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Dangerous Women—–Five Natal Aspects

I saw this as a Search Word aspect. What a great topic and another way to get me in trouble. Trouble is my middle name. Could that be because I tell you the truth?

1.Medusa Asteroid

This bad girl has come into my life as a result of second hand experience. A man I know is hooked on a woman who loves them, leaves them and punishes them. Medusa is the consummate tease. She is like type to wear a very low cut dress with a LOT of cleavage and then get enraged when men look. This really bothers me. Women can be so insincere, sometimes, and such consummate game players. Men don’t seem as if they take it up the notches the women do. However, if you want to be played this way to Sunday, choose a girl with Medusa conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or MC. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

2. Cupido Asteroid

Cupido has the LOOK of love. However, it is, likely, just the look. She can fool you and you can be hurt.

3. Casanova Asteroid

Both men and women can be a Casanova.

4. Saturn conjunct, square or oppose Pluto

These girls seem to have a mean streak. The same applies to men.

5. Sado conjunct the Moon

I know a women with this and YES she is awful, awful, awful. Sado show sadism.

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25 thoughts on “Dangerous Women—–Five Natal Aspects

  1. amiannRami

    Wow, I have; Casanova conjunct MC, Medusa conjunct Asc., Cupido conjunct Sun, Sado conjunct Vertex (not the Moon). I laughed at myself how dangerous I am.

      1. amiannRami

        Thank you Ami for replying to me. The Sado aspect applies to family member as well, Ami? Mean people “come” to me to hurt me?

  2. amiannRami

    Thank you Ami.
    Yes, you are right. My mom has hurt me a lot since childhood. I also have Chiron conjunct Moon natal. It is a deep pain that I will carry all my life.

      1. amiannRami

        It is not about “not being confortable being a female or females may bring me pain”, Ami.
        My relation with my mum has been very paintful, especially for me.
        Recentely, I experienced the pain asociated with emotions. You know: Chiron conjunct Moon. Pain with emotions and I think it is true. Thank you again. Love what you’re doing. 🙂

  3. amiannJanay Matthews

    I have Saturn semi-square (45 degree angle) Pluto. Does that still make me bad or dangerous or just cranky with an attitude problem?

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        LOL!! You’re very funny and your sarcasm and sassiness is lighthearted and on the money. I looked at my chart carefully and it’s at a 46 degree angle which is a 1 degree orb. Saturn is 26 degrees Sagittarius and Pluto is 10 degrees Scorpio. You are right my mother was so nasty and mean and you would be scared and nauseous if you looked at the bad placements of her asteroids and bad fixed stars. She makes dictators look like kindergartners. I was either scared of her harsh yelling and screaming or I had a bad attitude problem with her from being extremely irritated and annoyed with her personality or behavior.

      2. amiannJanay Matthews

        I thought that I had a extremely mean streak, bad attitude problem, or nasty aura for a second that can even be worse than those who had Saturn square Pluto at a 4-8 degree orb since mines was really tight and 1 degree from being exact. I was shocked at even my own door-slams to abusive, annoying when they were mean to me. Some astrologers said that minor aspects are not really minor if they are much tighter and powerful than the main aspects.

  4. amiannSharra

    I have Medusa Sagittarius Conjunct Pluto, Cupido in Sagittarius Conjunct Pluto, Cssanova in Aquarius Conjunct Uranus and Sado in Gemini Conjunct Moon

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sado conj Moon would be the biggest one here cuz moon is a personal planet. If it is close, YIKES. Do you feel a lot of sadism to people, S?

      1. amiannSharra

        Hello amiann 😊. I have 3 degrees Sado in Gemini Conjunct The Moon. I don’t feel a lot of sadism to people. But i know a man who i feel a lot of sadism in him.

  5. amiannMiapapz

    What if I have medusa conjunct sun and mercury, but i’m a very decent, good, and kind human. If anything, I feel that would be a shadow side of me as it would show or apply in an alternate universe. I feel due to other aspects that over rule this one and might apply more, I am not a bad person. I’m deeply caring and charismatic as I feel spreading love and harmony is super important as well as having to fight for it. I am also super not only very picky, but super loyal as a person as long as I get that same respect, When I don’t I would be hurt although I wouldn’t go that harsh like medusa as if I even had children, I would never kill them. I used to be revengeful s a child, bit only towards my family when they would wrong me back then even though half of the things I did. In the end, I took a paths in life where I have a very bright future and the best alternate personality I could ever know where I am not evil, but very pure along with my intentions!!

  6. amiannR

    I have Medusa Conjunct my Uranus at an orb of 3. Would this mean I like to shock others with the energy of Medusa? Like, they don’t expect it from me, and I bring it out at the most shocking of times?

      1. amiannTina

        OMG Ami…you’ve hit the nail on the head!! This person also has Sado Conjunct Uranus exact. Sadistically inflicts trauma on others. And Jupiter opposite! Thanks Ami. xoxo

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