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Twenty Daring Tidbits

It is really scary how few people can handle honesty. The society is getting so “politically correct” that we are approaching an era in which there are only platitudes and niceties. *YUCK* I try to dispel that in my little corner of the world. You have my word that I will always “call them as I see them.” Don’t try to have a chart reading with me if you need everything rose colored. With that introduction, onto the article.

1. Uranus in the Fourth House indicates a childhood in which the native felt unsafe.

2. Pluto in the Fourth House indicates violence in the home—expressed or suppressed.

3. Chiron in the 7th House, likely, feels insecure in intimate relationships. He may anticipate pain and loss. Hence, he may create that which he fears.

4. Saturn trine Uranus is brilliant with very little effort.

5.Moon square Saturn may have a very hard relationship with the mother. The native may feel the mother is a burden and the native may feel guilty about these feelings.

6. Moon conjunct Pluto may have a “smother mother”.

7.Mars conjunct the Moon may be very irritable.

8. Sun in the 12th House may lack confidence. She may hold back so she does not attract attention.

9.Venus Conjunct the Sun may be very attractive, but it will be in a non threatening kind of “vanilla” way.I think of the male model in the Sears catalogue. The native may try too hard to please.

10.Mars in Cancer may have stomach problems due to unexpressed anger.

11.A full 2nd House with personal planets, particularly if it is in Taurus, may be a gold digger.

13. Venus conjunct Mars is always a sexy person.

14.Mars in Scorpio is always a sexy man.

15.Neptune in close square with Mercury could make a person not see reality clearly i.e see life though the lens of delusions.

16.The Leo Ascendant is an excellent story teller, but has to be careful of being an attention hog.

17. Libra Ascendant tends to be lazy.

18. Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant may have weight issues.

19. Saturn conjunct Venus may make the person feel she has to be perfect in order to be loved.

20.Saturn or Chiron in the 3rd House may indicate learning struggles.

16 thoughts on “Twenty Daring Tidbits

  1. amiannAmelia

    Political correctness is such a load of bull, people should be aloud to say what they want without people taking offence…if people take offence it is their problem!

    Do you think Venus in Scorpio natally makes a sexy person too?

    Good article 😊

  2. amiannAdriana

    Libra ascendant lazy… what if this ascendant is conjunct mercury?
    About mars conjunct moon. I know a woman with this aspect (also conjunct neptune in her case) and she sees other women as competition. She is mean! She has only one female friend, one that looks very masculine. According to a friend of mine she has this friend, because she makes her look better and more feminine lol.

      1. amiannVivian

        Hi Ami,

        Hope you had a Good Friday

        yes I just feel she tries to control, manipulate and abuse me. I cant get over how it makes me feel. I think moving out would be my best bet.

        thanks for responding.

  3. amiannakuh

    I had a relationship with someone whose Mercury squares Neptune. She has no problem lying to her family and loved ones. Her Mars is in Cancer. She can be very manipulative.

    I found that scary. And bailed out.

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