of hard working ‘party poopers’, if anything. The ‘pick and shovel’ of the zodiac? The ‘get working’ if you want to build those foundations/outhouses/facilities you need. Painful (Chiron), but necessary (Saturn). Sigh.

    So, how does she come out of this? I’m not sure she does, at least not easily and not without a great deal of work, introspection and healing. Maybe not even in this lifetime? Trying to ‘ground’ her emotions (the moon) and deal with lies, deceptions and ‘drama’ as well as blurting it all out at the worst times (Neptune,Mars and Mercury)? Luckily she’s a Taurus so that gives her some resilience, although I’m not sure about introspection thing, sorry Taureans, lol. But once Taurus is set on a tragectory, they’re pretty persistant. It’s just getting them started that’s hard.

    She’ll need to apply self dicipline, meditate, self reflect and probably seek out a therapist. Maybe she should write it all down in a journal. (Chiron in Gemini), but certainly not make it public. She must avoid drugs and reactive, self destructive out of control behaviour – unless she is reflecting upon it and journaling about it. That sort of thing must remain private. At least that’s my gut feeling.

    I don’t think the Public are going to treat her too kindly. The word “scapegoat” just popped into my head too. Maybe that’s a Chiron thing, or a Capricorn (Saturn) thing?

  4. amiannE

    I think with Amber, you have some extreme anger that is thinly disguised by *some charm. That Mars in Capricorn is squaring Mercury and Moon, neither being a good outlet for that very strong Mars energy at all. With Mars as her chart ruler and exalted, it’s having it’s way with her (not for her, as would be the case if it weren’t clouded by delusions from Neptune and aggravating her naive self expression -mercury in Aries-and her easily played upon vanity-Moon in Libra). She’s a very angry individual & I think that’s really at the heart of her situation.

  5. amiannP

    Mars conjunct Neptune. = deception of men in the sixth house?!? I thought she seemed as if she had munchausen syndrome- (faking the bloody nose- faking injury to herself)

    People with Münchausen syndrome generally are wayyyy more likely to get munchausen by proxy.

    *Mynchausen by proxy is when you do it to others. For attention – I would be worried if this is her birth time –

      1. amiannP

        Anyone see any connection to children Neptune and mars in the sixth to mother injuring child? I looked at baron munchausen’s chart and it’s interesting (who the condition was named after)

    1. amiannP

      Anyone see any connection to children Neptune and mars in the sixth to mother injuring child? I looked at baron munchausen’s chart and it’s interesting (who the condition was named after)

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