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The Planet of Pain—–Some New Insights on Chiron

I have certain areas in Astrology with which I am fascinated. Chiron is one. I have many articles on Chiron. I am fascinated by Chiron for a number of reasons. One is that pain is very “isolating”. In other words, when we feel deep pain, we tend to think we are different and “weird”. This makes us run and hide from people. People are what we NEED,not that from which we run.

This insight has taken me a long time to see. I have hidden from people. I have had a false front, as most of us do. The false face is not because one feels superior. It is because one feels ashamed. One is too vulnerable to take “one more hit”: one more criticism, one more insult, one more snub. Where does Chiron fit in here? Chiron tells us that we all have pain. Yes, the pain of one person can be different from another. Yes, some people have a great deal more pain than others. However, everyone understands a common language of pain.

This is an article on Chiron, so I will try to give some insights into Chiron. I have an article on Chiron in the houses. I think it explains well how Chiron functions in each house. Knowing your house of Chiron is crucial to understanding yourself. IF your house of Chiron does not fit, “I* think your time of birth may not be correct. Your house of Chiron SHOULD fit your deepest pain. This is my insight from doing thousands of charts.

Another thing I have learned from doing charts is that Chiron in synastry is very “weird”. I liken Chiron in synastry to a Mobius strip. It has a strange and unexpected configuration. I learned this lesson from doing many, many charts and seeing Chiron play out in my own relationships. The basic mechanism for Chiron in synastry is that people get very close, very fast. They feel as if they have found their “one and only” romantic partner or they feel they have found their BFF(best friend forever). This seems to last a short time. Then, something very, very trifling seems to break them up.For example, one girl may say that she does not like blue cars. The other girl may say that she HAS a blue car. Due to the car color “argument”, one girl may never wants to talk the other girl again. Of course, this is a silly example, but it does illustrate how insignificant the “triggering” situation may be.

Chiron in synastry is one of the strangest things I have seen in the charts, if not the strangest. Just a note about Chiron in families. Parents and children, often, have strong Chiron aspects. I don’t know why, but the parents and children can still be very close and loving. Perhaps, the family relationships allow for a wider range of behaviors before they break.

Now, I will discuss what happens the cases in which Chiron aspects personal planets in the natal chart. I have several articles on this, so will give a only a brief overview here. It is really fascinating to see Chiron play out in charts. However, it is very, very painful for the client. Chiron in conjunction or hard aspect to Mars seems to make it very hard for the male client to be “male”. The struggle seems to be in assertion, particularly when it comes to “chasing” women and being the dominant one relationships. Being male, somehow, equates to pain for these natives. I am not sure how Mars/Chiron functions in the female chart. I have not seen enough female charts with this aspect to speculate.

Another phenomenon I have seen quite a bit is Venus conjunct Chiron in the natal chart. In this case, the native seems to have pain with love. The love seems to be that of romantic love, rather than platonic love or family love, but I cannot say that for certain. In these cases of Chiron/Venus, the native, often, feels hopeless when it comes to love and may,even, give up.It is important to remember that the orb is very important. An exact orb will be very much stronger than a three degree orb or a five degree orb. If anything is exact in the natal chart, there should be a red flag attached to it because it will be a dominant theme.

Chiron conjunct the Sun in the natal chart reveals a relationship with the father that is painful, the closer the orb, the more painful Chiron in hard aspect to the Sun would indicate the same. In the case of the square, the relationship may be more resistant to change and may be more difficult for the native to both see and cope with. With the opposition, the relationship may work, at times. At other times, it may fracture. This is the general mechanism for squares and oppositions in synastry.

Chiron conjunct the Moon reveals a very hard relationship with the mother.

I seem to have discovered the phenomenon of Chiron conjunct the Ascendant. This seems to indicate bullying in almost all of the cases I have seen, especially if the orb is close(1-3)degrees. I have seen one exception, in which the native had a Pluto/Dejanira conjunction, which I have. This makes the native very strong when it comes to bullying. I am very strong when it comes to bullying.

Chiron conjunct the Angles is a fascinating study. I am fascinated by the Angles(Ascendant, IC, Descendant, MC) in the natal chart. They are such, extremely sensitive points. They reveal a great deal about the native. In synastry, if anyone conjuncts the Angles, the native feels it very strongly, for better or worse.
Chiron conjunct the Ascendant seems to indicate bullying, as I said. Chiron conjunct the IC seems to indicate a very painful childhood. Chiron conjunct the DSC seems to indicate a person who is attracted to people with a great deal of pain i.e wounded birds. Chiron conjunct the MC seems to be pain that all the world can see URRGG. Also, this position seems to indicate a person who feels he does not “fit” into his society for some reason.

I think I will end this article now and leave you with a few links. I could go on for days about Chiron. I have other topics which fascinate me, such as the North Node and many of the asteroids. Astrology can never be fully mined. It is like the Bible. One could live for millions of years and still be a humble student. Please, share your experiences, so we can learn together. That is the point!

Chiron in the Houses

Chiron in the Houses

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38 thoughts on “The Planet of Pain—–Some New Insights on Chiron

  1. amiannBonnie

    I can say it plays a major role in life. Ive been observing it as well.
    With some people i meet the have chiron exact my sun.. they always say how much joy i gave them.. but that they miss me.. in a deeper soul experience they say.. “i want you to be happy”.
    1 relationship was very painfull but in a reflective way very insightfull and healing. With chiron comes unconditional love in my experience.
    We all have to accept it and face it.
    I also see the signs depends on the pain. Chiron in aries is usually mental pressure.. in taurus self worth- value.. etc.
    I also know using other charts like tertiaire give more insights on the actual pain if you dont face up to it.
    It keeps me amazed how deep the maze can go… of astrology.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW about Chiron in the signs. I do not give the signs that much significance cuz Chiron stays in the same sign for 2 years, I think, so it is not a personal planet, but I am sure that everything matters in the charts, Bonnie. Thanks for the great post and contribution, as always!

      1. amiannJohnny

        When you say that Chiron conjunct the DSC seems to indicate a person who is attracted to people with a great deal of pain, are you talking about the Chiron person or the DSC person? Thanks 🙂

  2. amiannAna

    So true regarding Mars conjunct Chiron. I know a man who has the exact conjunction in Sagittarius and he’s trying so hard to be a man but everyone treats him as if he lacks courage. The more he tries, the others don’t take him seriously.

  3. amiannMira

    I read your articles about Chiron and I am curious how you concluded that Chiron rules Virgo? I am Virgo ascendent and would like to understand it better.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Virgo seems to be a very painful sign. I don’t see it being the planet for Mercury. I think Gemini is, so Virgo still needs a ruler. Some people say Vesta, which may be cuz Vesta is selfless sacrifice BUT Chiron seems to fit Virgo, as Virgo seems to try soooo hard in so many ways he does not need to lol
      What do you think, Mira?

      1. amiannBonnie

        Lol could be right.. chiron and virgo.
        I have an empty 10th house with leo 21′ 51° mc and virgo.
        Most virgo’s i know love to pop pills or are busy with health/ carry their own pharmacy in their handbag/ sniffs things/ analyze it.
        My pharmacy boss is a virgo and most collegaes have virgo sun or cancer..
        when they play their own doctor. Anything to redeem the pain.
        Sometimes too extreme at least the ones i know..
        My mum in law (pill popper) just in cause she takes 2 paracetamols before sleep.. and the rest.
        When they get a rash.. they cant leave it alone.. like there is something under the surface they scratch a simple rash into infection, then say: you see its serious i needed anti biotics..

  4. amiannDanny

    Hello.. I have mars in 8° aries 12th house opposition chiron in 10° libra at 6th house, chiron conjunct descendant and so the mars, it’s conjunct ascendant, what does it mean?
    And i also have venus in 1° gemini 2nd house, uranus 4° aquarius 10th house, and both of them were form a trine to chiron, is this still counted as grand trine? Sorry for my english btw, i like many of your articles..

  5. amiannAdele

    I jave Chiron conjunct my Sun/MC/Mercury/Jupiter in Cancer. I suffer hugely with depression and low self esteem for as long as I can remember.

  6. amiannBonnie

    Chiron! In 7th taurus 22° (sun at 13’57 taurus) descendant at 8° taurus.
    Both parents / aunt/ uncles have their nessus conjunct my chiron.
    My dad has mars conjunct my DS.
    He was very abusive towards me but denies it. I have dejanira 4th house pisces 4° (IC aquarius 21’51°).
    Vesta at 15° aquarius at the heart of humanity.
    Nessus 9th house cancer 25°.
    I had to learn of abusive familiy members. When i feel betrayed i uncousiously put people in a pigsbag but have to find strenght again.
    Trust is even that bad i ask their time of birth before i engage..

    One old friend who has his sun in pisces 28° 8th house felt a strong attraction between us 20 years ago.. it was time for him to come clean with it (recently… 🤤 ok). My asteroid karma is 28° pisces 5th house, venus aries 0’16. Doing some more digging..
    His chiron exact conjunct sun.
    His mars in aries 1’57 8th (chiron transit now)/ venus in pisces 24° 8th.
    Tells me highly sexual person..
    Now his saturn R 7° conjunct his jupiter R 6’20 in libra 2nd house is conjunct my moon in libra 6’21 (11th house). His pluto 23° conjunct asteroïde mania 22° is close to my pluto 25°. But… my saturn R 17° libra is opposite his asteroïde lie in aries 16°
    His lilith is conjunct my ascendant scorpio 8°
    He smokes weed and he keeps asking to meet him. He offered me to go on holiday or dinner out.. he knows ive got a family and relationship. Then he tells me just to see you as friends.
    The guy is 2 meter high i am not even 1.55 meter.. he talks dirty a lot what he fantasizes about..
    With all these aspects can he be a stalker? Because in a friendly way he said: i waited 20 years and i will wait untill i die.. he doesnt give up hope. His mercury is pisces 1° (7th house) close to my dejanira.
    He can say the sweetest things like: i am your protector but i will f*** you in every corner of the house😲🤤
    His nn is in 12th house leo/ moon 1st virgo 17°.. asc leo 29’31.
    What to think here? Red flags or innocent?

    Another ex approached me of 20 years ago with chiron 9° taurus 1st house/ conjunct my Desc taurus 8°.
    We have his moon 3° aries 1st house conjunct my asteroid mania 5’45 (5th house) fire grandtrine with my uranus 3’24 in sag and his jupiter in leo 2° conjunct his asteroid lie 3’52 (5th house). When i confronted him about cheating and lying in relationships he did admitt (pluspoints for astrology!!) With his nessus in 4th house cancer 14° ( my north node is 15° cancer 9th house… BIG RED FLAG!).
    I decided to hear him out.. he said we are soulmates and he missed me. I should be their with him…
    But.. he has a girlfriend and she didnt know about our contact. I tell my partner everything mind you.
    More red flags in synastry.. would put my saturn in his 7th conjunct his pluto. His mars conjunct my pluto. His venus scorpio 8th house conjunct my ascendant. He kept changing his approach and i made him feel uncomfortable. He wanted to start his business in my country so we could be together. He completely ignored i had a relationship and kids! He said i will tell your boyfriend thank you for looking after you for those years.
    When i told him to be honest and how he treats his girlfriend now tells me enough (maybe harsh) if he keeps treating woman as objects and as chesspieces tell me he has no respect and will treat me the same. He got upset and said: i dont need your judgement. Well moon opposite moon.. and chiron transit hits his ascendant soon.
    His karma conjunct my mercury 3° orb. Sorry but im going through some pretty weird s*** at the moment..

    I keep posting my data..

    1. amiannBonnie

      Update.. that “old” friend.. i deleted him.
      Dont know what got into his head.
      With his weird sex talk.
      I never felt such an attraction.
      He kept changing his story so i didnt respond anymore.
      It appears he had my phone number! He kept calling me.. and asked him: how?? He said: bad eeh i told you i safe everything of you.
      That was a red flag for me soo i deleted him.
      With the aspects ive given is there a danger? Of stalking..?
      Its the guy with pisces sun.
      I alarmed a few people now.

  7. amiannAdele

    would my sun conjunct mc/chiron/mercury/jupiter mean a life of pain for me. My dominant planet is also saturn. square my libra asc. i hate myself. please help me find answers?

  8. amiannMelissa

    I have Chiron conj NN at 0 deg Aries and Venus at 2 deg Aries in the 4th house. I haven’t been able to find much on the Chiron NN conj. Do you have any insights as to what this might mean for me as my life path? My life has been filled with a lot of loss.

  9. amiannF

    Hi Ami,
    I’m obsessed with your articles. Do you know that you are the most expert and honest astrologer I’ve ever seen 😉
    Keep going! I have a question about Chiron in synastry. What does it mean when someone’s Chiron is exactly on my descendant in the sign of Leo and in opposition to my Uranus tightly by 0 degrees? Does it mean he is gonna wounds me unexpectedly and then heal me? Because that’s really what I felt! Can you please give me more insights on how this aspect affects me and him?
    Also his amor conjuncts my Moon and his valentine conjuncts my Venus both by less than 1 degree, is it only me who loves him or does he love me back? I’ve never met a person who understands me only through my eyes and cares about me like he does.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You so made my day, F. Thank you!
      If his Chiron conj your DSC, he will bring pain to you in your relationship with him. In what house is his Chiron? He will bring this kind of pain to your relationship. I would not marry with a Chiron lie this. Your Uranus opposition will make it very up and down and the pain will be more stop and go and erratic but still bad pain.

      He brings you love and you feel that love and return it to him, so both feel like like when someone loves a baby.

      Tell me the house of his Chiron, my Friend

      1. amiannF

        Thank you for the beautiful analysis!

        I wish I knew his time of birth, but he looks like a cancer ascendant to me because cancerian facial features and traits apply to him. So Chiron might be in his 1st or 2nd house.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are so welcome! What is his area of biggest pain. Is it money or something with his appearance or something people can see? that would be 2nd house or 1st, respectively.

          1. amiannF

            I think it’s more about the 2nd house. He manipulates others to attain money legally. It’s not moral in my opinion even though it’s legal. If it’s in the 2nd, how do you interpret his pain into our relationship? Is it only about wounds and not healing?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I think healing comes from wounds, in a way, but the wounds really hurt and if a Chiron is super strong, such as conj the NN or ASC, MC, IC, DSC and other crucial places, I would not get into the relationship. Chiron will always be somewhere, though.

  10. amiannMadison Wade

    I have a really difficult relationship with my mother. I checked our Chiron synastry and found her Chiron trine my moon, her Jupiter square my Chiron, her Venus sextile my Chiron, so much Chiron synastry!

    I also read the part about hard childhoods and found my Chiron conjunct my IC within 2 degrees. My childhood was insanity, I have this conjunction in sagittarius so lots of moving around from parent to parent.

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