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Does Meghan Markle Have a Death Wish?

I have been thinking about this and then, I saw a U tube video discussing it. The situation is, actually, getting very scary. It is sad as to how very out of control Meghan is being. Several U Tube videos relate how Meghan is trying to follow in Diana’s footsteps in many ways.She is emulating Diana’s clothing, as well as seeming to follow Diana’s path in the royal family in other ways, which I will discuss.

However, one can never really help a Malignant Narcissist.They will not take your advice. They see your kindness as weakness. They see your devotion as stupidity. They hurt you because you have empathy and they don’t. Hence, without an intervention of Jesus, I don’t think anyone can stop Meghan. Meghan has to ask Jesus into her life. Jesus wants to help everyone, but not everyone wants His help.

There are many instances in which Meghan seems to be imitating Diana, as if Meghan has an obsessive script she must follow. Many of her clothes are exact replicas of Diana’s clothes( or very close replicas). I noticed the red and purple combination in her coat and dress when she was “pregnant” i.e had the fake baby bump because I remembered it with Diana. I discuss her “pregnancy” in other articles. You can find them by typing her name in my search engine.

In addition to clothes, Meghan asked for “privacy” as Diana did. However, Meghan used it as a ruse, as evidenced by her moving to the MOST intrusive location in the world–LA, California.
Also, Meghan is doing a “tell all” book, as Diana did.

The most upsetting thing of all is that I think Meghan is trying to make the royal family murder her, as they did with Diana. It is insane, to the nuclear degree to go against ‘the mob”. It would be insane to provoke Michael Corleone or Tony Soprano.The Royal Family is equivalent to the mob. If they want a trouble maker gone, that person will be disposed of and there will be no links to them. *Sigh*

I do think Meghan needs to stop now, take what money she can from the divorce, which seems inevitable, and leave the Royal Family alone. She needs to stop all manner and form of trying to provoke them. Meghan Markle against the Royal Family is like Fredo against Michael. I think everyone knows this, except, seemingly, Meghan.

35 thoughts on “Does Meghan Markle Have a Death Wish?

  1. amiannMichele

    I agree with everything you wrote. Diana even told a friend that they (the Royal family) would use a car accident to kill her. They already had the boys sequestered away when it happened, likely to control everything they could see and hear. So many pieces of evidence available and no one brought to justice – truly a travesty.

    I believe Charles knew about, and condoned, the plan to kill Diana. However, he appeared to be in shock during the funeral. I don’t think he fully prepared himself to deal with the reality and consequence of killing his children’s beloved mother.

  2. amiannMichele

    One thing I will say is that the public reaction to Meghan’s death would be on the other end of the spectrum from Diana’s. So much so, that it would be an embarrassment to her family, I believe.

  3. amiannAmy

    I don’t think the royal family killed Diana. Do you think they would have wanted to put her children through that? I look at every member of the Royal family and I really don’t think they are psychopaths. I am British, and have always lived in the UK, we don’t have insane dictators like the rest of the world – we are quite a peaceful country! This conspiracy theory is wrong!

      1. amiannAmy

        Oh well … yeah Prince Andrew is a real fuck up, enough said. I think he is actually a narcissistic psychopath and I hope he does have to go on trial. He needs a reality check. Prince Edward is a twat as well but thankfully he manages to keep his mouth shut and out of the way. But the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Anne are amazing and devoted to service and charity. Yes Prince Charles was awful to Diana, but he was forced into that marriage and it should never had happened. The Queen has learnt from that error and has relaxed the rules by letting Prince Harry marry ghastly Meghan – personally I think the rules should have probably remained!! And he shouldn’t have married a divorcee. But there we go…

        1. amiannJ.L.W

          Well, the premise put forward by Amy is that the royal family are super nice people so I was pointing out a flaw in that. I personally didn’t like the way Andrew tried to weasle out of it by ‘not remembering everything’ pretending to be forgetful and whatnot. (Also see Bombards body language on that).

          Neither do I think the Queen was unaware of Savile’s activites.

          I also think anyone paying enough attention would know that even if it was not the Royal family doing it, Diana was clearly murdered. The ambulance meant to take her to hospital simply refused to go, and they kept her in the tunnel for about an hour and a half. With video of the paparazzi standing there and not helping her.

          This was actually proven in a court of law. It might not be common knowledge. But the court case on her death concluded that it was deliberate. The media of course stayed well away from it.

          There are of course a large litany of others it could be. She was progressing a lot of activism against the military in the clearing and awareness of live mines in certain ignored parts of the world.

          Would you agree with my points/ assessment?

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I think the royals are horrible but she wanted fame and money. If you marry an ugly guy for money, you have to have sex with him.

          2. amiannAmy

            Diana was a huge risk taker, she manipulated the media all the time, she was very manipulative full stop and hellbent on revenge. But she was also very compassionate and caring and did a lot of work for charity. Apparently she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt in the car when it crashed. Who knows what went on in that tunnel – the car was smashed so badly maybe it took a long time to free her body out of it? Personally….I believe in Karma.

          3. amiannNorma

            They did leave the tunnel, then parked in view of a fully equipped hospital which was awaiting her arrival for 55 minutes whilst they worked “to stabilise her”. God only knows what they did to her, because she arrived DOA at the hospital. Her only hope for survival was a scoop and deliver scenario. Ambulances a quarter of a century ago were not emergency rooms. Neither are they today, although they are far better equipped for a perilous journey.

  4. amiannJ.L.W

    “Diana was a huge risk taker, she manipulated the media all the time, she was very manipulative full stop and hellbent on revenge. But she was also very compassionate and caring and did a lot of work for charity.”

    So in astro speak then she was a female Cancer? 🙂

      1. amiannJ.L.W

        Astrology for the win again! ‘And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. Ha ha.

        Female Cancers are a menace. I say that as a multiple fire sign, with Aries ascendant, Mars Sun in Leo in the fifth. But at the same time a few aspects that make me aware of the subtleties.

      1. amiannAmy

        Mars conj Uranus – impulsive/risk taker. Mars conj Pluto – dramatic, adrenaline rush, demanding, risk taking.
        No cancer sun not risk taking but I would say emotionally manipulative!

        1. amiannJ.L.W

          Also, Cancer needs a little extra push to be actively seeking revenge rather than just wallowing. I would put that as the Pluto.

          I did think that Cancer is not a risk taker as well. Considering some uber soft Cancers in my life and how careful they are. But Uranus doesn’t understand risk. It just doesn’t go in.

  5. amiannJ.L.W

    I liked this little chat, almost like a forum for a while!

    This is an interesting run down from ‘The Better Bachelor’. The content is skewed towards MGTOW but I think his points are fairly on for this one:

    He’s friendless, isolated and alienated, is this Mehgan’s plan all along?

  6. amiannSolLibra

    If I were MM’s lawyer I would have warned her against the privacy case she is pursuing. She’s now lost the first round of the case and it will prove an expensive mistake. The British press can be vile and Kate was treated horribly when she first came on the scene, but there are unspoken rules – you do not poke a dragon like this, everyone in the UK knows it. The British press will decimate her when she eventually loses the case. It was an extremely unwise move.

  7. amiannNorma

    The RF can’t pull the same stunt twice, as much as they might like to. I bet they wish they’d never touched Diana now, she was a pussycat compared to Meghan. That Meghan entered their family is their KARMA for Diana’s death and the subsequent coverup. No way can Meghan meet with any kind of road accident whatsoever. Even a plane crash would prove problematic in the extreme, and could well re-open the can of worms surrounding the death of Diana. Harry’s near endorsement for The Crown shows he couldn’t care less about the Windsors, most likely because he is not one of them himself. The tips of James Hewitt’s ears are placed unusually high on his head. Harry has this same, highly unusual trait, which none of the Windsors do. There’s no mistaking the other similar facial resemblances either. For a long time Hewitt acknowledged that Harry could possibly be his son. It is only in the last few years he has stopped saying that.

    1. amiannMaria John

      Oh yes they can they might not do a vehicle accident but they will do drug overdoses on Harry and her both are nonentities to the Royal family and only trouble makers

  8. amiannJackie

    Maybe a bit late to this party – but anyway, now Meghan & H have been interviewed by Oprah and have aired a whole pile of issues.
    I see trouble ahead…

  9. amiannMaria John

    I just found your blog/website and I love it. Thank you for writing what so many of us feel honestly I really think she needs a psych eval or a 5150 hold because why would you antagonize 1 of the most powerful family in the world? Even if she doesn’t believe the “rumors” don’t poke the bear they will make it look like an accident and Harry’s even dumber for allowing her because they will get rid of him too I’ve always said it’ll be a “drug overdose” or private jet crash that gets them both. And either Markle has powerful handlers that she thinks will protect her she really doesn’t get that they ALWAYS get rid of the patsy’s or she’s truly dumber than a box of rocks

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