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Ten “Bad” Asteroids Conjunct the North Node in the Natal Chart

First of all, if you know me, you know that nothing gets me angrier than people who only want “good news” when it comes to their charts. Look around, Dude. Not everything is good. I like to live in the land of reality. If not, we are not sane. This applies to the charts, too. Some aspects are major challenges. These are our topic today.

The North Node is a point that shows our purpose. It is a very, very important point in the natal chart. The ease or difficulty in finding one’s calling will be shown by the North Node and it’s aspects. I am talking about the conjunction today. The conjunction is the strongest aspect. However, to address the other aspects briefly. Trines and sextiles to the NN show ease in finding one’s purpose. Squares and oppositions to the North Node show difficulty in finding one’s calling. Onto the article.

First of all, there are “bad” aspects.These deal with “bad” things in life, such as abuse(Nessus), sadism(Sado), taking advantage of others(Bilk), not telling the truth(Lie) and victimization(Dejanira). The preceding list are just some examples. They show us slices of life that no one really likes. Every person has every asteroid in his chart. The difference is the DOMINANCE of an asteroid.

Let’s look at what are deemed the “bad” asteroids conjunct the North Node.

Nessus Conjunct the North Node
In this case, the native will, likely, struggle with the desire to abuse. On the positive side, I see Nessus as someone who won’t let himself be victimized. If I had to choose to have Nessus conjunct the North Node or Dejanira( the victim asteroid) conjunct the North Node, I would choose Nessus. However, the Nessus/North Node native will, likely, be someone who makes people angry and makes others desire to seek revenge. There is something about a strong Nessus that makes aware people steer clear due to a subconscious understanding that trouble lies beneath the surface.

Dejanira Conjunct the North Node

Dejanira is, probably, the saddest asteroid of all. She is the victim. I have seen the victim theme play out over and over in my career as an astrologer. This victimization is not the fault of the native. I think that God can overcome charts. However, usually, the person has to play out their difficult patterns i.e get burned by them. For the person with Dejanira conjunct the North Node, I am sure I am not telling them anything they do not know. Most people are happy to discover that their struggles are not their fault, but due to their life blueprint, which is the natal chart.

Sedna Conjunct the North Node

Sedna is extreme betrayal by the father and, later, the husband. Sedna is a very sad story. For the native with Sedna conjunct the North Node, I don’t think what I am saying right now is a surprise. She needs to understand what happened before she can move on. I have an article which tells the story of Sedna. Please, read that, if you want the specific details of her story.

Bilk Conjunct the North Node

Bilk is what you think. It is taking advantage of others for material gain. This is not stealing from the cash register as much as charging too much for a service. This asteroid shows a tendency to take advantage of all people in the life of the native. I have a friend with Bilk conjunct the Sun. I like many things about him, but I do not trust him to do any jobs for me, even though he has a business which does the kind of work I need. If I ever need his services, I contract a price from the beginning and know, even then, that I will be taken advantage of. I tell this story to show the practical workings of the Bilk asteroid. For the native who has Bilk conjunct the North Node, bilking people is, likely, a life theme. I know people will get angry when I say this, but read an airy fairy astrologer if you don’t like me.

Nemesis Conjunct the North Node
Nemesis is hidden enemies. This is not a very pleasant thing. Hence, the native may have people come into one’s life that seem like friend, but undermine. If you have Nemesis conjunct the North Node, this is, probably, not a surprise to you.

Eris Conjunct the North Node

I may conjure up my friend, Dan, with this entry. He and I disagree about Eris. He thinks Eris is a brave and fearless warrior. I think Eris is extreme annoyance. I will give to Dan that Eris will fight for that in which he believes. However, Eris is so annoying that he can win the fight just because people want him to leave. I have found that people who have Eris conjunct the North Node are sooooo annoying that you have to hold your arm back, so that you do not hit them in the face. Do I jest? Not really.

Chiron Conjunct the North Node

Chiron is not an asteroid, but I will include it here because it is very hard to have Chiron conjunct the North Node. Chiron brings a theme of pain. No one wants this or chooses this. Remember that degrees are very important when dealing with the North Node. The closer the aspect, the more intense.

Medusa Conjunct the North Node

Medusa is a tease. I really don’t like to see Medusa in the charts because I don’t like this asteroid. It seems to play out, just as the myth decrees. Medusa teases men to follow her and then she punishes them. We have all seen women like this. Medusa is, likely, the culprit. To answer the question of how she plays out in the chart of a male? It seems to be in the same way.

Typhoon Conjunct the North Node

Lately, I have seen this asteroid play out in charts. It acts as does a natural typhoon. The life of the person seems to be chaotic and out of control, through little fault of their own.

Kaali Conjunct the North Node

Kaali is the body energies. Kaali does not do well when it is in a dominant place, such as the Ascendant, MC or North Node. The body energy should be in a deeper, more internal place. When Kaali conjuncts an exterior part of the chart, the native seems to lose energy easily i.e feel very drained by people and events.

30 thoughts on “Ten “Bad” Asteroids Conjunct the North Node in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannKatherine

    I found that Typhoon is conjunct my sun

    Would this mean my ego is identified with an uncontrollable lack of control and chaos?
    Would the method then be to harness or redirect this positively “in a work environment” and do you have any tips? Or would the method be to acknowledge that ego identification and either roll with it or let it go?

    Thanks for posting your articles and ideas! Great resource to learn, and fun!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      So glad you are here, Katherine. Typhoon seems to make things wild and crazy like a real typhoon. It may be ego or just a general feeling that life seems to be out of control.

  2. amiannMedusa

    Respectively, I found these interpretations “off” and quite negative. I know, I know, we can’t please everyone, and I am certainly NOT the type to not like to see “negative “aspects or interpretations in a chart, but, it is in my opinion duality in this 3D world we live in, and with that said, there is always a positive expression to these challenging astroids. Medusa, by the way, is also a fixed star: ALGOL. Allow me to share my experience with MEDUSA and ALGOL. Both are not in a challenging aspect in my chart, so I will admit I do have a “way out”, however, so do others if one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear. With that said, one can not ignore the mythology about Medusa and her two sisters, and the Gods/esses involved. Lots to take into consideration, in terms of themes of rape, service, betrayal, rage, abandonment, and ostracisation, sexual repression of women, of women’s beauty and expression. More importantly, how to mitigate those very real societal occurrences and experiences for women into something that heals, not only self but others who may have the same or similar issues. Lastly, Medusa is conjunct my NN and I am not anything like you’ve described.
    To say you “don’t like” an asteroid, and read charts for others is in my opinion reckless. I AM a reader and have always sought to uplift and assist clients, even with challenging or painful themes. Compassion, empathy and a non-judgmental nature make all the difference. When we say, we don’t like something and someone has it, it creates division, shame and confusion (emotional) why not turn that around and create sacred space and heal that so-called wound? Responsibility comes with this gift and I expect to see professionals be that, professionals. Now you may be thinking: “Who the hell does she think she is?” I understand, however, when one puts their stuff out here on the internet for all to see, one should expect constructive feedback and opinions to be shared.

  3. amiannPatsy Martin

    Eris conjunct North node annoying? I am basically a loner because I am not social , I wonder who wants to smack me in the face

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would have to be close–1-2 orb. Abuse may in some way be part of the “purpose” of one’s life. For example, a person may have been abused and now helps abused people, this kind of thing, but it would take some time to put it all together for the person so he could add this to his purpose. The inconjunct is always a struggle.

  4. amiannHelene R.

    Could you say what psyche and melpomene conjunct NN natal means? Pretty exact, within 16 min (I know it’s better not to leave tmi, but in case this matters, Pallas and Lachesis also conjunct within 1, and Venus within 4) thank you!

      1. amiannHelene R

        Thank you, Amiann- she also has Nessus square her NN, and her current bf has Nemesis conjunct her Nessus and Sado conjunct her NN – is there any way this could be ok?

  5. amiannSaga

    I have Sedna exact conjunct my NN and my first husband betrayed me very baddly.. Should I be married ever again, too afraid of happening again or are there any possibilities to have good one in second chance?

  6. amiannJillian

    Hi I am pretty new to your site. I have an indepth question about Nessus and Dejanira. How may it show up if someone has Nessus on the North Node and Dejanira on the South node square to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto? I noticed a coworker of mine has this aspect.

  7. amiannR

    I have Bilk, Medusa, and Kaali conjunct my North Node, although none are at a close orb. My Bilk conjunction NN is at the orb of 9, Medusa conjunct NN at the orb of 30, and my Kaali conjunct NN is at the orb of 40. I don’t have to worry about any of these, do I?

  8. amiannR

    Unfortunately, I have Medusa Conjunct NN. I have noticed that I can be a bit of a tease, but I don’t feel as though I can help it. I don’t even realize what I’m doing until after. I’m only 14, so it’s not like I love the guy or anything, but there is a guy who I hurt by being a tease, but I didn’t mean to. I miss him, but we don’t really talk anymore now. Is there a way that I can stop this part of me? I don’t want to hurt anyone else that I care about.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I wish I was like many fake people out there, just to be honest, and tell people they can fix anything but I don’t think so. There are always certain struggles in every chart, in my humble opinion. I can see how this could make you act like a tease and not mean to!

  9. amiannOniDragon

    I have Dejanira conjunct Jupiter and Sun/Moon Midpoint.

    I have Sedna conjunct Saturn and Vertex.

    I have Icarus conjunct South Node and Neptune.

    What do those aspects mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may suffer experiences as a victim. Men, in particular may betray you and this may be a life theme. You may be used to rushing into dangerous things and not realize it until it is too late

  10. amiannVeronica

    Would a guy with Bilk in the 4th house conjunct his north node and IC be someone who would take advantage of family or close loved ones for material gain?

  11. amiannVeronica

    Would a guy with Bilk in the 4th house conjunct his north node and IC be someone who would take advantage of family or close loved ones for material gain?

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