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Aspects for Emotional Strength

I dedicate this article to Sophia, who just wrote me the loveliest e mail. I am very honest and due to this get a lot of hate. Why do anything if you are not going to be honest ? What is the point? I am glad that I am appreciated for my honesty by some of my readers. It truly makes my day! Sophia said she looks for my new articles. That means so much to me, so I wanted to write one for her.

Aspects for Emotional Strength

I think that one’s blueprint is given by one’s chart( which is given by God) I think the chart is stronger than the childhood environment, even. I think the chart is so very valuable because it is one of the rare mirrors of our true nature.

Aspects for Emotional Strength

1.Sun Conjunct Pluto

These natives are as strong as horseradish. They will be especially strong in the HOUSE in which this aspect resides.

2. Sun Trine Pluto

Sun trine Pluto may be easier on the native than the conjunction. With the conjunction, he is so very strong. He is more like a really muscle bound man who can hardly walk because his leg muscles rub together. With the trine, there is an easier flow.

3. Mercury Conjunct the Sun

This aspect confers intelligence. Intelligence does not necessarily give strength, but it does help to give wisdom. Sometimes, the smarter guy wins, simply because he reasoned thing out. The conjunction is a 6-10 degree orb. I do not think a closer orb( the combust) is a favorable aspect. It makes the mind too racing and electric.

4. Pluto Conjunct Dejanira

I have this aspect. This aspect compels one to stand up for weaker people i.e people who are being bullied. I hate bullies and will fight them if I can. I have, always, been this way. I have rarely been bullied in my life. I can not say never. Once, my girlfriend and I made fun of the name of one of the toughest girls in high school. I don’t know why her name struck as as so funny. It was Delores and we used to call her De—LORIES. Well, that was just plain stupid.

5. Pluto Conjunct the MC

This native may have a Putin stare. Don’t mess with him, especially in the area of career or his reputation. You may find yourself “floating with the fishes”

6. Pluto Trine Mercury

These natives have a strong mind. They will, likely, speak their mind. They will, likely, stand up for what they believe, which is getting more difficult as the society becomes more politically correct. Trust me on that one. I have the sextile, which is a weaker version of the trine.

7. Unaspected Sun

This native was born to shine. It may take him some time to develop his ego, but he was made to be a superstar. This aspect is seen in the charts of many famous people.

8. Unaspected Venus

This gives social graces and social intelligence, which is a strength in itself.

9. Moon Trine Saturn

This is a lovely aspect which gives grounding. The native is like a lovely, old oak tree, which can withstand storms.

10. Unaspected Saturn

This aspect gives great character. I am close to someone with this aspect. He is truly a fine person!

17 thoughts on “Aspects for Emotional Strength

  1. amiannPheephee

    I have always been very curious about an unaspected Saturn most of all…for some reason.
    Are they undisciplined? Lazy? Do they have an ‘easier’ time with life without hard task Saturn beating down any of your other planets?

  2. amiannDayChay

    Yaay!! Sun conj mercury 6degree orb, pluto conj dejanira and aqua moon trine saturn.
    If i had a chance to change my placement i’d love to move that moon in 12th house :(( and pisces AC

          1. amiannDayChay

            Yes! My mom is really unstable especially in Psychological way.
            But isn’t conjunctions should be in same sign? Aqua moon conj pisces ascendant? So my moon would be in first house not 12th house!
            Its new info i’ve never heard before!
            Thank you…~

            You r like a star
            that shines bright,shines far 🌟

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            You are so sweet, D. You made my day! Thank you.

            Well, Uranus conj the Moon is really hard due to the mother being as you said. I understand from my own experience what you are going through, D!

  3. amiannElo

    I have a Libra Sun/MC/Pluto conjunction (Sun in the 10th – Pluto in the 9th, yet one degree away from my MC). That’s a poisoned “gift” to be honest… This said, what you wrote is true 😉 (to me at least)
    I also have Pluto trine Moon, to add some extra intensity, haha!

  4. amiannBrooke

    Do you see a combust sun+mercury with no other aspects to them, as an unaspected sun; or similar to it? (especially since Mercury is so commonly with the sun)

    I have this placement, and I pretty much consider my sun&mercury in Gemini to be a singular force. A Sun-cury :’D

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES,this is interesting, B. So, your Sun and Mercury both have no aspects except this conjunction? I have not seen that but it may make it easier for you to deal with the combust, not harder.

  5. amiannSergio

    Wow. I have three of these aspects.
    Pluto on Midheaven, Unaspected sun in Leo and Moon trine saturn. But i haven’t started life for real yet. Still young and unacomplished.

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