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ANSWERS to the Asteroid Quiz

Match the Asteroid With The Description

1. A Female Attracted to Women—Sappho

2. Super Raw Sexuality that Manifests Outward in a way that others see.——Lilith(easy one)

3. Very vengeful. The revenge she takes is horrible.——————Medea(she killed their own children to get back at her cheating husband.

4. People look up to him in a worshipful way.————————Apollo

5. He has to, always, be “better than” others. He has to be one up.———————Lucifer

6. She is a loyal and devoted partner.——————–Juno

7.She will do anything to save her partner, no matter how much trouble he gets his bad self into.———————–Isis

8. This dude gets himself into all sorts of crazy messes and his wife has to save him.————————Osiris

9. This gal teases men by showing cleavage and acting in a “come on” manner. When men responds, she punishes them.———————Medusa

10. This asteroid has very intense moodiness, very intense ups and downs.——————————Mania

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