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Six Easy Steps For Using Asteroids

1. The Orb has to be VERY close—-1-3 degrees in a conjunction and 1-2 degrees in any other aspect. The asteroids are small bodies. They do not have the energetic force of planets, Henve, planets allow a wider orb.You would not believe the questions I get from people panicked that they have Nessus conjunct the Ascendant, for example. I ask the orb and they say 12.

2. Memorize asteroids little by little. First of all, start with the easy ones such as Juno(the loyalty and devotion of a spouse), Ceres( a mother’s love) and Vesta( great self sacrifice without asking anything in return). These are some simple examples of asteroids that are easily accessible. Some have quite complicated stories making it difficult to hone down their practical meaning. I have many, many articles that attempt to do just this.

3. Please, do the charts of all the people you know. Offer to do charts for as many people as you can. At first, you will feel foolish because you know so little, but we all have to start at the beginning, so please, don’t feel foolish. Feel proud!

4. Ask people how the asteroid relates to their lives. File away patterns. In time, the asteroids will become familiar to you and you will use them with ease.

5. Do a few asteroids at a time. Compile a list of ten asteroids with simple meanings and use these until you feel comfortable. I will give you some simple examples here. I am not including the numbers, but I have a list of over 300 asteroids and their numbers.

6. Nessus–abuse


Sedna–Extreme Betrayal by Men

Medusa—A Tease using Sexuality and then punishes those who respond.

Medea–extreme revenge


Pallas—Profound wisdom

Aphophis—Chaos which may lead to destruction

Apollo—–being worshiped by others. For example, if a person has Apollo conjunct the Sun, people will think highly of him and look up to him.


These are ten rather simple asteroids. After you master these ten, go back and find ten more. I will write other articles if you want, but start small and build up to great things!

Here are the asteroids I use for a reference guide!

The Asteroids I Use

27 thoughts on “Six Easy Steps For Using Asteroids

  1. amiannJennifer Brockwell

    I have just looked and I have Nessus in 11th in Taurus completing a grand trine with my Sun and Moon. What do you make of that?

  2. amiannBonnie

    Very good steps.
    Asteroïde numbers Would be easy too 😉

    I have 114 Kassandra conjunct my sun in taurus 7th.
    I see the myth play out in my chart.
    1862 Apollo conjunct my pluto R 12th in libra. 1872 Helenos virgo 12° in 10th. 1404 Ajax 25° capricorn 3rd house. 911 Agamemnon aquarius 2° 3rd house. 4 vesta aquarius 15° 3rd house (square my sun and asc).

    In my progressed chart apollo is conjunct my descendant Mercury in gemini 3° about to meet kassandra at 28° taurus just passed fixed star algol. Natal chiron at 24° taurus.
    Ajax 24° passed progressed moon 23° capricorn 2nd house.
    Ive been through a situation last year and that person tried to make sure they wouldnt believe me. At least his parents. Accused me of hitting him (which was self implied to get attention or diverse the story). His natal helenos conjunct my sun and kassandra.

    My natal medusa conjunct my vertex in grand trine with my saturn and vesta.
    But my progressed medusa was conjunct this persons nessus.
    His sado conjunct my progressed asc conjunct my uranus in saggitarius. He loved to tell stories to spin my head. When his sister told me what he has done he simply laughed and said i believe everything. When i confronted his family about his double life his venus conjunct lilith in gemini on cusp of 9th house. (my sado 29° capricorn 3rd house) he was upset because i ruined his credibility towards his family. His bachhus is conjunct my jupiter.

    Quite funny how its entangled.

    1. amiannBonnie

      Btw thank you for pointing out medea.
      That persons one is conjunct my natal chiron (now at my progressed kassandra) conjunct his natal mars.
      His progressed medea is conjunct my progressed mercury in gemini 7th house.

      Another thing.. his vesta is conjunct my mc. In his progression his saturn is there.
      His progressed IC is conjunct my progressed vesta. In natal charts we have opposite vesta and liliths.
      After all the turmoil i couldnt process what happend so i dived into astrology.

  3. amiannCosmic

    I have Aphrodite trine my moon with an orb of 2 degrees, my moon at 7 degrees and Aphrodite at 9 degrees. I wonder what a trine with Aphrodite means. I mean a conjunction is pretty easy to decipher but since a trine symbolizes two energies going together easily and seamlessly, I’m not sure what that means since it means beauty and the moon is emotions. If I were to guess it would mean you handle your emotions beautifully but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. When I cry, I cry so hard that I get a fever lol XD

    1. amiannCosmic

      But for the emotional part that’s probably because I have my Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and North Node in Cancer lol. I can attest that it can really make you ruled by your emotions.

      1. amiannBonnie

        In which sign is your moon and aphrodite? And the houses.. it gives more information.

        Emotions do overrule by some. Its like surfing the ocean with ups and downs.

  4. amiannTina

    Nice steps to study them!
    Random information but i have sado in my 4th house and dejarina in 7th (they aspect each other). It’s one of the most hurtful aspect and position I have ): I always fear Sado while looking at people charts.

  5. amiannKiara

    Hello I would like to know what is the meaning of Eros trine midheaven at 3.34 orb and Nessus trine midheaven at 0.05 orb? Eros also conjuncts pluto at 0.05 orb and Nessus conjuncts pluto at 3.44 orb Cheers 💕😊

  6. amiannAbby

    Hi ! I have Adonis conjunct my ascendant, and I’m a girl. I heard this asteroid indicates attractiveness in mainly men however…

  7. amiannR

    My Ceres is Conjunct My North Node at an orb of 3, And then my Ceres is also Square my Fortune at an orb of 2. What does this mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are a very sweet and loving person. I don’t use POF in terms of squares like that. That which conjuncts it is what I use and it shows good fortune

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