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Big, Lovely, Bountiful and Beautiful Jupiter in the Natal Chart

Leo With The Other Energies———– My Perspective.

Leo With The Other Energies———– My Perspective.

This subject smacked me in the face in light of doing Daryl Hall’s chart. He exemplifies a beauty in his communication. What does he have? Jupiter conjunct Mercury. Jupiter is a kiss from the gods, so let’s examine Jupiter in conjunction with some other planets, angles and the North Node. People ask me if this applies to other aspect. It would apply to trines and sextiles but not the hard aspects—–the square and the opposition.

Jupiter Conjunct the Ascendant
This native will, likely, be popular. He makes people feel special and they love him for it. He has a wonderful positive vibe that people want to rub up against like a sleek cat at your leg.

Jupiter Conjunct the IC
This native was, likely, very loved as a child

Jupiter Conjunct the Descendant
This native is attracted to very positive partners–Little Miss Sunshines

Jupiter Conjunct the MC

This native may get favor from bosses, may be well liked at work, and find that doors open for him

Jupiter Conjunct the North Node
This native may have a Theme of good luck throughout his life. He may be at the right place at the right time.

Jupiter conjunct the Sun
This native is very positive and is, likely, popular.

Jupiter Conjunct the Moon
This native is a very warm person. He will be well liked for his positive attitude and the way he makes others feel speical.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus
This native has “big love”. He seems to have an aura around him. That aura exudes love.

Jupiter conjunct Mars
This native may have good fortune in his goals. He will likely feel that he can get what he wants and will exude a natural confidence in going after what he wants.

Jupiter Conjunct Chiron
This aspect is one of the Jupiter aspects that makes things worse. When Jupiter touches a “bad asteroid/planet”, it makes it worse. Hence, this would be “big pain”

I know this is not all the possibilities but I hope it is a good start!

7 thoughts on “Big, Lovely, Bountiful and Beautiful Jupiter in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannDanielle

    I have jupiter conjunct venus in 7th house cancer. Everything i read about this placement left me wondering why it didnt resonate with me – then i discovered a tighter conjunction with jupiter & lilith – could this be why i dont have the warm n cosy vibe? Id love to hear what you think x

  2. amiannEmily

    I have Jupiter conjunct Mars in the 11th house, trine Uranus in the third. I am extremely lucky and believe fortune favors the bold. I’ve had plenty of difficulties in my life so I’m not lucky as in born rich& privileged but like with many who have Jupiter conjunct Mars, I can create a fortunate destiny for myself regardless of life struggles. It’s definitely a fighting spirit but I’d say in a positive sense, where you relish the challenge of building your own life on your terms

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