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Aspects That Have Surprised Me in the Natal Charts

Aspects That Have Surprised Me in the Natal Charts and Why?

I am fortunate to be a very curious person. I have a Gemini stellium———Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th House. It takes me 4-5 days to do a natal chart. I do charts the way I do so I can pick the brains of my clients.The client and I may exchange fifty to a hundred e mails while discussing the chart. I love it! I would never do charts if I had to send a robotic chart to a person. I say all this to say that I have learned many fascinating things from the “owners” of the charts. Many have surprised me. Here are some.

Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant(1-3 orb)

In all cases but one the person was bullied, usually badly. In the one case in which it did not happen, there was an aspect which I call the “anti-bullying” aspect. I will discuss this next.

Pluto Conjunct Dejanira
This is the “anti-bullying” aspect. I have it and I have not been bullied much.(Every kid gets bullied a little from the neighborhood bully) I also am very strong standing up to bullies who hurt others. In the case of the person who had Chiron conjunct the Ascendant and was not bullied, she had this aspect—– Pluto Conjunct Dejanira.

Mars Conjunct Chiron
This aspect seems to “emasculate” men. By this, I mean that it is very hard for a man with this aspect to be comfortable in the “role of a male”. Male tasks and behaviors such as assertiveness with women, seem to be hard for him.

Chiron Conjunct the Descendant

This native seems to be attracted to “wounded birds”.

Uranus Conjunct the Descendant
These natives are attracted to unconventional partners.

Mercury Square Neptune(1-4 orb)
These natives could lose touch with reality if they had enough trauma beset them. I am not saying they will. I am saying that this propensity could exist with this aspect.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune
This is the aspect for someone with a wonderful imagination. It is an excellent aspect for a writer. I doubt a person could even be an excellent writer without this aspect or some of the other Mercury/Neptune aspects, such as the trine or sextile. My favorite author, Stephen King, has the conjunction at a 4 degree orb. I am rereading “The Stand— This version is King’s original manuscript which tops off at about 1450 pages. However, every word of King is pure gold.

Uranus Square Mercury( 1-4 orb)
This aspect is kind of a danger zone aspect.I have seen many people suffer emotionally as a result of what I think is this aspect. Through no fault of the native, it gives what is called a “monkey mind”. The mind seems to race excessively in an “electrically charged” sort of way. The conjunction is equally as bad. These natives are brilliant, though!

Apophis Conjunct Venus
This aspect seems to “ruin” the romantic life of the native. Romance seems to become a “chaotic mess”, if you will allow me to be so blunt. Aphophis is one of those asteroids one does not like to see coming. Aphophis seems to put chaos and destruction in that which it touches. I have seen something really bad happen to a person when Apophis in transit was conjunct the natal Jupiter. I don’t study transits, in general, because I don’t want to get into the habit of planning my life based on the charts. I do look, at times.

Apophis Conjunct Mercury
This person has a hard time processing ideas/concepts. For example, if he has to figure out a problem from Point A to Point A, he cannot really conceptualize it and attack it. Let me give an example. If something breaks, is is hard for him to put all the pieces together to figure out how to fix it i.e a roof leak, for example. He is very intelligent. It is something with his processing capacity. Apophis makes for “chaos”. His thinking is chaotic, to put it simply. He has an exact conjunction.

Kaali Conjunct the Ascendant
This aspect makes for a loss of energy when dealing with people and life. Kaali is the energy body. The Ascendant is one’s interface with the world. Hence, the world really saps the energy of this native.

Kaali Conjunct the MC
This functions in a similar way as the previous aspect. However, with the MC angle, the person may lose his energy in the workplace, more so than his regular life.

Mars conjunct Venus
This aspect is classic for charisma. What surprised me is just how charismatic these natives are, especially so if they aspect is exact. Then, they shine with charisma.

Here is a list of the asteroids I use if you want to look up some of the asteroids listed here.

The Asteroids I Use

30 thoughts on “Aspects That Have Surprised Me in the Natal Charts

  1. amiannIsabella

    Hello Ami, I have the apophis conjunction Venus at 4 degrees. Would you consider it? I have read in some sites that for asteroids only two grades are considered.

    The truth is that I haven’t good luck in love and all my relationships seem to be doomed to failure, so some influence will have. That my venus is unaspected does not help either.

    Thanks for your time and interesting articles

  2. amiannLouisette Pochat

    I have Uranus in the 10th hse 27 taurus 54 retrograde and Mercury in the 4th 27 scorpio 05 and this form a kite with Neptune 29 virgo 36 in 2nd hse and Venus 25 capricorn 30 every time I got sick I had to be hospitalized for Bi polar…and reviewing the cause I came to find out that I had to quit all type of stimulants. What I like to know is there any asteroid conjuncting any of these planets that would be involved in this….I know that Chiron in in the 12th hse 14 leo 33 trine Mars at 13 aries 44…for this you might need more specific…Born Nov 30 1941…11:08 pm Amqui, Quebec…thank you so very much for your time and help…blessings!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Louisette and Welcome. This would be a question that would take longer than the message board would allow, my Friend. If you wanted to ask me one simple question, I will try to help. Also, I never really studied the kite, so can’t comment on that.

      1. amiannLouisette Pochat

        Dear Amiann….I don’t mind….that there is too much for you to do…totally understand…one simple question then: What do you think about Chiron in the 12th house…and is there any asteroid conjuncting it. Thank you!

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Line, Ami, “Neptune conjunct the Descendant”
        Having Neptune in the 7th, may I also comment on this, please?

        If Neptune has good aspects aka trines & sextiles, such a person favors gentle / artistic / soulful / soft-hearted / caring people, and this is what she, usually, easily gets (good aspects = easiness, good Neptune traits). She will criticize neither dreaming nor a little bit of laziness and is happy in a relationship where she too can play, show her own artistic, gentle and lazy side, daydream together with the partner. She is caring, wants to save lives. To which extent, depends on the sing of Neptune.

        If Neptune has tension aspects aka squares & oppositions, the person may yearn for the same gentle / artistic / soulful / soft-hearted / caring type described above, but will have difficulty getting all the good without the bad. The bad includes more laziness, touchiness, head in the clouds, deceit… negative Neptune traits. The person herself is more prone to such imperfections, too. She may also deal with addictions, both her own and her partner’s. Alcohol, smoking, food, sex, daydreaming, TV… anything, really, and to a different degree.

        If Neptune has both good and tension aspects, you get a mix.

        As for “foggy thinking”, here is mine. I am optimistic about improvement and believe everyone can change for the better if shown the way. My Neptune is in Capricorn which, as we know, symbolizes progress.

  3. amiannBonnie

    I can say from experience:
    Mercury square uranus, yes monkey mind.. whatever jumps in the mind they can see for real .. it caused a lot of tension.. and problems. Especially when they take drugs too.
    This man (which i described in previous subject has his kaali conjunct my venus/p.o.f./ destinn – he sucked me like a leech/ incubus. He might find out his Apophis 0° leo (10th) soon with north node transit.
    His venus conjunct lilith 9° gemini (on cusp 9th) trine pluto 11° / ceres 9° libra 12th house… his P..o.f. 3° and maniac 5° conjunct my moon libra 6°

    Thank you again, you addressed mercury square neptune.. its this friend i was talking too. I had my suspicious about him.. he has a sneaky mind too.. he paints you a dream and see how you respond. “The losing out of touch of reality of trauma…” he talks a lot more open to me (he claims) his mercury trine my sun. Bless his soul (i have chiron in 7th) he is so dissapointed in his relationships (he becomes 40) now he found me his first love (he claims) he has venus in scorpio 7th (on cusp to 8th). He tells me it should have never ended it between us. He aspected me to just pack my bags and kids.. leave my partner for him… yah right. I met you 20 years ago for 2 months. So my mercury in gemini is a bit playful in the 7th and curious.. when i confront him.. he backs down. Comes back and tells me what he wants and need.. its like he wants to indoctrine his thinking on me..??
    He has kaali 17° in cancer 4th conjunct nessus 16° (dont know the meaning) and lilith 27° .. i knew to be on guard of emotional manipulation. He does keep saying: you feel the same as me, we are one, you are me, what i give i need to feel it to *redflags* heard it all before.. all thecprinces who forget to bring their horses..
    Then he says im so tired. I need to see you. Im exhausted.. (his asc is 3° aries and moon 7° does he feel the chiron transit ?) How can i assist him?
    *im careful after my bad experiences. I have nessus 25° cancer 9th house and North Node 16° / 15° cancer 9th house.
    Ive been exploited to do things for others. So he expects me to seperate from my partner (of nearly 18 years) sell my house so he comes and live in this country to start his 2nd business…? It sounds like a pipedream.
    Thank you again for your psychic pointing out Ami.. his apophis 13° is conjunct his pluto 15° 7th house libra, my saturn R 17°.
    Do you have any advice here?
    His ceres capricorn 10° (10th house) conjunct my juno 9° (3rd house).
    Transit bacchus and apophis is in virgo 22°/ 24° his sun.
    Why he turned to me…? I suspect My ceres R scorpio 20° (1st house) conjunct his BAM 20° and bacchus 21° scorpio 8th house…
    Why… i start to see a pattern here ceres ( opposite my chiron 22° taurus 7th) keeps bringing me back past lovers..

    *i have Kaali 5’24° conjunct my mercury in gemini 4’28° (opposite uranus R 3’24° in sagittarius)
    Apophis 17° pisces 4th house.. yes been a sucker for romance.. pink glasses.. too much compassion for people who were selfish.. neptune is transitting close.. ?? Now i just like my peace every now and then.

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Bonnie, so there is more to this fabulous story! The guy is definitely a catch!

      “Why… i start to see a pattern here ceres ( opposite my chiron 22° taurus 7th) keeps bringing me back past lovers.”
      Yep, to remind you the reasons why you left these leeches.

      “he talks a lot more open to me (he claims) his mercury trine my sun. Bless his soul (i have chiron in 7th) he is so dissapointed in his relationships (he becomes 40)”
      The guy has never learned to be interested in anyone but himself… so the women he’d really love to date scorn him. He didn’t learn to give without calculating how much he would get in return… so he does not interest anyone who respects herself. Sexually he is, therefore, frustrated. Finally, you are, most likely, the only woman accepting to hear him out. Others would not bother listening.

      “Comes back and tells me what he wants and need.. its like he wants to indoctrine his thinking on me..??”
      No, he keeps coming back, because you let him abuse you. So he abuses you.

      “So he expects me to seperate from my partner (of nearly 18 years) sell my house so he comes and live in this country to start his 2nd business…?”
      Well, he is honest. Give ME what I want. Go on being my servant, you do this so well.

      “heard it all before.. all the princes who forget to bring their horses…*im careful after my bad experiences”
      You don’t consider this guy as a potential lover, do you?

      “How can i assist him?”
      A kick in the ass will do?

      “Apophis 17° pisces 4th house.. yes been a sucker for romance.. pink glasses.. ”
      Umm… A destructive (Apophis) romantic illusion (pisces) in the house of home/family (4th house). Don’t let an illusion ruin your family.

      “too much compassion for people who were selfish”
      You see, you know all by yourself.

      1. amiannBonnie

        Thank you Julia_Y!
        Omg he is manipulating me now.. i almost felt bad/ responsible..
        He called me bitchy with confronting him with the reality of things and he said: i never told you to feel this way.. and send me a video of him speeding at the highway.
        If thats not manipulating..
        Thank you for clarification!
        I almost felt wrong myself here..

        1. amiannJulia_Y

          Bonnie, you are welcome. You are right, he manipulates you.

          As for this..
          “He called me bitchy with confronting him with the reality of things and he said: i never told you to feel this way.. and send me a video of him speeding at the highway”

          Not just a drama queen. A malignant narcissist.
          Block him without a second thought.

          And don’t pay attention to anything he does to himself or threatens to do. lt is only to make you feel guilty. He’ll be just fine. He is too in love with himself to kill himself off. He is the only person he’d ever loved and will ever love.

          1. amiannBonnie

            Hi Julia,

            And you can tell how? Im curious to learn how.
            Im just picking it up and seeing how it works in synastry..

            Thank you!
            I will delete him.
            How can i tell if somebody is serious?
            I dont like it if things are beeing projected on me.. it used to make me doubt so much about myself now it just feels dead wrong..

  4. amiannEmily

    I have kaali conjunct ascendant. That’s true, I seem to get drained pretty easily and need a lot of time to spend by myself. But that can also be caused by my mars in the 12th.
    Btw, I wonder if venus square mars also has charisma, but maybe it’s more challenged cause of the square?

  5. amiannSaraf94

    Hello Ami Ann 👋
    I have my apophis conjunct my pluto at 0° degree do you have any idea what could this mean!?

    Also apophis conjunct my b.f eros at 0° degree i also don’t know what this means but he have probably Sexual issues ?!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto gives protection against bad asteroids, so you may be helped to avoid chaos with this placement. Your b/f
      may have sexual issues. That would be interesting to see, not to wish him harm, of course, but to see how it played out. What do you think, S?

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Ladies, forgive my ignorance. What do you mean by “sexual issues”?

        “Pluto gives protection against bad asteroids, so you may be helped to avoid chaos with this placement”
        How cool to have this one!

        1. amiannSaraf94

          “Aphophis seems to put chaos and destruction in that which it touches”

          And eros i all about sex and erotica stuff Lol
          So when these asteroids conjunct it will “ruin and destroy
          (maybe) ” his Sexual side probably…
          We won’t have sex until we are married that’s what we agreed on so i don’t know about THAT .. But when we talk about these stuff i really feel like he is not too much into IT… Not like most of the boys… So it’s probably true🤷🏻

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, I would be concerned about this yes, S. You should have your charts done by someone honest before you get married. I find many astrologers won’t call bad things what they are and then people pay later lol

          2. amiannJulia_Y

            Thank you for the details, Saraf94. Well, if you are engaged to be married, you are legitimately concerned about his coldness. Me too, I would suggest a synastry analysis to see if you can get along in matters of sex as well.

            “that’s what we agreed on”
            And who suggested not to make love before marriage? If that was you, why?

  6. amiannSami

    Ohhh man, no wonder my love life is total chaos.

    Apophis (and Eurydike, because double the ouch double the potential learning… I guess?) conjunct Venus, along with fixed star Algorab. All at 13 degrees Libra, in the sixth house. Square Neptune, MC, Uranus and the N. Node (which I only mention ’cause they’re all conjunct within a degree of each other). Everything love-like is weird and hazy and mostly disastrous. Yet partnership (in the significant other sense) is what I want above all else. I’m tempted to stay a single pringle forever, but this seems escapist, kind of masochistic and ultimately unfulfilling. Eighth house Ceres is totally not down for that, nor is my Scorpio Sun/Mars/Pluto, but the impulse is there all the same. Only Mars and Pluto are in the seventh, further compounding the chaotic nature of my relationships. Such is life, I suppose.

    I’m afraid to ask what that Apophis-Jupiter transit was about, but very curious. Any chance you might shed a little bit of light on what went down in that situation?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, someone was in a really bad depression and I looked at his chart and saw Tr. Aphophis coming to hit natal Jupiter or it may have been the other way around. Transit Jupiter was gonna hit natal Aphophis. The person died 🙁

  7. amiannCaitlin

    I have Apophis 0 conjunct my moon in Pisces, I suppose this would ruin me emotionally at times. My emotional life certainly has been disastrous due to unstable family, this seems to play a part with other factors

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