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Astrological Aspects One CANNOT Change

This topic gets me booed. However, I think it is wisdom to accept some of the things we don’t like about ourselves. Most people have gifts. I have seen the rare chart in which this was nothing much there to work with. This is very sad especially when the person asks you what they can do about themselves. However, this kind of chart is a rarity. Most people have some wonderful blessings and talents and some struggles(many struggles actually). I think it is the nature of this life on the earth. I am eagerly waiting for Heaven but that is another can of worms.

1. The House of Chiron
I talk about this one a lot. That is because understanding our Chiron helps us to accept our lives and not blame ourselves for pain. I think we all do this. We wonder why we are not “better”. The house of Chiron is one of the pain areas in the life of that chart holder. Most people relate to this house as being one with pain but some people do not. If someone does not, I think the time of his birth is incorrect.I have several articles on the nature of Chiron in each house. Please, study them for insight into yourself.

2. Charisma

Charisma is a good thing. Some people have it naturally and some don’t. It is simply the nature of the chart. I think it is called the “Q factor” in television. I can tell if someone has an aspect for charisma. It does show. The classic aspect for charisma is Mars conjunct Venus. However, Mars in any aspect to Venus will have charisma, the closer the orb, the more charisma. If the aspect is in hard aspect—–opposition, square or quincunx, the person will have more of an edgy sense to them. One example is the “Girl with the Dragon tattoo. She was very sexy in an extremely edgy way. I hope this helps to explain what I mean by “edgy”.

3. Beauty

Of course, everyone wants to be beautiful but few are truly beautiful. Many are attractive however. One can see beauty through several factors. One is Venus in close aspect to the Ascendant. Another is any beauty asteroid conjunct the Ascendant. One example is Aphrodite.Medusa makes for a “siren” like appearance i.e a tease. However, don’t take her up on it or she will turn you to stone, figuratively speaking.

4. Lying and Cheating

I know someone with Bilk conjunct the Sun. This person cannot help himself from trying to take advantage of people financially. Whenever I see the “lie asteroids”, I do not discount them. This person struggles with this. I can tell that but he cannot help himself.Mercury conjunct, oppose or square Neptune may show lying. One cannot say the person is a liar but one should be aware that they may be. On the other hand, these aspects may have an excellent imagination. Stephen King has Mercury conjunct Neptune.

5. Mars in hard aspect to Chrion—-including the conjunction

I discovered the meaning of this aspect, I think. I discovered it by doing charts. In the case of men, they do not feel masculine enough.They feel they are “lacking as men”. With women, it seems their masculine side seems hard for them to access. By masculine side, I mean things like assertion–things we respect and expect in men.


6 thoughts on “Astrological Aspects One CANNOT Change

  1. amiannNeptune21

    Hi Ami, what do you think of 7h Bella conjunct Venus in Leo—opposite Uranus on Aquarius ascendant? (Tight orb)

    Some times I think I am just not my own type lol

  2. amiannSandy Martinez

    I have mars conjunct Venus 8deg separation in Capricorn. Mars at 0deg squares my ascendant.
    Never thought of myself as charismatic but I do get the guy I want usually …but I pick badly 🤣

  3. amiannKenneth

    No boos from this quarter, even if I should disagree! When you say ‘astrological aspects one cannot change’, are you saying that a leopard never changes it’s spots? I think there is a change factor in a chart, and it is the scorpio/pluto factor of deep transformation. I’ve known many people who don’t seem to change even from their teenage years, but a few that have. I think we all keep some aspects of our personality, but some areas are subject to change. Some individuals experience an epiphany or personal reformation, that may or may not be religious resulting in a significant personality change. The one astrologer who defines Pluto well for me is Jeffery Wolf Greene.

      1. amiannS

        Maybe you can’t change certain things about yourself, but I think everyone has the ability to accept their personal flaws and learn to live with them. You can be angry and bitter and blame others or deal with reality. I’ll probably always struggle with my self esteem and how I’m viewed by others. I can’t help it, it is important to me, especially when it comes to my appearance. It doesn’t mean that I’ll be a recluse that will never take a risk or never go out in public. It’s just something I live with. It’s who I am.

  4. amiannBonnie

    Awareness and foces is key. Everyone is born to bounce the limits of what is possible, the ones who hide things and sense they can get away with it, will keep trying. Untill we hit a wall, a wall put there by others or by your own actions. Pluto as transformation, is not as simple as you write it down. We have a lot of plutonium asteroïds and influences. As the scorpio say, rise above all you cravings, desires, etc then you fly as an eagle and see the Power Pluto play out.
    Some things you cant change but what it teaches you is up to you. Lets say chiron in 1st, after many people molested you verbal or physical, etc you can create a sixth sense of who can hurt you eventually you “learn” how to deal with it. Either you dont put yourself in certain situations, so you have to remove yourself (ascendant= body) from the scene. As a duality these people also learn how the hit below the belt and can hurt others.
    I strongly see and studied that progression chart is another time frame clock when things change, lets say at birth you had scorpio ascendant. Later in life it changes to saggitarius. You body can change, to bigger because jupiter is your ruler, or become more positive, student-teacher roles, travel more, etc.
    Some planets turn retrograde in progression or some direct while born with retrograde.

    As the aspects above,
    1) i agree
    2 and 3) are personal, often mars in libra or libra can be very charismatic.
    Venus does not only rule beauty but also values. Mars conjunct venus can be a person who makes it their obsessive way of beeing liked.
    4) neptune sextile mercury is also 1 of them. Mercury in 12th. Asteroïd lie 26955.
    5) mars conjunct chiron i experienced myself, 1 guy had his mars on my chiron, well he did beat me. I have chiron in 7th so i see everything can hurt you. The fragility of life shall i say.

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