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Asteroids Set Up For Easy Use

1221 Amor 1221,18675,1388,2101,151,291,390,1027,113

18675 Amianni

1388 Aphrodite (Greek)

2101 Adonis (Greek/Babylonian)

151 Abundantia (Roman)

291 Alice

390 Alma

1027 Aesculapia

Amalthea (113) Warm, caring, maternal love, particularly for a child who is not yours.

1488 Aura

1862 Apollo (Greek) 1862,99942,1912,11911,407,2174,24626,16369,173,12595

99942 Apophis

1912 Anubis

11911 Angel

407 Arachne –where you have a talent of which people may be jealous and criticize you due to jealousy

2174, Asmodeus–Demon of Lust— Asmodeus seems to indicate to have something, hooked, hung, caught, trapped, cornered; fishing tackle; guts (according to astrologer Damian Foor).-

Astrowizard 24626

16369 Atira

273 Atropos

12595 Balbastre (ball buster)

4425 Bilk 4425,695,22927,1487,19029,2063,7328,1,19521,4580,

695 Bella


1487 Boda

19029 Briede

2063 Bacchus (Roman)

7328 Casanova

1 Ceres (Roman)

19521 Chaos (Greek)

4580 Child

192158 Christian 192158,10343,34,8990,3528,763,157,9795,6583,78

10343 Church

34 Circe (Greek)

8990 Compassion

3528 (Counsel Man/lawyer)

763 Cupido (Roman)

157 Dejanira (Greek)

9795 Deprez

6583 Destinn

78 Diana

3671 Dionysus (Greek 3671,55555, 3552, 60,136199,433,52,408,866

55555 DNA

3552 Don Quixote

60 Echo

136199 Eris

433 Eros (Greek)

52 Europa

408 Fama (Latin for fame)

866 Fatme

10891 Fink 10891,19,1184,2415,4955,4451,18824,5129,100,97472

19 Fortuna (Roman)

1184 Gaea–The earth mother

2415 Ganesa( Ganesa which is the asteroid for new, successful beginnings.)

4955 Gold

4451 Grieve
18824 Graves

5129 Groom

100 Hekate (Greek)

97472 Hobby

42 Isis (Egyptian) 42,7507,29878,7899, 11518,3,652, 4227

7507 Israel

28978 Ixion

7899 Joya

11518 Jung

3 Juno (Roman)

652 Julilatrix (means phew relief ends well)

4227 Kaali (Vedic)

1387 Kama (Vedic) 1387,114,3811, 2305,10811,26955,1181,7696,3550,9007

114 Kassandra( no one believes you)

3811 Karma

2305 King

10811 Lau (Law)

82332 Las Vegas

26955 Lie

1181 Lilith

7696 Liebe

3550 Link

9007 Logos

61342 Lovejoy 61342,1930,775,4386,19730,6735,8991,3349,228029,212

1930 Lucifer

775 Lumiere(Light in French)

4386 Lust

19730 Machiavelli

6735 Madhatter

8991 Magnanimity

Manas 3349

228029 Maniac

212 Medea (Greek)

149 Medusa 149,5708,18,638,7782,37117,7232,128,431

5708 Melancholia

18 Melpomeme( tragedy)

638 Moira( what you are fated to do)

7782 Mony

37117 Narcissus

7232 Nabokov: guilty pleasures, forbidden fruit, ill-gotten gains, not necessarily of a sexual nature

128 Nemesis (Greek)

431 Nephele(fogginess) –amorphous sense of self or purpose

7066 Nessus 7066,71,2587,875,39382,90482,1923,2,2878,55,

71 Niobe(bereavement)

2587 Not

875 Nymphe (Greek)


90482 Orcus

1923 Osiris (Egyptian)

2 Pallas

2878 Panacea

55 Pandora

4450 Pan 4450,2791,2847,399,5145,12927,144752,4341,6157,26

2791 Paradise

2847 Pavarti( to turn dreams into reality)

399 Persephone (Greek)

5145 Pholus

12927 Pinocchio

144752 Plunge

4341 Poseidon

6157 Prey

26 Proserprina (Roman)

16 Psyche 16,5457,2581,29185,18462,5239,50000, 18376, 118230,80

5457 Queens

2581 Radagast( hospitality, being a good hostess. It means “dear guest” in Slavic.

29185 Reich

18462 Rico

5239 Reiki

50000 Quaoar

18376 Quirk

Sado 118230

80 Sappho

90377 Sedna 90377, 5325,8992,2815,37452,5264,33154,586,20022,1685

5325 Silver

8992 Solidarity

2815 Soma (Vedic)

37452 Spirit

5264 Telephus

33154 Talent

586 Thekla( escape danger like Jupiter in the 12th)

20022 Tilly (Tilly means a disaster waiting to happen)

1685—Toro( a bully)

42355 Typhon 42355,258,4257,1585,1282,447,4,3402,7707,7440

258 Tyche (wealth/money)

4257 Ubasti (Egyptian)

1585 Union

1282 Utopia

447 Valentine

4 Vesta (Roman)

3402 Wisdom

7707 Yes

7440 Zavist (envy)

5731 Zeus (cheater) 5731

28 thoughts on “Asteroids Set Up For Easy Use

  1. amiannKendall

    What would Pavarotti conjunct moon trine neptune opposition pluto mean?

    I also have Nabokov conjunct mars conjunct nymphe squaring venus

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      How about pick 2 aspects, my Friend likw something square something and two of these. It would take me a really long time to talk about the kind of complex aspects you talked about,.

  2. amiannDayChay

    Can i ask you something? I have Eros conjunct pluto and GA in sagittarius what does it mean? And how about lilith conjunct pisces AC both square pluto and venus?
    I’d be thankful 🧡🧡
    I’m new subscriber i rlly loved your site! KEEP going 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. amiannHowdy

    Hello! I know it has been a long time since I last asked a question. I still follow your posts, and learn astrology. Recently, I made a huge mistake in my personal life. I learned not to get close to people without checking their natal charts closely. This experience made me find out about the asteroid Ara. I read mixed reviews about it. I know it is not on this list, but I wondered if you can give me some insight about it. Some say it means a curse from this or a previous lifetime which was caused by a bad karma. However, others say it means receiving help from people. I read about the constellation but I couldn’t find anything about the asteroid. I would be extremely grateful if you help me with that asteroid! It conjuncts important personal planets (Sun and Venus, and their midpoint). Thank you in advance for your help!

  4. amiannHowdy

    Hello, Amy! May you give me an explanation about asteroid Ara (not the constellation)? I am confused about it whether it is about a curse due to bad karma or receiving help from others. I know that you did not list this asteroid but I am curious about your interpretation. Thank you in advance! I love your work!

  5. amiannMiapapz

    I have Aphrodite conjunct my NN and MC in my 9th of taurus. Apollo is conjunct my venus x mars x lilith that is all conjunct in my 10th house of gemini. Apollo is exactly 1 degree away from my venus just as Aphrodite is exactly 1 degree away from my NN. I have moira 2 degrees of taurus conjunct my mercury rx conjunct my sun in aries. I have orcus rx conjunct my AC as well as adams rx and bella rx. I have hera rx 2nd house conjunct my jupiter rx in the first of virgo. I heard that hera is feminine maturity. With sirene which I heard was dangerous beauty, I have it conjunct my uranus in the 7th and conjunct my eros pisces in the 8th. My nympth in aries in the 8th which is ageless beauty is trine my AC in leo, trine my pluto rx and conjunct my singer! Does that mean my singing voice is ageless beauty? My fama is in leo in my 12th house. I found out my talent is conjunct my moon in aqua, uranus, lust and sirene all in my 7th house of pisces!! I have glo conjunct juno in my 5th of capricorn although I also have my juno in the 5th conjunct my chiron in the 6th. I found out my amor is conjunct chiron capricorn in the 6th. I have child conjunct sun in the 9th! I have lovejoy conjunct my uranus and sirene in my 7th house. In my 8th house, it’s conjunct my eros. Sorry i’m babbling abou tmy placements lol, sorry i’m spamming, i’m just so excited!!!

    1. amiannMiapapz

      I forgot to mention that there was vesta that was conjunct exactly 1 degree from my moon as it’s also conjunct everything else in my 7th house!

      1. amiannMiapapz

        I keep forgetting things LOL. My vertex is also conjunct glo on the same degree. It’s also conjunct juno. It’s trine jupiter rx, hera rx, MC, kaali, a few other malefic ones, NN, Aphrodite and a very far trine to moira.

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