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Aspects For a BS er

Oh, what a topic. I came upon it after talking to a family member. He is not a BS er. He says I am. Well, I don’t lie and I try to walk with integrity, but I can keep the chat going in most situations. In the game of life, one needs to be able to suss out what is UNDER the surface of things. This trait has a name–subtext. BS is something different. It is a way to keep moving with the flow of life and not let the tide take you away. More specifically, it is a way of managing yourself in situations, such that you are not taken advantage of by others, a way of holding your own, a way of coming out standing without letting other people push you under the water. Let’s see the aspects that make for someone who can roll with the best of them.

1. Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini has a lightning fast mind. He has a wit to match. Due to his natural intelligence, he can, usually, tell if you are trying to take advantage of him. He will, usually, talk you around what you were trying to do and come out ahead.

2. Mars in Scorpio

He is a BS er when it comes to talking people into bed. When it comes to sweet talking for his own purposes, he is the king. Don’t let a Mars in Scorpio sweet talk you into anything you will regret later. Remember the song,”Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Chances are he won’t.

3. Mercury Conjunct Neptune

This is a classic aspect for a liar but not all those who have this aspect are classic liars. Some may fudge the truth. Some may simply be excellent storytellers, but I would say that the BS meter would be high with this aspect.

4 Bilk Conjunct the Sun

Someone close to me has this. He tries to sell me all forms of the Brooklyn Bridge, but I know he has this aspect, so I, rarely yield. Bilk has to do with trying to take advantage of someone in the arena of money. This aspect would not be a thief, per se, i.e steal from the cash register. He would be more of a schemer. He may want people to invest in businesses which would prove to be spurious.

5. Lie Conjunct the Sun

Lie is a more generalized asteroid. How they lie, I am not sure. However, it will, likely, be in some form and in some arena in life, so watch out. Pay attention to the house placement. That could give you clues about the arena in which the person lies, but it may not. Watch and see and then report back to the Astrological Sleuth—ME.

6.Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius can usually charm the stripes off a zebra. They, often, have a silver tongue. They are disarming because they may seem to be too innocent to do any real damage. This is not true. Their main arena of damage may be the human heart, but they do seem to be able to talk their way out of anything.

7. Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces seems to be a master of sweet talking, which is a SKILL. Words are a potent weapon in their hands. Whether or not they use their gift for good or evil can be seen by the rest of the chart, but they sure can make you feel special( Hi Dan)

8. Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini can be a master flirt. They can make you run after them. You are fine until you look back and see a crowd running in the same direction. Do beware that Venus in Gemini flirts like others breathe. Don’t believe all of what they say. Believe a fraction. How much is that fraction? I will never tell.

9. Medusa Conjunct the Ascendant

This little lady tantalizes you until she gets you into her web. Then, she turns all cold and spidery and you end up like the mate of the female black widow—–*SHUDDER*

10. Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant

This native may not BS you, per se. He, simply, does not know who he is. James Gandolphini, the iconic Tony Soprano, has this aspect. He was an actor who reached the pinnacle of his art. However, these natives may have a severe identity crisis. Who are they really? If they don’t know, how can you?

16 thoughts on “Aspects For a BS er

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      BS is short for bull shit–sorry for the swear but like sweet talking and being able to talk your way out of things and manipulate people, if you want to lol

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Thanks a lot for keeping me educated ­čÖé
        As for the article, I see the qualities you listed as mostly positive. Except Bilk conjunct the Sun.

  1. amiannBonnie

    Hi there,
    I can relate to your findings.
    Mars in scorpio lol, my boyfriend has that.. With sun- uranus- mercury- north node and asteroïd karma.
    Conjunct my natal asc scorpio.
    He swings his carrot and unions about sometimes so subtle.. without speaking a word. Or he knows exactly where to massage.

    With nr. 8 and 9 i’ve had bad experiences.. definitly nr. 9! But it was a man.. not a lady! Big BS (b*tch sl*t).
    Spits you out after he’s done and used you, draines you out… urrggh kill that spider lol.

    As for neptune on ascendant does that count for progression as well?
    I’ve read when they r not using drugs or alcohol they can pick up the slightest things in their environment.
    Its like they feel one with the environment, if not then they want to escape (reality).
    And others tend to project things on them of themselves.. like a foggy mystic aura.
    It takes my interest.
    Why? 2 years ago i had a car crash (that could have ended differently) i saw in progression chart i had a conjunction of uranus on my ascendant saggitarius 2┬░ opposite mercury.
    What might of saved me.. semisextile jupiter in 12th house, semisextile moon 1st house. Dont really know yet.
    It changed my perspective on life, first shock then fear and changes i should make. My neptune is in that 1st house now. So is the galactic centre.

    I appreciate all your info and ive studied most of your teaching.
    Do you have info about the galactic center? Is a transformative hole.. or is it like.. if planets and asteroïdes on it are not visible / negative or not active?
    It reminds me a bit of the movie “the dark tower”

    Thanks again.

  2. amiannPheephee

    Hello, Ami!
    I was just curious to what house system you use? Placidus, Whole Sign house, etc.
    you mentioned recently your MC is in ninth ( I believe), so it would not be the same one I’ve been using.
    I was thinking of switching to whole sign house system.
    Anyways, it was just a curiosity. Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I use whole house. For me, my chart did not change much with the different systems but whole house makes house rulers easier BUT if a planet does not fit in a house, when I am doing a chart, I look at another house system.

      1. amiannPheephee

        So confusing. Im looking into the different houses right now. But cant choose.
        Some placements are so perfect and no brainer in certain houses and then another house is also seemingly perfect.

        For me Placidus and Whole house change dramatically. the main being 10 and 9th house changes to 12 and 11th.


        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YEA, P, for some people there is a huge difference but it should not be hard to figure out in which houses are your planets. Each consequtive(sp? I just woke up) is very different and so figuring out the house is not very hard. I do it all the time with my client, P. I will try to help you figure out one, if you want.

          1. amiannPheephee

            It should be easy, I agree. But they both work to a degree.haha.

            The placidius is what ive used all my life and it put sun conjunct Uranus in 10th house, Neptune in 12th, and it fit sort of….

            In Whole, it puts sun conjunct Uranus in 12th, Neptune in 1st.
            Which fits sort of and would explain my extreme escapism and extreme seclusion.

            I would love help. I find it difficult to ‘see’ my chart. Its much easier to see other people.

          2. amiannPheephee

            Nevermind. I decided I have to stick with Placidius.
            Theres no way my Mars could fit in 8th house, not intercepted. I read the descriptions and it cant fit. I have no drive or energy without an other.
            Wish it did fit though!! it be so much better!…..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lying may be an issue you struggle with more in terms of trying NOT to ever lie. Medusa may make you attracted to people who will tease you, rope you in and then betray you. Again, I have to be honest or why bother doing astrology. If people want sugar coated things, not that you do, they need to go to most people out there lol

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