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The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

I make my findings through doing charts. Astrology is a craft. Every chart opens up new vistas to me. I hope you enjoy this article. My last few charts have has a prominent Apophis(99942)which is the asteroid in question. People ask me how I learn to use asteroids. I take an asteroid and study it’s meaning. In this case, the meaning is chaos and destruction. Then, I use it in every chart. In time, the asteroid teaches me about itself. My style of doing charts is to spend a lot of time with each client. I do this because I love it. I would not do Astrology if I could not get to know the people behind the charts. They are what fascinate me. Together, the client and I take a journey into the world of Astrology and their inner world and we come up with something amazing. I love what I do and my clients seem to be very satisfied. That is what matters to me!As I said, Aphophis has come to light in the last few charts I have done, so we will discuss it now.

One client has Apophis conjunct his Venus. I admire this man so much because he could embrace a great deal of truth and stay standing( and still like me, too) I asked him if his love life seemed to destruct in ways he could not control. This was the case. Venus is all forms of love from love to a mother to love to a spouse. When something touches Venus, it touches the part of us that loves. There are sad things in every chart. There are gifts, as well. Some people only want to hear the good. These people are not the right clients for me. I am very honest and will not compromise on this. For this, I am very hated and very loved. However, I love when people are honest with me, so hope I am providing a gift by being honest.

Another man had Apophis conjunct his Mercury. This is a big OUCH. The person does have a very hard time in thinking. His thinking is not clear. His thinking is diffuse. It is hard for him to go from a logical point A to a logical point B. I am close to this person. I am very different because I am very, very logical. I have a Ninth House Gemini stellium, an opposition void and no squares other than generational squares. I am a very clear thinker, not to brag,because it is not my doing. It is the nature of the chart. Apophis conjunct Mercury is very hard. I bet that if you study the charts of those with learning disabilities and such struggles, you may find a prominent Mercury/Apophis connection.

My last client had Apophis conjunct the MC. He did not share with me as much as most of my clients do. Some clients are very chatty and share their lives with me. Some, like this young man,a Scorpio, keep their cards close to their chests. I got the sense that Apophis played out in his life. However, I do not know the details.

Check your charts to see if this asteroid is prominent and let me know!

88 thoughts on “The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

  1. amianncherylchad

    And though unrelated to this post, I was wondering if you get a feel broadly of any obsession/ emotional attraction/lust aspects in the following synastry- they seem emotionally close but I dont sense physical chemistry. These are all the fairly tight aspects (0 to 3 orbs max, mostly 0-2)
    – man’s sun trine woman’s moon
    – woman’s sun sextile man’s moon
    – woman’s mars sextile man’s venus
    – woman’s Eros and psyche conjunct man’s mars and Venus
    – man’s psyche opp woman’s Eros
    – woman’s Nessus nearly conjunct man’s ascendant, and her own ascendant (she rarely feels safe around any man, this man being an exception)
    – man’s Orcus conjunct woman’s ascendant, their ascendants being apart by 3-4 degrees
    – man’s Sun conjunct woman’s Vesta, man’s Sun nearly conjuncting his own ascendant
    – man’s Shiva opposite woman’s Kaali
    – man’s Asmodeus conjunct woman’s Lilith,
    – man’s Kama conjunct woman’s Sappho
    – woman’s progressed moon conjunct man’s progressed Pluto, emotions have spiked now
    – woman’s mercury conjunct man’s Pluto
    – man’s Juno and Pallas conjunct woman’s sun and Juno
    – man’s north node conjunct woman’s Pluto
    – man’s Jupiter and Ceres conjunct woman’s Venus in their 5th house
    – man’s Saturn in Capricorn conjunct woman’s DC, she says she feels grounded & sane with him
    – woman’s Saturn conjuncts man’s moon and Uranus
    – man’s Neptune and Valentine conjunct woman’s Uranus and north node
    – woman’s Neptune conjuncts man’s priapus

    1. amianncherylchad

      Sorry, man’s North node, Juno and Pallas are conjunct woman’s sun, Pluto and Juno.

      Man’s Eros is opposite woman’s moon.

      1. amianncherylchad

        And man’s Pluto sextile woman’s Venus, man’s progressed Pluto exactly conjuncts woman’s progressed moon (feelings have spiked now), her Pallas conjuncts his moon, her Saturn conjuncts his Mercury /Uranus and widely (8degrees) conjuncts his moon, his Pluto widely (12 degrees- don’t know if it counts) opposes her moon, his Lilith conjuncts her south Node.
        Will appreciate a one liner comment just to indicate whether this sort of synastry has enough attraction and potency

      1. amianncherylchad

        Thanks. If it will take you hours or days, then I think there is at least something in the chart to base the relationship on positively or negatively- I mean it won’t be a deadzone 🙂 cherylchad is for anonymity, I have consulted you earlier and will possibly order my natal report with asteroids or a synastry/ compatibility report on this when I can 🙂

        If I had to pick two, I would be keen to know about the man’s North Node, Pallas and Juno conjunct the woman’s Sun Pluto and Juno.
        And the woman’s Ceres being conjunct the man’s Pluto – yes I forgot to mention there is that too.
        And just in case I can push my luck the man’s Pluto in 2.x degrees Virgo widely opposing the woman’s moon in 14.x degrees Pisces. Many thanks

  2. amiannTina

    I also have Aphophis (0° degree in Sagittarius 10th house) conjunct MC (in scorpio) and… I also would not share that much of my life. haha. If this make sense I could definitely name my career path as “chaos and destruction”.

  3. amiannMatthew

    I have Mercury (21 17) and Venus (21 21) and Apophis (21 50) all on 8th house cusp in Pisces. Seems to me that this asteroid has little to no effect on my thoughts. I actually see clearly and very deeply. Much more than my peers. Effect on Venus? Well, relationships and I do not work and play well together. Never have. Probably never will.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yikes. Do you do rash actions, Anthea, ones which you may regret later? Pluto may help you, though. It seems to give strength to the person when the aspects are bad.

  4. amiannIndigo

    Hello.. can you please tell me the meaning of Apophis in the 8th house conjunct Saturn?
    Saturn 19 degrees.
    Apophis 20 degrees.
    Thank you very much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, this is interesting, I. I would say the person may be kind of repressed sexually and/or with their basic primal instincts. This would be the Saturn in the 8th but the Apophis is destruction, so perhaps, there is chaos that comes from this somehow. What do you think if this is your placement?

  5. amiannLola

    Hello! Could you please tell me what is the meaning of the asteroid apophis in capricorn and in house 9? This asteroid is making an exact conjunction with my sun, and if you can also clarify this, I thank you.

  6. amiannRami

    I know someone who has Aphopis conjunct their Venus and Mercury and he’s a High School teacher for 20 years. I am a bit confused about Aphopis conjunct his Mercury.

  7. amiannKirsten

    A friend with Apophis conjunct Sun has actually been blown up five times in different sorts of explosions. All opposite his NN; as he progresses spiritually, do you his path will lead away from that? (He played highly imaginative war games when very young, makes me think his past life was like in the trenches.)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t really do transits, so cannot really comment, Lucia. I think I would get too obsessed if I watched transits. I see people do it, so I do the natal and synastry xoxo

      1. amiannLucira Jane Nebelung

        Ami, thank you.

        I checked today’s transits further. Apophis is currently conjunct retrograde Venus and both are conjunct my Lilith (asteroid). She is the one who speaks Truth to the abuse of power.

        Written all over my natal chart: Exposing and dismantling the pathological patriarchal system.

        Best, Lj

  8. amiannMG

    I would like to help with Apophis conjunct MC. I have that as well as conjunction to Mercury and the Sun. Every planet in my chart aspects this Mercury, MC, Sun point in Taurus. Energies are spread thin and unfocused over many different things I want to study, learn, do as a career, and be as a person.
    Because of my Pluto opposition to the MC, Mercury, and Sun, I often destroy my identity to rebuild for the better. I quit great jobs to start from scratch often. I tend to research a new topic heavily every day. Finding Apophis has Scorpio energy means it probably intensifies this tendancy.
    If I’m honest, I crave power and significance and wonder if it is from my Sun conjunct Algol exactly or from Apophis’ influence only a degree away.
    Reading about Algol and Apophis and how they are “evil” on some blogs I’d like to say I have hurt animals and people inadvertently at times but I don’t set out to hurt anyone and can’t stomach violence or other beings in pain both physically and emotionally.
    I hope some of this helps.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t look at conjunctions to cusps, Brooke. I look at conjunctions to important parts of the chart like the ASC, MC, Moon, Sun etc. If you look at too many small details, you can miss the whole picture of the person, in my opinion.

  9. amiannE

    I have apophis conjunct sun exact. Which is startling, as it would imply that chaos is my identity or role in life or my identity is forever being destroyed. It is true, but I don’t know how to work with it at all. For my first tattoo I’d been thinking for years of getting an Egyptian ouroboros, which means a great deal to me but fits too fantastically with this apophis realisation.

    Any more ideas? I have chaos conjunct NN and Uranus conjunct moon/Asc too, so I’m well versed in things never being in order and of being a disruptor if things are too calm. Never mind throwing the wrench in, I think I AM the wrench lol.

    1. amiannE

      Also weird things about feeling rather evil because I work chaotically or not in an A-B-C order like people expect. Teachers were always on me about working backwards or doing things “wrong” even when they turned out more right than others’ work. So maybe just habits of doing and “being” that are perceived as destructive and always breaking things down/apart.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW How close is Aphophis to the Sun? I have not seen this before. I would say to find Jesus, which is really the answer to anything and you have a lot of very hard things, Love. How close is Chaos to the NN, too.

      1. amiannE

        My sun is 0’42 virgo and apophis is 1’03 virgo.
        NN is 12’05” taurus and chaos is 10’39” taurus, so not quite as close.

        I am learning to be more spiritual even though I’ve always been that way. But I’m becoming more aware how imperative and required it is for me to be in contact with that side of myself and not to shy away from it. But also it’s imperative for me to learn how to work with destructive energy and know that it’s often a natural part of the creative, life, and transformative process and cycle. But yeah, it just feels so tied to who I am. I can’t untangle myself from it.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I hear you, E. Everyone’s chart seems to have some things that are really hard. Aphophis is very hard. Can you give examples of how it has played out?

  10. amiannJanay Matthews

    My narcissistic personality disorder with bipolar maybe borderline too mother has Apophis conjunct North Node and Swindle conjunct Sun. Compared to her, a natural weather disaster or an apocalypse is a Disney World vacation resort.

  11. amiannJanay Matthews

    Apophis is 3 degrees away from her North Node. She also has asteroid Deprez conjunct her Moon in Capricorn and Moon square Saturn in Aries. I did sent you a chart showing you some of her asteroids but you said that it’s hard to read your Facebook messages. Anyways my mother’s bother died of a hole in a heart when she was 7 years old, lots of her friends died growing up in her school and one 13 year old girl committed suicide, and my mother’s childhood lifetime best friend Karen died in 1986. My mother was neglected by her father and was harshly rejected by him asking what meaning does she have in his life. When he died when my mother was a child, my mother didn’t cry or care and all her did was went on with her life jump-roping outside.

  12. amiannEva

    Hi, I wonder what would my Sun conjunt apphosis mean? would you help? 🙂
    My sun is in virgo 16’43 degree and aphosis in 15’22 degree. sun in 9th house and squares uranus.

  13. amiannJulia

    Hey, I have a question. My whole family including me have Apophis conjunct Saturn. What does that mean? Mine is in the 9th house (my dominant house)

  14. amiannSomeone

    The apophis is conjunct my 6th house sun, which means it also opposes my 12th house Pluto. Its hard for me right now to detangle all these aspects since they’re all indicative of self-destruction and suffering. But I’ve always been aware that there is a weird tension in me between wanting to cause sadistic suffering on people and things and wanting to ease their suffering through compassion. I also have apophis conjunct my mercury (which has a square aspect to 3rd house Saturn making me a slow learner). I’ve always wanted to especially hurt slow, weak people. And maybe this is a projection of me wanting to destroy that part in myself out of self-hate. At the same time these feelings conflict with my heart because the same people make me burst out in tears at the same time I think about hurting them. Other than that, I remember being mean to animals as a young kid despite having a really happy 5th house upbringing around that time. And I think it is that happy childhood and having “mostly” compassionate parents that keeps me from being evil. I only have self destructive urges to kill myself. But I’ve always been raised to be charitable to people who have little, and to love and defend people who can’t defend themselves or do not get love. Nowadays I see the light at the end of the tunnel where I’m in a sea in a white gown being baptised by the sun. That’s what I really want and it makes me cry that I might never get there. But I’m hopeful.

  15. amiannElsa

    I have Apophis conjunct my ascendant. Apart from the fact that I view the world in a different way to say the least than most people, the way people view me also is different/chaotic from person to person. Adding that my Eros is conjunct my AC also so…😂

  16. amiannBrandy

    Since I can’t see the degrees in synastry and don’t know how to find it, I can only mention the degrees individually. My Sun Libra is 5 degrees 45’43 and it is Conjunction to my Apophis in Libra 0 degrees 23’17 both are in 7th house what does this mean? Also my guy has an Asmodeus in Libra 26 degrees 29’24 (Retrograde) in 7th house, Blewett in Libra 7 degrees 28-17 (Retrograde) in 7th house, and Bilk in Libra 26 degrees 42’37 (Retrograde) in 7th house as well. Since there’s all Conjunction to my sun, what does it mean? He’s a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, both Ascendants are Pisces.

      1. amiannJenny

        Thanks for that info.

        My ex-H married a girl with Apophis conjunct her ascendent exactly – I think he may be having a bit of a rough ride, so to speak…especially as his Asc squares hers..

        We had no connections between our charts involving Apophis or connections in our own charts involving Apophis, so at least that was some issues we didn’t have to deal with ….

  17. amiannPsychke

    I have Lucifer conjunct my sun in the 7th house (Sagittarius). I have DNA retrograde in my 12 house. What does that mean? I don’t understand how DNA could be interpreted in retrograde. It also seems like there’s some weird sort of triangulation. Chaos, DNA, and Algol are all conjunct to each other in my 12th house. Then they’re all somehow connected. Algol is trined to Mars, Neptune, and Mesopatamia. Which are then aspected to Lie and Narcissus in the 8th house (Capricorn). Lilith also trines Mars/Neptune/Narcissus. I’m not exactly sure what this means because there’s always that negative connotation with these subjects. AND now I just found out that I have Apophis conjunct Lilith; Apophis trined to Venus, Mars, Neptune, P.O.F, Lie, and Algol lol… Apophis/Lilith are in the 5th house (Libra). I’m not really certain as to what this means. Please help if you’re able to.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      All this would take me several hours. I will address Lucifer conj the Sun. Your ego may get such that you try to ‘one up” people i.e anything they can do, you can do better. I would need to do a chart for you to put it all together, though.

  18. amiannlogica

    What would Aphophis conjunct NN in Virgo mean? And in the 12th house? My life or rather my family is definitely a bit chaotic and I went through a weird breakup of sorts that pretty much destroyed my spirituality. I brought it back of course but down a new path, which is where I am right now. It’s also conjunct my lilith but I am wondering if it means I tend to destroy things or that events in my life destroy me? Does that make sense? Thanks…

  19. amiannFaith

    Hello,i have chaos conjuct P of fortune ,placed opposite my sun.My whole life always going bad and seems out of my hands.

  20. amiannS

    I have Apophis conjunct my descendant by 1°, but I also have Sappho and Valentine there as well. All in Pisces. I’m hoping that mellows it out.

    I have my own business and it’s pretty secure. I have plans for a couple of other ones. My mother once tried to open a brick and mortar and forced the family to join her. It was a complete mess. She never listened to anyone and ignored all sound advice. She did incredibly stupid things that no one in their right mind would ever do. It imploded within a year. It was a very rough time in my life. It taught me how not to behave though.

    Other than that, I can’t think of any other experience that relates to that part of my chart. I’m not in relationships with self destructive people.

      1. amiannS

        For me, the 7th house represents work and business as that is how it has played out in my life. Not necessarily personal, intimate relationships. I feel I would be the one who would bring out that chaotic energy and someone else would have to mellow me out.

  21. amiannCassandra

    I’m in the middle of a transit of Pholus over Apophis.
    It feels as if my life is crumbling down. What (not) to do?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW I don’t really look at transits because something awful is usually happening somewhere. I hope this passes. I think Aphophis moves pretty fast!

      1. amiannCassandra

        Hi Amiann,

        I know Apophis moves fast. But this transit is the other way around: Pholus is passing Apophis. And Pholus doesn’t move so quickly. 🙁

  22. amiannArriana

    Apophis trine Chiron(Sag 23) and Mars(Sag 18)
    Semi Sextile to my Saturn(Gemini 13)
    Opposite Uranus(Aqua 23)
    Sextile Ascendant (Gemini 21)
    Conjunct my Sun(Leo 18)and Mercury(Leo 24)
    THIS is quite alot, too much for me to ignore?
    How could/has this play out?
    Im 19 right now

  23. amiannCassandra

    Hi Amiann,

    I know Apophis moves fast. But this transit is the other way around: Pholus is passing Apophis. And Pholus doesn’t move so quickly. 🙁

  24. amiannRoxy

    Hi Ami,
    Love your site!
    My Apophis-Pluto conjunction conjuncts my partner’s Agapenor exact.
    How would you interpret that?

    Best Regards.

  25. amiannDenise

    Hi Ami,

    In Synastry, this man I’ve been seeing as a friend has Apophis conjunct my Eros, and his Nessus in my 7th house. I just discovered asteroids to add them to charts, so it’s all new.

    We have a very nice number of good aspects in all, we both have Juno in the other’s first house, Moon trine Sun and so many more, but…. these make me think that while it all seems well on the outside, if we got serious and married, things would change and become dangerous. My Pluto conjoins his Mars…. see my point? I like to take the good and counterbalance the bad, but these to me are specific types of warnings. I don’t get this vibe from him, but it’s all light and breezy still.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not saying this to try to get business because I am taking a little break and don’t do that BUT please get a reading from someone who is HONEST before you get married. These aspects are not enough for me to give an opinion. I would need to see the whole chart. Many astrologers makes all things good and they are not so please do this!. Pluto conj Mars is a violence aspect

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