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Aspects That Make Relationships MISERABLE

HA I know I will have people write me and tell me they know people who have such and such an aspect in a long term living together relationship
and they are not miserable. I don’t believe it.

Moon Square Moon

A synastry chart can have squares and these squares will not ruin the relationship. However, if the moons are squared, it will. The moons are one’s heart. True love is heart to heart. Any love is really heart to heart.

Nessus Conjunct the Moon

Yes, a relationship may last with this aspect, but the moon person will never be entirely comfortable with the Nessus person. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse.The Nessus person may be a lion waiting for his prey. The lion may wait a lifetime, but the lion COULD kill the prey. Both parties know this at an unconscious level.

Saturn square the Moon

I think a relationship may last with this aspect, but the moon person will feel as if she were a bug under a microscope. She may always feel like she is one step away from making a mistake and the Saturn person is just waiting to pounce.

Venus Square Venus

A relationship may last with this aspect and if there is a Moon trine Moon aspect, it could overcome the Venus square Venus. However, if not, the Venus squares may bode for a lack of understanding of the tastes of the other. Tastes include mannerisms. Hence, the Venus square could make one hate the way the other”chews”. Generally speaking, to understand this aspect, one person would love classical music and the other one would love rap. One person would love tennis and one would love bowling.

Uranus square the Sun

For fun, I find the natal charts of my old boyfriends and see what really would have happened “in the real world”. Well, with one, my Uranus squares his Moon. We, also, have many love aspects such as his Venus conjunct my Mercury. However, I think that with the Uranus/Moon square, I would shake him up so much with my “weirdness” that he would run for the hills. As it is, he is a very traditional person and I do have “way out” interests, such as astrology and natural health, so I think the chart is very accurate.

Saturn Conjunct Mars

The Saturn person may dampen any passion in the Mars person.This could include drive for career and passion for sex.Hence, the relationship could be devoid of passion.

Composite Moon in the 12th House.

This one aspect would make a Composite chart not workable, in my opinion. The moon is the heart. The moon in the 12th House holds back. It is suppressed. It remains hidden and inaccessible. A relationship is all about the heart.

No Moon Aspects in the Synastry Chart

I just saw one like this. The person showing the chart asked if this were only a sexual relationship. If that, I don’t think it would be a long one. There is nothing worse than no heart connection with a person.

The Moon of one person not aspected to the chart of the other

In this case, the people are not capable of understanding each other. T

The Sun of one person not aspected to the chart of the other

In this case, there is no understanding of what makes the other person “tick”. In the case of a family member with this, one may know them for a lifetime, but lack any true understanding of their nature.

16 thoughts on “Aspects That Make Relationships MISERABLE

  1. amiannVivian

    wow very informative

    I feel a little better about the moon square Saturn I share with someone

    its a double whammy as we both have it in our natal charts as well as composite. I think its brings a seriousness and responsibility to the relationship.

  2. amiannilse

    What do you think about lilith conjunct somebody’s sun? Is this a good or a bad aspect?

    I’ve got black moon lilith on my descendant in pisces. I always feel very much attracted to pisces, a sense of belonging. But also very fearfull for their vulnerability. As if I might ruin their lives.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lilith conj someone’s sun is good. It is a strong sexual attraction for both people.I don’t really use Black Moon Lilith cuz I could never really figure her out. Is she good or bad? I don’t know. I just use the asteroid Lilith and I see her as raw sexuality. This is good IF there are soul connections, like Moon trine Moon. If not, it is just sex.

      1. amiannIlse

        Hmmm I can relate to this. There are not many articles/books on lilith. At least as far as I could find. But this makes sense. Thank you 🙂

  3. amiannJackie

    I had venus square venus with my ex-husband. He wanted every room in the house decorated in brown and shades of brown ( he had venus square saturn natally).
    After we divorced it was a delight to pick my own light & bright colours !

  4. amiannR

    I have the moon of one person not aspected to the chart of the other with my mother. Would it mean something else for Mother-Daughter relationship? Or would it still apply the same way?

  5. amiannMonica

    Could you please tell me if cusp sign aspects are same as regular aspects? I mean if someone has Moon at 29 degrees Leo and someone else has Moon at 1 degree Gemini, do those moons square? And if someone has Saturn at 1 degree Gemini, does it feel like it squares the 29 degrees Leo Moon?
    Thank you

  6. amiannS

    I’ve been using this guide for synastry charts with myself and my parents. There has to be a lot more that describe dysfunctional relationships that won’t work. What do you think of these aspects in synastry, Chiron conjunct the sun and sado (Almost exact) and Neptune conjunct Nessus?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chiron brings pure pain to the Sun and undermines the Sun’s confidence in everything.Sado is hell. I am not sure what Sado is conjunct but it will be hell conjunct the Sun and Chiron like WOW__so bad.
      The Neptune person wont’ see the abuse from the Nessus person for a long time. This is not the worst of all aspects but not good either

      1. amiannS

        I have sun conjunct Sado and they conjunct my mom’s Chiron by 1°. Our Moons are too far apart for a square, but it’s interesting to note that they are in signs that naturally square each other. Undermining me is an understatement and I see how this has played out in my life. I’ve never been good enough for anything and always put down and bullied.

        I can also see how the Neptune and Nessus conjunction comes into play as well. I always thought this was normal behavior from parents and adults in general. When you don’t know any better, you just accept things the way they are and don’t question it. It’s somewhat like a form of gaslighting. At a certain age and exposure to my classmates, I started to realize certain things were morally wrong. It has taken me many years to get out of that mentality.

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