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Ten Conjunctions to the Vertex in Synastry

The vertex can give the beginner a great deal of information, without a lot of studying: something I, always, like. I like to make learning Astrology fun. There will be some “nose to the grindstone” study if one wants to progress from beginner to intermediate. However, with the vertex, we can relax and have fun. Find your vertex point on Fin the vertex point of your crush and go to town.

Let’s review about the nature of the vertex. The vertex shows that which other people will bring to you. The anti-vertex( the opposite point) shows that which you will bring to other people. Keep that in mind and we are off to the races.

1. Mars conjunct the Vertex
Mars can go either way. The Mars person may bring passion to the vertex person. The Mars person may help the vertex person become more motivated and goal oriented. However, Mars can, also, bring annoyance and irritation. One would need to study the rest of the chart to see which it would, likely, be.

2. Sedna conjunct the Vertex
Sedna is extreme betrayal. I would run from a relationship with Sedna conjunct the vertex. I call some of these asteroids, such as Sedna “surgical strikes”. There is little good in them, other than, maybe, learning from pain. I have had situations in which I have had “surgical strikes”. I did learn, but could I have avoided it by knowing Astrology? Yes, I could have, I think.

3. Ixion Conjunct the Vertex
Ixiion is lawlessness. Hence, the Ixiion person would, likely, do something amoral or immoral to you. I would call this a “surgical strike”.

4. Aphophis Conjunct the Vertex
Aphophis is a powerhouse of chaos, confusion and destruction, most of all. I would avoid this aspect at all costs.

5. Juno conjunct the Vertex
Juno is love, loyalty and devotion. We have “ding–ding—ding” on this one. Send me a postcard from your honeymoon.

5. Ceres conjunct the Vertex
This is one from which dreams are made. Ceres is unconditional love. One wants to curl up with the beloved and go to sleep. Finally, one can rest from this harried world. One is most fortunate to have this aspect.

6. Lie Conjunct the Vertex
This one is self evident. I doubt I would want this aspect in any relationship, even dog walker.

7. Medea Conjunct the Vertex
If one betrays Medea, she will cut up your grandmother and send her to you in a suitcase. This idea courtesy of the KGB, but Medea could do it, too.

8. Groom conjunct the Vertex
You may be fated to marry.

9. Fortuna Conjunct the Vertex
The Fortuna would, likely, bring good fortune to the vertex person, likely in the arena of money.

10. Isis Conjunct the Vertex
Isis is extreme devotion to the partner in the bravest, most selfless way possible. The Isis person may save the life of the Vertex person, even.

Here is my list of asteroids for your use.

The Asteroids I Use

104 thoughts on “Ten Conjunctions to the Vertex in Synastry

  1. amiannDania

    Hi amiann,

    What if my Vrtex conjunct someone’s moon at 0° in synastry? Can it be significant when his Amor conjunct my moon too?

  2. amiannDania

    Ahh, no wonder. After many years since my heart has been broken so badly and I feel NOT INTERESTED AT ALL with men or anything related to love, all in sudden everything’s change when I first saw him at my workplace.
    Well, he’s 8 years younger than me, married and has a child (I guess it must be his Libra Moon). I read many of your articles in synastry sec esp the Asteroid part and I must say they are very interesting. But being a typical moon in Pisces, I chose not to ruin his marriage even though I’m very much attracted to him and I know he feel the same way too from the way he look or act towards me.

    When I refer to your previous articles, I noticed I have the following aspect in synastry with him. All aspect given are 4° max or less.

    Double whammy Sun conjunct ASC
    Double whammy Juno conjunct MC
    His Aphrodite conjunct my Saturn and DC
    His Cupido conjunct my Chiron
    His Juno conjunct my MC
    His Moon conjunct my Vertex
    His Pluto opposite my Eros
    His Pluto square my Venus
    His Mars conjunct my Sun and Valentine
    His Lilith opposite my Mercury and Mars
    His Lilith conjunct my Neptune
    His Ceres conjunct my Saturn and Pluto
    His Chiron conjunct my Valentine
    His Amor conjunct my Moon
    His ASC conjunct my Valentine
    His Psyche conjunct my Mercury and Mars
    His Aphrodite conjunct my Saturn

    Amiann, I’ve always believe in fate, destiny and free will. But I never want to hurt other woman or feel guilty for the rest of my life.

    What do you think Ami?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The antivertex is what YOU bring to the world, so you could bring this to another person. I have not really worked with it, so that would be my guess, my friend. I would use it more on the natal chart to see what the person would bring to the world

  3. amiannA.

    How about Lilith (his) conjunct my Vertex in Libra, 6th house..? Feels like a powergame where I end up being submissive to his ego needs. Feels not fair 🙁
    Both our Vertex are also conjunct our Ascendant. Thank you for your insight!

  4. amiannA

    I have my juno conjunct his anti vertex, and his chiron is conjunct my vertex. We have dated before but seperated. He is still somebody who is extremely important to my heart and still someone whom i would marry if presented the option. Could you help me find some insight in these aspects?

  5. amiannTony

    Hi im in pain from a major vertex person,
    First, great writings here! So I would really appreciate any thoughts on this matter that occured today regarding a major vertex aspect. I started seen this this young lady for over a month and we are both crazily attracted to each other, yet we have not had sex yet. It turns out my Sun is exactly conjunct her Vertex and her Juno is exactly conjunct my vertex. We both found this amazing and can agree on our mutual admiration. However… today while talking about being together our next life she spurts, ‘You know our next life I can be your man and you can be my woman’. …
    Maybe its just cause Im a man, but this was one of the most painful things Ive heard in my life. I played it cool, but I am bleeding inside from this emotional wound. I interpreted her actually saying, ‘You are not much of a man. My next life I don’t even want your dîćk (excuse the language).’ Ouch ouch ouch.
    She has mentioned before about a longterm scorpio boyfriend that was very controlling and shes a Sagittarius so she suffered alot Id bet. Maybe that scarred her so much she doesnt even like being a woman. Im in pain, confused as to what to do with someone with such great attraction and major vertex aspects. I feel right now like I never want to see or even talk to her again.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, No, No–I don’t think she was saying you are not a man. I think she was just talking, Tony. Your vertex aspects are very nice, too. Trust me on my female intuition. You are reading too much into it. Thank you so much for your kind words on my writing. It means so much to me and Welcome!

      1. amiannTony

        You are very welcome! So i cooled down a bit and listened to your advice. She and I are doing great together. We have so many asteroid aspects on top of the couple of amazing vertex conjunctions… to name a few: my Ceres and Sappho conjunct by 1^ to her vertex, and her Isis and Sappho conjunct by <1^ to my Sun. Plus her Valentine and Pluto are conjuncg exact my descendant. And my near favorites: her moon in my 8th house, my moon in her 2nd house, her Sun in my 7th house and my Sun in her 9th house (and she’s a Sag so its her Sun’s house). The double moon placement in the 8th and 2nd seems near ideal for a deep and intense yet calming and stable relationship (combined Taurus, Scorpio energies), that soothes my Taurus ascendant and feels comfortable for her Scorpio south node. Im in awe of our superb fit with the Vertex aspect, its as if fate showed compassion and wanted us to finally be happy with someone.

        And beyond this, I discovered this week that she and I have near exact (<1^orb) the same Sun/Moon midpoint! (with her Sun and Moon at ~4^ conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint)!

        1. amiannTony

          Sorry for the double post, i had a wifi issue and thought the post didnt go thru… plus mercury is retrgrade-ish… please delete if you can, thank you

  6. amiannTony

    You are very welcome! So i cooled down a bit and listened to your advice, thank you Ami! She and I are doing great together. We have so many asteroid aspects on top of the couple of amazing vertex conjunctions… to name a few: my Ceres and Sappho conjunct by 1^ to her vertex, and her Isis and Sappho conjunct by <1^ to my Sun. Plus her Valentine and Pluto are conjuncg exact my descendant. And my near favorites: her moon in my 8th house, my moon in her 2nd house, her Sun in my 7th house and my Sun in her 9th house (and she’s a Sag so its her Sun’s house). The double moon placement in the 8th and 2nd seems near ideal for a deep and intense yet calming and stable relationship (combined Taurus, Scorpio energies), that soothes my Taurus ascendant and feels comfortable for her Scorpio south node. Im in awe of our superb fit with the Vertex aspect, its as if fate showed compassion and wanted us to finally be happy with someone.

    And beyond this, I discovered this week that she and I have near exact (<1^orb) the same Sun/Moon midpoint! (with her Sun and Moon at ~4^ conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint)!

    (pardon my slightly long writings, we can blame it on my natal merc conjunct jupiter lol)

  7. amiannHu_w_ryl_A

    Great post, thank you very much !

    My bf‘s anti-vertex is conjunct my amor (taurus, my 3rd/ his 12th house)..

    Do you know what this would indicate?

  8. amiannAyshe

    firstly ı want to tell you ı love your posts and it helps me so many ways, I’m sorry for my english. There is someone ; my 8 th house vertex conjunct his 9th house valentine in synastry is it means I will fall in love with him platonicly, is it effects him as much as it effects me , because ım so confused about his feelings, he is giving me complicated signals, Also my eros conjunct his 7 th house north node, my sun conjunct his moon, we have a moon trine north node DW , my pholus conjunct his mars also my moon conjunct his lilith , my juno conjunct his ceres, his juno trine my venus , his juno sextile my juno
    So, is there any chance ? İs he feeling something for me like I do for him

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Love, and your English is wonderful! You really need to have the whole chart done to see if you and he are soul mates, so to speak. Your info is not enough to give an answer, A

  9. amiannTonya

    I’m super confused because my husband of 7 years and I, his vertex in his 8th house is exact conjunct Lie in my chart. My husband was very abusive and cheated and was violent. I guess my confusion comes from my Lie being on his vertex which would by what others say, mean I was the one who lied? Was I ever really in love with him? I was 18 when we married and had no idea what I was doing. We were surviving at that age (he is 3 years older than I am).

  10. amiannHely

    Hello, this is excelent. A question please. I don’t speak english but i’m going to try write here. What’s the meaning of my vertex conjunct his nesus in sinastry? In my natal chart also i have nesus conjunct with my vertex. Thanks

          1. amiannJanay Matthews

            I do believe in God and his miracles. He orestrated the heavens and universe and used his angels for me and my friend to meet. Jesus sends the right people in your life.

  11. amiannEl

    Hello! I am a newbie in astrology and I am really glad I found your site. I enjoy reading your articles, I think you combine straightforward information with humor, which is a great combination!
    I have natal north node conjunct my vertex in the 5th house sag, what can possibly mean? Also those two have a square with juno/jupiter which are also conjunct in the 8th house. I was able to find some information on the juno square nn aspect but none on the juno square vertex one.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you El and Welcome. The vertex is what people bring to YOU,so not really applicable here. The antivertex is what you bring to others. Put vertex in my search engine and you can find some articles xoxo

  12. amiannSonia

    Hello Ami!
    As you said.. he would bring it to me if HIS planet is conj my vertex… but i feel its me who is doing the conversation.. he is really nice and always wants to meet me.. but I am always scared.. i don’t know what to do 😢

  13. amiannChrissy

    Hello Amiann,
    Fascinating post! I will ask you for a professional reading of our synastry, but before I would like to know his birthtime, which I don’t. I see many aspects between his NN and my axes and some planets for example. My question: his Juno is conj my Vertex in Gemini, my Juno conj (between) his Saturn/Mercury conj in Sagittarius, but his Lilith is conj my Chiron in Pisces. Does it look bad because of this last aspect? We met again after ten years and we feel like we really belong to each other. Thank you very much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lilith conj Chiron is just one aspect Chrissy. You can’t base a whole relationship on one aspect.Juno/vertex is good. YES, find his birth time if you can.

      1. amiannChrissy

        Thank you very much Amiann! I will ask for his birthtime next time I see him (by sms it may sound weird) we live 200 miles apart 🙂 Have a great week and thanks again!

  14. amiannDavid

    What about Her 8th house Vertex it is conjunct Auru; in synastry is conjunct my Aura.

    We have several other conjunctions… i’ll have to work on sharing in more details. Right now I am asking you about Aura conjunct her Aura Which is conjunct her Vertex.

    Thank you 🙏

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aura may be conjunct in people born close in years. Your Aura conj her vertex would make you very open to her perceptions i.e she could see yo as you are.

  15. amiannAnon

    i have a gorgeous composite …. plus venus and juno conjunct the vertex grand water trine moon conjunct ascendent sun conjunct descendent not to even mention what his natal does to mine… his north node conjunct my vertex his sun in my seventh conjunct my part of fortune his moon conjunct my ascendent his mars conjunct my sun it can never be .. he is … my therapist. and married to a woman the same degree of aries sun… i will adore him til the end of my days. it is the most beautiful experience i have ever had. he is my muse .and much more . but it must remain, on the spiritual plane. i’m too old and disabled to love him any other way.. even if , it could be.

  16. amiannIsabella York

    Hi Ami

    What would a ( my) vertex conjunct his saturn ( exact) bring…

    His nessus is also EXACTLY conjunct my SN and conjunct my descendent ruler, Jupiter and uranus within 1° orb

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

    I have always been a big fan. I have incorporated a lot of your work in the synastry charts for clients. I have a good idea what Nessus/ SN and descendent ruler would bring but I want your expert opinion

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I just answered this BUT I realize I read it wrong. So nice to talk to you again and I appreciate you so much!He would bring you stability. However he is comfortable mistreating you like it is something familiar to him and maybe you too. Love you Isabella! <3

  17. amiannELiz

    Hi Ami,

    My vertex and north node are both conjunct his Venus. Vertex conjunction is exact. Is this love or something aesthetic like art /music?
    Hope you’re well, and THANK YOU!

    1. amiannanonymous

      whatever it is ,it’s got … love .. in it. have .. fun. should be very compelling…… and not something … you will ever forget. might not, have to. might be .. a clincher.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      You can’t answer that question from these aspects. He brings you a pure kind of love and/or something aesthetic, but we need the whole chart to see if it is sexual or even emotionally connected.

      1. amiannanonymous in love and lust.

        vertex venus and the north node ? conjunct? what planet are you living on.. it may not be a consummate romance , but it’s something about love .

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I said there was love but love can be affection, platonic love or romantic love. Venus,in your above example, does not tell us which one

          1. amiannanonymous old poet .

            i know. love manifests in many ways. i am a lusty old girl…but my best life and love experiences have not involved much, my scorpio moon. but the passion of it is expressed in some way in everything i wishes to you ..always, you lover you ….

  18. amiannanonymous

    i know that. and i’m not interested in cake. i am interested in having fun. and asteroids are fun. i don’t have much time left on the planet , and dammit , i’m gonna have fun.

  19. amiannanonymous poet

    because i am old , seriously disabled ,chronically sick and subject to conniption fits. if not for my thearapist, i would be … in the river .

  20. amiannanonymous poet .

    oh , goodness, ive been referencing this site though it isnt exactly well im not exactly.. however his lie is conjunct my sun … mine is conjunct his and the composite lie is conjunct our composite sun…so strange. is the lie that we love each other , are we lying to ourselves.. and each other .. the fact that we shouldn’t .. the lie. what is it.? the spiritual connection is marvelous , the sexual energy is , well……. so much going on. other things point to great benevolence and affection back and forth and fatedness.. he’s married to someone else and.. so it’s not possible but . still i wonder ..

  21. amiannWende

    Hi Ami, I guess his Vertex conjunct my asteroid Prey is something to run from as well? On the other hand, his AntiVertex is conjunct my Psyche.

  22. amiannApryl Dawn

    Hi there!
    (Note: Mine & my 2 daughters birth times are EXACT)
    So, my first daughters Mars is exact conjunct my AntiVertex &&
    My second daughters Venus is exact conjunct my AntiVertex.
    My first daughters Asc is 22°aries.
    My Vertex is 22°aries.
    My Desc is 9°aries.
    Her Sun is 9°aries.
    So fascinating!!!

  23. amiannBabyjade

    HI Amiann
    Love your article. Grreat stuff. Where can I find the link where I can do asteroids chart of synastry that I see everyone talking about in the comment sections? Thanks so much

  24. amiannJuno

    my vertex + eris + valentine + pholus + noth node and AC DC conjuncts with him. What is happenning?? 🙂
    his Juno conjuncts my Sun
    thanks so much 🙂

  25. amiannEleni

    Hi my dearAmi! 🎄💖
    Please, can you tell me, what means my Vertex trine his Vertex
    My Juno trine his Eros
    My Sun trine his Sun
    My North Node square his Sun
    My Moon square his Sun
    My Mars square his Sun
    My Moon square his Mercury
    My North Node conjuct his North Node
    My Moon, Mars, Venus, North Node conjuct his North Node
    Our Venus trine our Pluto, and our Venus opposition our Neptune
    My Amor conjuct his South Node
    My Sun trine his Ascendant
    My Sun trine his Jupiter, and Uranus
    My Moon trine his Pluto and Saturn
    My Venus trine his Pluto and Saturn
    My Mars trine his Pluto and Saturn
    My North Node trine his Pluto and Saturn
    His Moon sextile my Eros
    His Psyche square my Eros
    My Psyche novile (40) his Eros
    My Sun trine his Mercury
    My Boda 1487 trine his North Node and sextile his South Node
    My Boda trine his Pluto
    His Boda square my Eros
    His Juno trine my Moon, Mars and Cupid
    My Valentine trine hid North Node, and sextile his South Node
    With my Love 💕

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would take me forever but vertex trine vertex is not the way to use the vertex. We use it in a different way. Check out my article. Sun trine Sun is a real understanding of each other. The Venus trine Pluto is a lot of passion and the Saturn is staying power to the love. The rest would need a chart reading due to there being so many

  26. amiannEleni

    Thanks a lot dear Ami!
    If you can have a look, just a look, I will be gratefull. Also my Sun falls in his 8th house, and my Eros too.
    But why, I do not feeling something strong?
    With my all love🎄❄💖

  27. amiannEleni

    My dear Ami, I wish to have money to pay.
    But, any way, the dates are, if you like just a little to have a look:
    Wednesday 5 August 1964 3:20 A.M in early morning in Agrinion Greece
    Tuesday 29 March 1983 23:26 P.M in Kairo Egypt
    Thank you any way
    With my love

  28. amiannTrisKit

    My husband’s Juno is exactly conjunct my Vertex in the 5th house of true love. Here’s my postcard from my 9-year “honeymoon” (marriage) now. I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet. 😊

  29. amiannZeynep

    Hi ami, what is conjuction degree betwen vertex and ASC?

    My vertex 21.39 leo; his ASC 21.38 leo
    His vertex 10.17 capricorn my ASC 14.28 Capricorn.

    For sun I use +2/-2 degrees for moon I use +3/-3 degrees for ASC what do you think?

    I learnt alot of from you. Thanks

  30. amiannSamantha

    Hi so I’m still haven’t found much info on vertex conjunct ascendant double whammy. Would you happen to have any insight? My vertex also conjunct his sun. Vertex seems to play a huge role. Both our vertex was activated the day we met. We have it conjunct the composite dc and conjunct my natal Juno. Also, his natal vertex is the same degree conjunct the composite sn and Chiron while my natal vertex is conjunct the composite moon, Venus, and POF. There’s a bunch of other really interesting contacts between our synastry and composite etc too but id really like to understand those particular conjunctions to the vertex if you have any light to shed! Thank you! 😃

  31. amiannMelissa

    Helloo AmiAnn!
    Hope you’re good, just found out your blog and I love it! This post is kinda of old but I see that you’re still answering questions, could you give me info on vertex conjunct part of fortune synastry (less than 1.5 degree) ? I can’t find info on it anywhere 😩
    Thank you xxx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much M!The POF person will bring good fortune to the vertex person in the area of the HOUSE of the POF person so if it is the 2nd house, the POF will bring the vertex person money

  32. amiannTheresa

    My Medea conjuncts my Ex vertex 0 degrees. I had him arrested and got a restraining order AND had him permanently evicted from my house the same day.. He deserved it. I was like that chick in Burn Notice. My Neptune conjuncted his S Node. It was perfect.

  33. amiannTheresa

    My neptune conjuncts his S Node so I brought sneaky revenge towards him at the end to get rid of him. My Neptune is in Scorpio so it wasn’t pretty. Stormy Daniel’s Neptune and Lau conjuncts Donald Trumps S Node and moon. She was a sneaky deceiver to him emotionally. Since her Neptune conjuncts his moon he lost his thinking capabilities and got fogged over by her. I am not sure about the N Node but if someone’s Neptune conjuncted my N Node I would run. That spells deception and lack of clarity as the theme in the relationship especially if the moon is there too.

  34. amiannIsabel

    Hi again, love your unvaccinated Star of David. Psalm 91 is performed by Sons of Korah- such a beautiful and relevant song today!

    So his vertex exactly conjunct my sun at Cancer 5 and his Jupiter at Cancer 6.

    What does his Jupiter conjunct vertex in Cancer say about him? And combust my sun?

    My vertex is 5 degrees from both our Amors in Taurus.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you I! What happened with you and the doctor? Can you make the question simpler as to whose chart touches whose? Thanks. 5 degrees is too wide for the vertex

  35. amiannChelsie

    Thank you for this article.
    I am looking at the vertex conjunct Sedna and I have this woth people who have betrayed me but it appears I also have it with most ppl I’ve come across.
    I have Sedna conjunct vertex natally. Does this mean everyone I share this contact with will betray me this way?

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