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Easy Guide To the North Node

This article will, hopefully, be a guide to start you on your journey to the North Node. I have several other articles I will reference. This article will be an overall map.

To define the North Node—-it is a major indication of life purpose. The point of the North Node is to try to MASTER it.It is not the only point or the only way to see your purpose, but it is a major one. Each person has a purpose to their life on this earth. Hence, please take the time to really study your North Node and its aspects, so you can understand yourself better. I know it will be well worth it.

First of all, one must look at the HOUSE in which the North Node inhabits. House is more important than sign. One must, of course, understand that which each house signifies. It is worth taking the time to understand the meaning of each house because this is most basic to understanding Astrology.I will link the article about the NN in the houses, so you can find yours.

Second is the sign of the North Node. Sometimes, one is comfortable with this sign. At others, one is not. However, the house is, usually, not comfortable. I will link my article on the NN in the signs.

Thirdly and much overlooked are aspects to the North Node. Aspects will show you how easy or how difficult it is to master your North Node. It will, always, be somewhat difficult but HOW difficult differs from person to person.

I will link articles to various planetary and asteroid aspects to the North Node.

Lastly, there are people who have no aspects to the North Node. These people seem to be at a loss as to their life purpose.


The Nodes–By House

The Nodes—By House


The Nodes–By Sign

The Nodes–By Sign


The North Node Conjunct the Planets in the Natal Chart

I am not going to link all the articles on aspects to the North Node because there are dozens. Please, type your question into the Search engine. At a later date, I may link them, if people use this article because it takes quite a bit of work to link all of them

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9 thoughts on “Easy Guide To the North Node

  1. amiannSolLibra

    Thanks Ami. I have the North Node in the 12th house, in Leo, conjunct Part of Fortune, conjunct Lilith conjunct Uranus. I dread to think where I’m going with that lot in the mix!

  2. amiannKim Marugg

    Hi Ami,
    I have NN in the 10th house, in Taurus, at 23 degrees, opposite Neptune and sextile Sun, both at 19 degrees. (Taurus is a comfortable sign for me – moon in Taurus and I’m a Cancer). I want to do everything! Lol

  3. amiannKenneth

    I have N-Node in the 11th house of Gemini and I basically agree with your sentiment and would extend this spiritually with the need to assist in elevating the consciousness of others on this planet. Being conjunct Uranus and oppose the Moon, it makes for some interesting experiences in life…

  4. amiannMiss M

    Thank you Ami! I find it a bit tricky to understand my north node. I have a 4th house north node in capricorn, and a 10th house cancer sun conjunct my south node. I have mostly water and air and a bit fire, but almost zero earth, so I guess it’s about learning to be grounded and independent. But the 4th house? Independence from my family or what?

  5. amiannAprylDawn

    Like everything else in my “dynamic”, Square-dominated chart, this is contradictory & confusing af.
    …leave my kids, to work with kids?¿?
    Natal Midheaven: 11°cancer
    My North Node: 13°cancer
    :::(Conjunct SIRIUS):::
    My Sun: 14°cancer
    My 4thH. Moon: 18°capricorn
    My pre-natal Lunar Eclipse: 13°capricorn
    (1stHouse Libra Stellium/Asc@9°Libra)
    I’m ALL Cardinal lol
    Born same day as
    Total Full Blood Moon Eclipse-july6

  6. amiannFaith

    Ηello.My gemini ascedant is opposite to my N.Node (Sagittarius/6 th house).My sixth house contains almost the half of my planets and am not functional in normal life,i cant actually exist in my body,i wanna fly(neptune does a great job too).saturn’s octile to my n.node i think is there to make things even harder for me. Opposite ascedant works similarly?I cant find info.

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