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Astrological Combinations That Are Meant To Die By Erika Nixon

How to Tell if Venus in Gemini  Likes You Back

How to Tell if Venus in Gemini Likes You Back

Astrological Combinations That Are Meant To Die
Author—-Erika Nixon

The author is a lovely woman who found her way to two of my Facebook Astrology Groups—Pluto in the Houses and Sexual Astrology. I like to post articles I think you will like, written by people other than myself. This is one written by Erika Nixon. You can contact her at the info below.

Aquarius, you’re in a relationship with Taurus? We’re sorry for you… There are a few astrological combinations which are not compatible and that sooner are later are meant to die.
Scorpio and Aquarius

This relationship is not functioning from many reasons, but main reason is that they are so different that they can’t get along not even for the smallest thing. Although, strong physical attraction can’t be denied, for psychological peace of the both partners is the best to avoid each other and not to get into a relationship. Scorpio could not handle Aquarius going around with his head in the clouds and occupation with ideas that, according to his opinion, don’t have contact with reality, in the meantime Aquarius could not handle Scorpios jealousy and need to tide him for himself. Aquarius like to feel free and leads a rich and exciting social life, until possessive Scorpio wants a partner to whom he will be the center of the world, and not all of the rest. They won’t get along about money, jobs, raising children, and they will have interesting moments only in the bedroom. This is very hard relationship about the two partners, and that’s why it is better to avoid each other right from the start.
Libra and Capricorn

Successful, ambitious and situated Capricorn will attract Libra who will be touched from his attention, while he’ll be enjoying in the fact that he’s having a beautiful and charming creature as Libra is. Although they’ll function fine in company, when they stay alone, all of their differences will come out which at the end can judge this relationship. Cold and emotionally unavailable Capricorn won’t pay the lovely Libra not approximately as much attention as she thinks she deserves, and that’s why she could easily look for it outside the bedroom. Capricorn will Libra’s sensitivity and frequent mood swings see as a sign of weakness, which will result in accusations and reproofs. Libra is looking for a partner with whom she could talk about anything and who will support her, and that’s why cold and serious Capricorn is just not for her.

Gemini and Cancer

If they somehow get together, in a quick manner will their differences go out on the surface. Gemini is a social, active and energetic person craving for action and having fun, while Cancer is calm and introvert and he better to stay at home, than to go out. Cancer could not follow the energetic Gemini in his search for constant excitements, and because of this Gemini would consider Cancer lazy and boring. These two are not compatible neither on the emotional plan so the gentle and sensitive Cancer would feel neglected by his partner who wouldn’t show him as much attention as he thinks he deserves. Gemini would see Cancer as too sensitive and unstable, and his frequent mood swings would drive Gemini crazy. Cancer could never feel safe with Gemini who has tendency to flirt and who understands easy many things that are very important for Cancer.
Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius are two completely different worlds. By them there’s no middle so they will at first glance hate each other or fall crazy in love and start passionate and turbulent relationship. Taurus is reasoned, stable and real, while Aquarius is with its madness, head in the clouds and idealism his core contrast. Taurus seeks stability and safeness in relationship, that is he wants to have a relationship with a partner on whom he can always rely, what Aquarius not. Taurus needs constant love and attention, but Aquarius has a tendency to give this attention to friends and surrounding, which will cause Taurus jealousy and force him to start a fight. Aquarius will feel unsatisfied and constrained in this relation, and constant Taurus attempts to tide him and keep him only for himself, will eventually make him look happiness on some other place. This relationship has small chances for success, but for short terms can offer exciting and unforgettable moment.

Astrological Combinations That Are Meant To Die

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  1. amiannTina

    This is applied for Venus placements isn it? As a libra I love Capricorn Venus, mine is Virgo, I definitely love their sense of stability.

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