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What is the Difference Between an Unaspected Planet and a Singleton?

I got this question from Quinn, who is in the Pluto in the Houses Facebook group. It is a wild group, fun and free. I will tell you my experience with these two placements. First of all they are very, very different, as in the case of a beetle being different from a dog. The Unaspected planet is a feral child:free to roam and learn about who he is with no parental guidance. He can become great because he has none of the usual restrictions. He can find his own way and become a superstar. For example, the Unaspected Sun can be a superstar in whatever field he enters. He may be a movie star or a star professor. He does have to unearth his Unaspected Planet through diligence and determination, though.

The Singleton seems to be more of a hardship. The person feels he must PROVE himself in the arena of the Singleton planet. For example, if it is one earth planet( a Singleton is one of anything–one earth planet, one fire planet, one square, one opposition etc), the person may feel the need to prove he is “earth like” i.e is practical, grounded and has common sense. If it is one fire planet, the person may feel the need to prove he is “fire like” i.e confident, vibrant and full of adventure.

I have used the case of the elements above. Now, I will talk about the Singleton with respect to the planets. If one has a Mars Singleton, one may feel one has to prove he is a go-getter. If one has a Venus Singleton, one may feel he has to prove he is loving. If one has a Moon Singleton, one may feel he has to prove he is emotional. If it is Uranus, the native may feel he has to prove he is a unique person, different from the crowd.Hence, we put this altogether and have a picture of the Singleton. I hope this is clear.

The Unaspected planet should have a clear explanation, I hope.

3 thoughts on “What is the Difference Between an Unaspected Planet and a Singleton?

  1. amiannCourt

    I can really relate to the Unaspected planet description. I am wondering if I have Pluto unaspected in my chart because to my surprise, last night I found out it is my dominant planet. It barely has any strong aspects,only ones to my North Node, Chiron,MC and a Sextile to Neptune which is a generational aspect and has separated at -4. But when I do use really high orbs on astrotheme and Astro charts I will get a Venus Sextile Pluto and moon Sextile Pluto but that’s when I have made the orbs at 80-90%. It only shows on those two sites though and when I use Astro dot com they don’t come up with the high orbs. But yeah I’m not sure if those possible aspects would count because that percentage of 80-90 is kind of pulling out aspects that aren’t always real sometimes. It definitely feels like my Pluto is unaspected that because I do feel like that unruly child on the inside and outside but I try to tame it down for work but then again it’s really hard to at times.
    I am 30 and I still feel like a complete mess. But people who are younger than me seem more mature and act like they got their act together with their emotions and life. I feel like a fraud most of the time pretending to be an adult when I seriously feel like I’m a pre-teen who is seen as very strange by most and uncontrollable. My energies seem dormant at times but then randomly they just come out.

    Anyways I hope to hear back from you on this because I would love to know the answers on this!


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