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Twenty Easy Ways To Understand Aspects in the Natal Chart For Jeffrey Epstein

I will try to simplify the natal chart of Jeffrey Epstein so people can take away valuable information and obtain a deeper understanding of the man who has his face splashed across the news. However, he, himself, remains a mystery.

1. Jeffrey has the asteroid Sphinx in exact conjunction to his Sun. He LOOKS like a Sphinx. That hit me as I was taking a shower. He really looks like a sphinx. The asteroid Sphinx is about having hidden secrets of a malevolent nature. I think that Jeffrey Epstein is the poster boy for the Sphinx asteroid.

2. Jeffrey has the asteroid Pholus conjunct his Sun. Pholus and Sphinx are opposite in action. Pholus explodes what it touches.Pholus is like a child having a tantrum at the candy aisle. Pholus is very open in his actions. Sphinx buries actions. The duo make me think that Jeffrey truly cannot hide his secrets. I think we see that now. I think it is fair to say that a person with Pholus conjunct the Sun will, unwittingly, reveal his secrets to the world. This is not very good when you have bad things to hide.

3. Jeffrey has Macavelli Conjunct the Sun. Machavelli goes after what he wants, no matter the cost.

4. Jeffrey has Pisces Venus conjunct Pisces Mars. He has a lot of natural charisma, but it is kind of in an understated way. For people who don’t know him, I think he appears “gentle”. I have heard that word used to describe him. That word would fit a Pisces Venus conjunct Pisces Mars.

5. Pisces Venus is romantic. I am not saying he is romantic in a good way( Do I really have to add that?) but I think he can put on the charm, when needed.

6.The Sun is at Zero degrees Aquarius. This shows a boost of energy to his ego. The Zero degree is the strongest degree of the zodiac.

7. Pluto Quincunx Mercury may result in someone who does not assert himself well. Pluto is power and Mercury is communication. It is very important for a person to be able to express his power directly. If not, he may express it in negative ways, such as addictions and other “underground” actions. The healthiest people are those who are direct, especially when it comes to “scary” things to express like aggressive, jealousy, greed and lust. The quincunx is an aspect which shows struggle.

8. Nessus conjunct Jupiter makes Nessus magnified. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse.

9. Dejanira conjunct the Sun. Jeffrey had an abusive father.Also, Jeffrey has a victim side himself. Being a victim is a role that is natural for him. How this plays out, we do not know, but it does play out in some manner.

10. Moon in Aries(most likely) Jeffrey can be selfish. He can want things his own way to the detriment of others. He can espouse a cause and feel he is righteous in it. You would be surprised how many people think their crimes are”owed them”. Look at Hilary Clinton who shows no remorse about anything. I sense that Epstein does not feel sorry for what he did, just sorry he got caught.

11. Jeffrey has Prey conjunct Mercury. I just noticed that one of my family members who did prey on children has this. WOW. I think Prey conjunct Mercury is a person who preys on weaker people. Be definition, the word “prey” connotes weaker people.

12.Jeffrey has Counselor(lawyer) conjunct Saturn. That which conjuncts Saturn shows restrictions and “hard things”. Hence, we can see that Jeffrey Epstein will be at the mercy of lawyers for a very, long time.

13. I did not write this in any of my articles but I was thinking about it today. The aspects to the North Node are key to how easy or difficult it is for a person to find his life purpose. Those with no aspects to the North Node struggle to figure out their purpose on earth. In the case of Jeffrey, he has one aspect which is a square to Jupiter. Hence, we see that it is very hard for him find his life purpose. Jupiter in square can make a person rash,also. I think we can see that Jeffrey is a rash person. This is accentuated in the next aspect I will discuss.

14. Icarus conjunct Mercury. This native does not use wisdom in his thinking. Hence, his actions are not well thought out. If he were the president, one would be afraid of nuclear war.

15. Uranus oppose Mercury. He is very brilliant, but he, likely, has an electrical kind of racing mind. He, also, worries quite a bit.

16. Uranus oppose Chiron. Whichever house holds Chiron will show us the area of life in which Jeffrey has a great deal of pain. The Uranus opposition will make the pain erratic in how it manifests. It may kind of break out of it’s shell in a way that Jeffrey finds hard to control.

17. Eros Conjunct the Sun. Jeffrey is very charismatic. If you saw him in person, you would step back and take a breath. It is just how it is, Folks.

18. Jeffrey has one of the worst possible asteroids conjunct the Sun. It is Aphophis. Aphophis spells destruction and chaos. I know people like everything to be roses, but, look around, is all life roses??? Aphophis does not have to lead to mass destruction, but I bet it was a factor in things, such as school shootings and rampages. The Sun is one’s ego. One does not want an asteroid for destruction conjunct one’s ego. Also, Aphophis conjuncts Sphinx and Pholus, so what is hidden will not stay hidden.

19.Bacchus is the asteroid for excess in the manner of Roman orgies. This asteroid is conjunct his Chiron, so pain may drive him to excess. Also, Uranus opposes this, so the whole excessive life style may get out of control and become erratic, which happened.

20. Deprez, the asteroid for depression, conjuncts his North Node. I think anyone would be depressed who had such a revolting lifestyle.Most people have a conscience. You really cannot do terrible things and not have depression, I don’t think.

I feel sorry for him as a human being. However,I am very happy he got caught. I await the other predators who will be brought to justice, as we all do. I thank our beloved president, Donald J Trump, who made this all possible. If Hilary became president, we would lose all of our freedoms and be ruled by elites(*cough*) such as Jeffrey Epstein. I hope you have enjoyed these articles. Epstein is fascinating. We all have a dark side and he makes us face our own darkness——- if only in having to admit to our fascination with him.

8 thoughts on “Twenty Easy Ways To Understand Aspects in the Natal Chart For Jeffrey Epstein

  1. amiannVVN

    One of the main things I do love about your astrology posts is basically just what you described you’re trying to achieve – it’s clear, concrete, focused and easy to understand .. it‘s no-bullshit and not annoyingly esoteric and confusing- it’s something that you can use in everyday life. So thanks for this!

    On another note, I did check out those asteroids in my Chart and noticed I have Prey conjunct IC (orb 2, 4H).. would you know what this implies ?
    It’s also conjunct Bambi and my name asteroid (all conjunct IC)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much, VVN! You are a doll. Well, Prey conj Ic makes you wonder if you were abused as a child. I never used Bambi. What do you think it is?

      1. amiannVVN

        I am so sorry I just noticed I never got to reply to this comment .. must’ve overlooked it.

        What you said about prey conjunct IC also made me think that, especially since Bambi translates to the same (according to Mark Holmes). He says it’s the victimization (of babies and Young children) by predators.
        Being so close to the IC I‘d assume it would be something that happened very very early in childhood. Also because I actively don’t remember it.

        I would like to find out though

        Thanks for your reply!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, you may have been prey for someone in your childhood.You should look for other things to get more info like Dejanira in aspect to the ASC, Moon or Venus.Also, anything else you have on your IC.

  2. amiannMichele

    Great article, amiann. I would take a bullet for Donald Trump – I adore him that much. I’m happy that I can say I was trying hard to get him votes during his campaign, when so many thought he didn’t stand a chance. What a night that was when he won! I never get tired of the youtube videos showing liberals reactions to Hillary’s loss – priceless stuff, right there.

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