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What About The “Bad” Asteroids in Good Aspect

I get this question a lot. “What happens when you have a “bad” asteroid in a good aspect, such as a trine?”. I really did not know the answer until now when I will pose a theory. This is based on my chart and the “bad” asteroid Sedna. First of all, when I use the tern”bad” asteroid, I refer to painful and/or abusive asteroids.These would include Sado(sadism), Nessus(abuse),Dejanira(victimization), Medusa( teasing and punishing) and Sedna(extreme betrayal by the father and future men). There are many other “bad ” asteroids.

For this discussion, we will use the asteroid, Sedna. Sedna is an easy story to understand. Many asteroids have convoluted stories, such that it is hard to hone down the main theme. With Sedna, it reads as easily as a child’s fairy tale. Sedna was betrayed very badly by her father. She had high hopes for her life, as we all do. After being betrayed by her father, her husband betrayed her, too. Hence, her life was defined by betrayal be men.

We can be sure of the meaning of Sedna in a conjunction, such as Sedna conjunct the Sun, Moon or Venus. In these cases, the natives would suffer betrayal by men. In the case of the square, the betrayal may be repressed. When this happens, the native may marry men who hurt them. The native may have addictions or emotional problems as a result of repressing painful emotions born of betrayal. The above cases are relatively easy to understand. However, what about the trine. The trine makes for positive usage. How can one use a “bad” asteroid positively? That is the question of the day.

My answer to this is that the native with the Sedna trine is indeed betrayed. The betrayal goes deep. The betrayal begins with the father and extends to the husband. However, the trine modifies the extent of the pain and the depth of the problems. YES, the person does have issues and pain. However, the trine has a mitigating effect. Hence, the person can kind of “rise above it.” It does not decimate the native as does the conjunction and square( or opposition).

That is my theory to a question I am, often, asked. I await your comments.

12 thoughts on “What About The “Bad” Asteroids in Good Aspect

  1. amiannJo

    My daughter has Sedna in 2nd House Taurus conjunct her father’s Sun in 12th house. He has basically FINANCIALLY betrayed her during childhood and by taking money due to her and not paying it back to her. Wow, astrology never fails to astound me.
    His own Sedna is exact conjunct his Saturn in 12thnhouse and he has serious issues withnhis own father. 😮

  2. amiannBonnie

    I had a relationship with a guy with whom both our sedna was conjunct with venus in taurus 7th house.
    He loves to hurt me in any sort of way.
    He lied to me and accused me of things he does.

    My mother has her moon on my sedna and uncousiously she talks about how men are..

  3. amiannCosmic

    I wonder what good asteroids in a bad aspect mean. I would guess that it means that you get the good asteroid in maybe a harsh or possibly painful way. Or maybe you handle it in an immature manner. I have Lumiere (775) in a bad aspect. It’s exactly square my midheaven which i would guess means that there might some light in my career that I might handle badly or maybe something else. I’m not sure.

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