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Some Easy Ways To Understand Pluto in the Natal Chart

Pluto is primal power. Think of a wild animal. If you cannot conjure up that, think of your dog when he gets angry. That wild, uncontrolled primal force is the domain of Pluto. We all have that untamed animal within. For some of us, we are afraid of it. For others of us, we embrace it. For others, we stuff it into our innermost psyche.

Pluto does not come out in polite society, generally speaking. In polite society, one brings out one’s Venus, which is one’s love nature and one’s taste in things like clothes and art. In polite society, one brings out one’s Sun, which is ego and encompasses one’s job and one’s outer personality. In polite society, one brings out one’s Moon, which is one’s heart. However, Pluto stays buckled up.

Conversely, when one is in the company of one’s intimates, Pluto will emerge. It will emerge with primal passions, such as lust, greed, jealousy, rage and passion. The problem with Pluto is that it must be harnessed. Pluto can be likened to nuclear power. If it works properly, it is an amazing asset. If not, it is extremely destructive.

That brings us to the natal chart. Pluto in the natal chart needs to be assessed in several ways. One is the house of Pluto. The house will tell us the arena in which the native will be strong. In the arena of the house, there will be many ups and downs i.e drama. The native will learn powerful lessons. For example, if one’s Pluto is in the seventh house, one will learn lessons from marriage. If Pluto is in the second house, one will learn lessons from money issues. If Pluto is in the 12th house, one will struggle to directly express one’s primal passions. One will want to suppress them due to fear of their power. So, one will learn what happens when one stuffs one’s drives.

Next, we need to study the aspects to Pluto. If one is blessed with trines, one will have easier access to one’s primal power. If one has close square and oppositions, it will be harder. For example, the Sun trine Pluto native will be comfortable as a leader. The Sun square Pluto native will suppress his primal passions. He may not be assert himself until he is fuming. Then, he may explode. It is not that the first person is a “better person”. It is simply the chart energies.

Pluto squares are the most difficult. That is due to the fact that Pluto’s power is thwarted. In other words, if one tries to pour a cup of water over a bowl and one puts one’s hand on top of the cup, the water is blocked from coming out. This is the nature of a square. With Pluto in a square, there is a great deal of primal power that gets squished down.

With the opposition, the native will be able to express his primal passions. However,then he will pull back. The nature of the opposition is that of a see-saw. First one side is up and one side is down. Then, it reverses. However, there is not really a comfortable middle ground. One is all in or all out.

In this society it is difficult to express primal passions. Pluto is not the only player. Mars is also a key figure in the human drive.

71 thoughts on “Some Easy Ways To Understand Pluto in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannMichelle

    my pluto is at 23 degrees in the 12th house ( 3 degrees conjunct ascendant- according to Using placidus astrology, it’s in Virgo. Yes, I am into healing myself big time. I wish I were not “afraid” of my power. pluto opposes chiron by 6 degrees and is conjunct jupiter at 0 degrees- really. any helpful thoughts for me, Ami?

  2. amiannMichelle

    Thank you for responding, Ami. My mars is in 12 house, too & not “afflicted” in any major way besides it being in the 12th house & therefore “repressed.” 11th degree in Virgo, too. I’ve done a lot of therapy on myself to stop being a whimp. I am truly much, much more assertive than I used to be. Moon is in gemini, 1degree. With all that action (mars and pluto & jupiter) in the 12th house, seems like I have a ton of subconscious stuff causing me issues that I must spend a massive amount of energy/time/money on to overcome it. Goodness. The good news is I am infinitely better than I used to be on all levels.

    1. amiannMichelle

      I have saturn quincunx the asc/pluto/jupiter conjunct. Saturn also opposes my sun. guess that is the reason for my massive fear, imo.

  3. amiannVivian

    Well damn,

    I am in trouble then

    Pluto square Ascendant and Descendant
    Pluto opposite mars
    Pluto inconjunct moon
    sun semi-square pluto
    venus sextile pluto
    saturn sextile pluto
    pluto in scorpio in the fourth

  4. amiannJak

    Thanks for another interesting article Ami! 🙂

    What do you make of a 10th house Pluto, where the aspects Pluto makes is conjunct Lilith, trine Saturn, bi-quintile Mercury (and Mercury has no other aspects except an inconjunct with Neptune and a quintile with North Node) and Pluto is also bi-quintile North Node?

    Thanks Ami 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is a good strong Pluto, Jake, and will help make you a strong and disciplined person–also you will have natural talent from these Pluto aspects as well as discipline. Very nice Jak!

          1. amiannJak

            “A lot of self discipline and a lot of perception into people, Jak.”

            Thanks Ami always appreciate your comments and responses (as well as your wonderful articles of course 🙂

  5. amiannJak

    Hi again Ami,

    I like the way you explain squares as blocking the cup from pouring the water (I also like your way of explaining oppositions as being like a see-saw where aspects take it in turns to be up or down). Have you found any strategies for working more effectively with these challenging aspects in natal and synastry (particularly the square and opposition)?

    Thanks 🙂


    1. amiannJak

      P.S. I’m going through some of your other articles Ami and loving them! At the moment I’m on the ‘Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)’ series. Do you mind me commenting on them? They’re written a while back so maybe you’d rather not? Thought I’d check first 🙂

      1. amiannJak

        Nope, you got to say it as you see it (and if you didn’t then you’d take away the component we like about your articles 😉 Still, I do wonder if there might be a way to work with it. For instance, I’ve noticed since starting to play musical instruments that it has helped mellow out the frustration (the frustration that I think comes from the t-square of my sun/moon opposition squaring mars). My reasoning is that Venus will relate to any of the arts (although is Neptune also related to music?) and my Venus is one of my ‘assets’ (you might remember it exalts in Pisces, although even if it didn’t, ‘Venus activities’ could surely help anyone since it is a benific) and since Venus rules my Libra Moon and sextiles my Mars (ruler of my Sun) – I’m thinking this might be why it’s helping to soothe things. That’s what I’m noticing and wondering so far. I am quite a spiritual person too and am striving to improve my character, perhaps that helps too. Still, the t-square seems like a major blockage that’s for sure! Like a trip wire I keep tripping over.

  6. amiannAdriana

    I like this article! You don’t say much about the conjunction which is very strong! I am talking from personal experience since I have pluto conjunct sun (half degree only) and venus and also saturn (all in libra and on the cusp of the first and second house and all within a less than 5 degree orb). People always tell me I have a strong personality. I do had a lot of problems growing up, because I was an outsider. I always was very different and I suffered from depression when I was young. Now I am older and since a few years I’ve been embracing my unique stellium and pluto energy. I use my power for good. I fight for justice and important things like that.

    1. amiannAdriana

      Made a mistake tge orb is even smaller than a half degree. Venus is the first planet and Saturn is the second (orb between them is 2°42). Both planets are in the first house, but they are really close to the cusp of the second house. Next comes my sun in the second house (orb between Saturn and the sun is 1°07 and the orb between Venus and the sun is 3°48). The last planet is Pluto (orb between sun and Pluto is 0°25).

  7. amiannGabby

    Hi again Ami! :^), it’s been a long while since a left a comment in your blog, I hope you’re doing well.

    My Pluto is in tenth House conjunct Midheaven, it squares Jupiter, quincux Saturn, and square Ascendant. I also have Mars in twelveth house, trine Sun, square Moon, trine Mercury and conjunct Uranus

    I had ego problems in my early life and always had drama, even to this moment, also life teached me to always hide my anger and it’s been a problem, specially when it’s too hidden and I explode in the worst moment

  8. amiannSerena

    Hello again, dear Ami Ann!

    This is a wonderful introduction to Pluto. I don’t consider Pluto a malefic, as soon as I started understanding how the energies of this planet work, I managed to transform myself and to discard those issues of the ego that do not serve me. I have natal Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house, part of a grand cross configuration with moon in Leo, Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius (all in angular houses). This configuration has made me highly obsessive throughout my life, but I have managed to channel it into my passions and interests. In my experience, Plutonian lessons are harsh, but once learned, the rewards are great. Pluto in 4th house gave me also family drama and an especially strained relationship with my mother, but also amazing insights and deep understanding of family psychology and family karma, childhood trauma and overcoming it.

    I look forward to more of your articles on Pluto energy 🙂

  9. amiannZizi

    What about Pluto in the 7th house (Placidus) in Scorpio, sextile with stellium (Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn) in Capricorn, 10th house? My intuition tells me that my relationships with significant other will be (because I’m single now) somewhat important in my life.

      1. amiannZizi

        It is very interesting, because I noticed other links to the Pluto in my chart (plenty of sextils, as I wrote above, but also trine to the Moon in Cancer).
        What do You think about semi-sextiles? I noticed one between my Pluto (Scorpio) and Mars (Saggitarius).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Cug. Pluto conj the ASC is just one factor. Your Moon could have hard aspects to it from Saturn would be something that could take away your confidence.

      1. amiannCug

        My saturn do not making an aspect to my moon or sun but venus square saturn,moon opposite venus, venus square pluto etc. So i have two t-square apex as venus and pluto. And neptune opposite mars, mercury and sun. maybe it’s overshadowin my all acts and ego…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may tend to be cruel due to suppressing passions and then just letting them out. Do you agree? I am always very honest so sorry if the question seems rude lol

      1. amiannAgija

        I think I can be cruel ( with my words) but I choose not to because I dont like to hurt others. I really feel emotional pain of other people.
        In my childhood I didnt know that my words are hurtful, sometimes people just stop talking to me because I said something 🙂

  10. amiannSusan

    I have Pluto in my 3rd house of Scorpio. It conjuncts my moon (Same house and sign). It squares my Sun and Mercury. It does have some positive aspects though. Sextile aspects to my Neptune and ASC and trine aspects to my Lilith and Dejanira.

    I understand that the 3rd house mainly deals with communication. I’m not much of a talker. I have easily sit for hours on end and not say a single word which tends to either annoy or anger others around me. I’m not trying to be rude. I don’t know how to engage in small talk. I just find it pointless. I usually only have conversations if I’m passionate about a subject, but I don’t know many people, apart from those on the internet, that share my interests and hobbies.

    * Sorry for all the comments. I have really been interested in astrology lately and am surprised to learn so much about myself in the process.

      1. amiannSusan

        Yes, she did. Some days, she would threaten suicide or claim she was sick and make everyone feel so guilty that we did whatever we could to calm her down. There were many times when she was bed ridden and I had to look after her.

        Other days, she would put me down and said many hurtful comments to keep me home. I don’t really know what long term independence is. Eventually, I always find myself back here, being her caretaker. It doesn’t leave me with any personal life. I don’t have relationships. Most of her siblings have cut off contact with her and her own mother did as well. From what I understand, their relationship was pure toxicity. She doesn’t have anyone else.

  11. amiannKat

    Scorpio Pluto in 2nd house
    squares Leo Moon, and squares Aquarius Saturn. 🙁
    Moon opposition Saturn, causing the a t-cross formation in my natal.

      1. amiannKat

        Well my moon and Saturn do not occupy any house, due to an intercepted chart ironically. So I think it all comes back to the second house where the Pluto is

  12. amiannBarbara ann

    First, i love your in-sites…and your 9th house excitement when sharing info…
    I wanted to ask about saturn/pluto conjunct on exact degree in libra in the 8th house?? Trine my ascendent aquarius 24°
    Side info is moon in leo 23° 6th house
    And stellium range of 11° in scorpio (sun/mercury/venus/jupiter) in the 9th house…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the saturn/Pluto can be someone who can lash out in cruel ways cuz saturn is so different from Pluto that the person is kind of simmering. The trine with the ASC would help cuz trines harmonize energy and Welcome!

  13. amiannIrisiel

    I suppose Mercury rules my chart but I feel Plutonian: Pluto, Mercury, Uranus & Sun all in Virgo in 12th House (Virgo ASC) conjunct each other and square Moon in Gemini.

    I’m familiar with emotional suppression and repression.

    Maybe my NN return during the 6-21-20 Solar eclipse also conjuncting my MC & POF will free me up a little?

    Anyway, thanks for this Pluto info! Very useful.

  14. amiannMary

    Hello, I have mercury trine pluto in my natal chart. My mercury is in my first house and pluto in 9th house. My pluto is retrograde, does pluto being retrograde negatively affect my intelligence?

      1. amiannMary

        Thanks! I always feel self-conscious about my intellectual abilities or lack thereof. I have a capricorn ascendant and an aquarius mercury at 22°58′ in 1st house and my second house begins at 23°48′ in aquarius. Since my first house contains the two signs could that be the reason for my difficulty?

  15. amiannStrawberry Lemonade

    I have a Sagittarius Pluto (29°29) in the 9th house conjunct my Jupiter (5°14) and MC (1°28) both in the 10th house ruled by Capricorn, my Gemini Mars (26°47) in the 3rd house conjuncts my Cancer IC (1°28) in the 4th house, all points in the first conjunctions oppose all the points in my second conjunction. My Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter all square my AC (2°31) in Aries and DC (2°31) in Libra. My Pluto also semi-squares my Capricorn Moon (16°08) in the 11th house, trines my Leo Saturn (8°07) in the 6th house, sextiles my Capricorn NN (28°07) in the 11th house, trines my Cancer SN (28°07) in the 5th house, semi-squares my Capricorn Chiron (13°54) in the 11th house, trines my Aries Part of Fortune (25°48) in the 1st house, and squares my Libra Vertex (1°05) in the 6th house.

    Note: My 6th (Virgo) and 12th (Pisces) houses are intercepted, I have double Cancer and double Capricorn.

    1st: Aries
    2nd: Taurus
    3rd: Gemini
    4th: Cancer
    5th: Cancer
    6th: Leo
    7th: Libra
    8th: Scorpio
    9th: Sagittarius
    10th: Capricorn
    11th: Capricorn
    12th: Aquarius

    Sorry for the long comment. 😅

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