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Chris Watts Murdered His Wife and Family–What Can We See?

I am having such a hard time with the computer and this article. URRRGGGGH

Hopefully, the third time is the charm and I can write this article for you because I think it will teach us a lot. I am going to assume that the time of birth of Shanann is right. It is estimated but it does seem to fit, but be aware that her houses and angles are not authenticated.

It is interesting that she has Juno conjunct the Ascendant in this chart. This seems to fit as it seems as if she was born to be a loyal wife. Why do I feel this? I don’t know. I just do. It seems she was born to be a mother, too. Chris’ Pholus is an almost exact conjunction to her Juno and Ascendant. Chris EXPLODED her life. Chris destroyed her and her children. Pholus explodes what it touches. It could make things better as when Pholus expodes out of date ideas. However, it can explode good things too.

His Mercury and Vesta conjunct her Ascendant. At the beginning, they had very good communication. Very good communication usually leads to very good sex. His Vesta shows that he did truly care for her in an unselfish way.

Chris has Lilith conjunct his Moon, so he is a very sexual person but it may not be obvious. That which conjuncts the Moon can be hidden. Chris does not seem like a sexy man at all. He seems very lame, to be honest.As we see in his natal chart, he is not an assertive man, although he is a man who is simmering with suppressed rage.

Shanann’s Ascendant in this chart opposes her Pluto and Mars. Mars conjunct Pluto is TEMPER. Hence, Shanann had a temper. However, if Mars/Pluto is conjunct the Descendant, the temper is suppressed and she finds men who will “express” it for her.They will likely be abusive. If something conjuncts the Descendant, we tend to deny it in ourselves and find it in others. Hence, Shanann had a simmering rage, as did Chris but she repressed it.

Chris’ Pluto conjunct Shanann’s Mars. This shows the potential for violence in the relationship. However, she would have this with every man of a similar age. When these kind of things happen, it is a sad thing. The native seems locked into a pattern. I have seen this with many aspects. One is Venus conjunct Chiron. A person may have her Venus conjunct the people close to her age. Hence, all the relationships end in pain and the Venus is the victim.

Chris” Mercury oppose Shanann’s Pluto/Mars. This is not good at all. We can see how there will be a power play. Shanann will likely be the winner. Pluto will always win in hard aspect to the personal planet of another. Yes, Shanann’s Pluto is conjunct her DSC but the power of Pluto will overcome this. Chris may have been a hen pecked husband, to put is simply. As we look at this chart, we begin to see patterns. At the end, we will have a true picture of the relationship.

Chris’ Sun is in the seventh house, so marriage is very important to him. Shanann’s North Node trines his Sun, so she helped him to achieve his life purpose( or one of them) which was marriage. There is a very wide Sun trine Sun, so their egos were in tune with each other. They saw the world in similar way. They approached life outside the home in a similar way. This was, likely, part of their attraction.

Now, we come to a real danger point.Shanann’s Chiron conjuncts Chris’ Sun. Usually, these relationships are unstable. They may break up before marriage ensues. If they don’t, the Sun person will want the Chiron person to heal and fix them. However, the Chiron person cannot. There will usually be an element of hate under the surface due to this. If you watch Chiron relationships, there may be love, but there will also be hate. They are common in families between blood relatives, in which case one is stuck with the pain and the person. In a family, we usually endure the hardships of the person but in marriage, we may not. I saw a video in which Shanann said how much Chris “saved her life”. This is kind of a danger sign. It puts much too much expectation on a person and a relationship.

Chris Mars conjuncts Shanann’s North Node. He brought her passion, goals and life energy.In this chart, her NN is in the second house of money and security, so she may have seen him as someone who was successful. He was a mechanic. One has to be intelligent to be a mechanic. However, he was one of the dumbest criminals out there.

In Shanann’s chart, we have Dejanira( the victim) conjunct Medea( extreme revenge which involves killing children). How this would play out, I am not sure but I could say that she may be victimized by the killing of her children, which is what happened.

This aspect is related to the above and cannot be denied. Chris’ Medea conjunct the vertex of Shanann. If this does not make you believe in astrology, nothing will. Chris brought a theme of extreme revenge, which involved killing children, to Shanann. I actually never realized that the vertex was this telling but I will have more respect for it in the future.

Back to Chris’ Mars in Gemini. Mars in Gemini is not one of the best Mars signs. They need a lot of variety in things. This could be job, women, surroundings etc. They can get bored easily and seek stimulation that may not be good for them.Chris Mars is opposed to his own Uranus, so he was accident prone and clumsy. This murder was so clumsy. I hate to say it this way because it may seem callous but it seems that anything he did was clumsy and not well thought out. I think that John Ramsey killed Jon Benet from my research of the case and both parents covered it up. Of course, the Ramsey’s had the money and political connections to do so, but if you compare this murder to Chris’, one can see how Chris walked into every land mine possible, beginning with the polygraph.

Chris’ Mars makes a very dangerous aspect with Shanann’s chart. It is opposite to her Uranus/Venus. Mars oppose Venus is good because it shows attraction and passion. Mars oppose Uranus can show danger. She can bring out anything unpredictable in his nature. There happened to be a lot that was hidden in Chris. He has the unfortunate Pluto in the 12th house, which I call “Mr Nice Guy” but is really Mr Repression.

Chris’ Dejanira( the victim asteroid) is conjunct Shanann’s Uranus/Venus. Also, his own Uranus is conjunct his Dejanira so he may feel unstable and erratic when he feels like a victim. Shanann can make him feel this way more than another woman because her Venus is conjunct this. All people of his generation will have Uranus conjunct Uranus, so this is not unique but his Dejanira conjunct her Venus is.

I have seen the configuration I am going to describe in many synastries. One native has a strong point of pain and the other native throws a bomb in it. This, of course, can result in an explosion. With Chris, he has Saturn oppose the Sun. This shows that his father was critical of him and that he felt he could not live up to the standards of the father. Shanann puts her Chiron right in the middle of this, so she IGNITES this conflict in him. Chris said Shanann made him feel that he was not a man. This one aspect in synastry would be a part of this.

Chris’ Neptune conjuncts Shanann’s Mercury and Jupiter. This aspect shows that Chris could “mess with Shanann’s mind” i.e gaslight her. In aspects such as this, the planet person,Shanann, does not think clearly when it comes to the Neptune person. Jupiter here would increase the power of this aspect. Jupiter makes good aspects better and bad aspects worse.

This is kind of sad and sweet. Shanann’s Moon conjunct Chris’ Venus. There was true love here and a deep love. This is a marriage aspect.However, we have a great deal of instability here because we have a combination of two explosive asteroids in the mix.Shanann has her own Moon conjunct Pholus and Eris. She is very explosive. This may be modified or even totally suppressed if her Moon is in the 12th house, which I think it is. However, I should not say totally suppressed. Nothing is really totally suppressed. She may repress this part of herself but repressed things do not stay repressed.

Chris has Eris conjunct Venus. Eris makes things unstable and unpredictable. Eris is not a hugely violent asteroid. It is more of an unsettling and agitated energy. However, the more agitation in this relationship, the worse it would be. Chris is VERY repressed under a Mr Nice Guy exterior. I think Shanann is not openly assertive. I think she may look for men to express aggression for her. If I have her chart right, she does. Hence, we really do have a power keg.

Could I have predicted what would happen? No. However, Medea is the story of a wife murdering her children to exact revenge on her husband.Chris’ Medea conjuncts Shanann’s vertex. The vertex tells us what the other person will bring to us. In this case, the vertex told the story of the relationship. I have to say that I have had many, many ” I cannot believe it” moments in astrology. This Medea/Vertex aspect is one of them.

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  1. amiannS

    The Vertex aspect is crazy! I’ve been trying to figure it out in my own chart as it conjuncts my sun and several asteroids.

    Have you considered doing charts for mysteries/cold cases, for people like Maura Murray? Do you think they can give insight on a case?

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