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Astrological Insights in the Jon Benet Ramsey Case

I am interested in two crime cases—Jon Benet Ramsey and Madeline McCann. The parents had everything life could offer and it all turned bad. How and why? Astrology answers these questions. I think you will be as interested as I am.

!. Jon Benet had Dejanira oppose the Sun. This shows abuse from the father, which is what I think happened. It was an intermittent abuse, most likely. The opposition shows the back and forth nature of an aspect. I have read many books on this crime. The theory that makes the most sense is that Patsy killed her by accident. However, John Ramsey was her sexual abuser.

2.Jon Benet has the horrid Dejanira conjunct the MC. This aspect shows that her abuse will be SEEN by the world and it was.

3. Jon Benet has Venus conjunct Chiron. This is pain with love. She, surely, had pain with love. Every child loves her parents.

4.Jon Benet has Sun conjunct IC. She was the Sun, the shining element in her home, the super princess, the beauty queen.

5.Patsy has the dreaded Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. People get angry at me for my stance on Nessus. I will never demure on my astrological opinions for the sake of public approval. I may change my mind and I have about Nessus. I think Nessus can give strength. I think it can allow a person to stand up for themselves and not be abused by others. HOWEVER, when it is conjunct the Ascendant, most people will be abusive.

5. In Patsy’s case, she has something I have never seen. She has Dejanira conjunct the Sun as well as Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. She is both a victim and an abuser. Her father abused her, as well.

6. Patsy’s relationship with her mother was not good. So, she had no one. If one sees Patsy’s mother and sisters, the “creep” factor is off the charts. There seems to be a purely evil sense to them. Patsy does not have this, in my opinion, but her sister and mother do. So, one can only imagine the awful life which Patsy led as a child.

7.Patsy has Moon conjunct Venus which does show love from her mother. However, Saturn conjuncts this, so we have a mother who was very, very critical of her. Her mother was critical of Patsy’s emotions and her looks.

8. The hardest part of all this is the relationship between Patsy and Jon Benet. When I tell you about some of these aspects, you will gasp.

9. Jon Benet’s Uranus conjuncts Patsy’s Sun/Dejanira. This aspect is very explosive. It shows that Jon Benet caused upheaval in Patsy. I think Jon Benet was a tomboy. She did not want to be a beauty queen. She wanted to be a little girl. Patsy wanted Jon Benet to be a little princess. This aspect shows me that there was a lot of fighting within this relationship.
Also, Patsy’s sense of being a victim herself was ignited by Jon Benet.

10. This aspect is very, very painful. Patsy’s Chiron conjunct the Moon and North Node of Jon Benet.This aspect is in the 10th house—the house that is seen by the world.

11. The Nessus of Jon Benet conjuncts the Jupiter of Patsy. In these cases, the Jupiter makes the Nessus worse, so Jon Benet wanted to abuse Patsy and may have done so in the way she could, as a child.

15 thoughts on “Astrological Insights in the Jon Benet Ramsey Case

  1. amiannS

    Regarding #5, I bet most people who are abusers were once victims themselves. If you don’t acknowledge and come to terms with the abuse, then there’s a good chance you will continue it. I know that’s a major theme within my own family.

    I feel so terrible for this little girl. My mom tried to get me into the pageant thing, but I had severe stage fright and just froze whenever she tried to make me perform. I can only imagine what JonBenét went through if she got her dress dirty, smudged her makeup or made a mistake in a routine.

    I occasionally get sucked into this case. A lot of people believe Burke murdered and sexually abused his sister and the parents covered it up. I have never bought into this theory. He’s probably a victim as well.

    1. amiannDave

      How fucking dare you claim that most people who have been abused go on to abuse others unless they accept it.

      I was abused as a little boy & let me tell you’re so far fucking wrong it’s unbelievable. You’re posting urban fucking myths you know nothing about!

      Keep your bullshit to yourself and your gob shut.

      1. amiannS

        Dave, you clearly have some reading comprehension issues. I said “most people who are abusers were once victims themselves.” I never said all abused people are abusers. Why would I make an absurd statement like that?

        You need to calm down, reread the comment and not respond emotionally next time.

  2. amiannTish

    I always respect and enjoy your writings but I do believe that DNA from an unknown source outside of the family was found on Jon Benet’s underwear. Perhaps one of the father’s associates did this? It had to be someone familiar with the family.

  3. amiannBonnie

    I see a lot of what you say in the chart.
    The girl had hard aspects anyway, mars (hidden in 12th house) square sun opposite pluto (in every day life 6th house) definitly a young man involved as hidden enemy. Square her moon and north node, you see the power struggle with her mom, the girl also activated her mom’s south node of nessus.
    Mars in taurus (in my experience is often violent). I tried to see if i can see she was ment to live a short life, as gemini ascendant and mercury in 4th. There was an ancient way of counting.
    As i see it, gemini rules 3rd but cancer is there, her sun in the 4th and opposite moon/ N.N, tells me to look at 3rd house. When i count chiron to jupiter its exactly 6° degrees ger age when she passed away. Jupiter who is also the ruler of her 8th house.
    And a chart of the time it happend? That could say more..

  4. amiannKim

    I saw a video by a federal agent that theorized Patsy accidentally killed Jon Benet after the JB wet her bed. Not sure if that was part of JB’s abuse of Patsy, which caused Patsy to lose control.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I studied a lot and may write an article on it. I did many charts on this. This is what I think happened. John was sexually abusing her BADLY by choking her for his sexual pleasure. She died by accident and he killed her with a blow to the head to cover it. Patsy covered it up

      1. amiannIsa

        This is what the neighbors say unofficially. Idk how true it is or why they would tell friends and family and not authorities but it’s said that the father had lots of weird overnight parties at the house. I’ve heard that there was a party at the house the night it happened but after watching the documentaries that wasn’t mentioned at all.

        1. amiannTisha

          This is why I think a “friend” of the family was involved. I think I read somewhere that DNA was collected from her body. They took DNA from the whole family and none matched that profile.

  5. amiannAnastacia

    I was sexually abused and my father covered it up he was loved by most outside of the home. I do think Patsys Capricorn in the 8th house is scary. This way Patsy was dressing her up was not normal and made the little girl fall prey to whomever did this to her. I do think it is very strange that the ransom note was written on Patsys notepad along with her pen and her paintbrush. The housekeeper said she thought Patsy did this but Patsy had a Sagitarius Moon and her husband had a Sagitarius Sun which shows they were soul mates and would do anything for each other. The interview with the brother was strange not an admission of guilt but something maybe he heard that night something maybe he knows. I knew a woman whos mother dressed her son up in a dress and made him go to school like that for wetting the bed some parents lose their minds over the wetting of the bed which is crazy. The case is really complicated and many suspects to hard to tell who did it. Something strange. As a sexual abuse survivor from my own father I can tell you evil really exists.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      SO glad you shared Anastacia and so sorry for what you went throug. I think John did it and Patsy covered it. Have you seen Patsy’s mom and sisters—sooo creepy. I think Patsy was sexually abused herself and I think John was too

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