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Easy,Easy Guide to Astrology——Mercury

The Sun Signs as CEOs

The Sun Signs as CEOs

Things will come to me about how to make difficult concepts easy and I want to share them. Each chart I do teaches me something new. In one of my recent charts, the person had Aphophis(chaos) conjunct Mercury. His thinking process was very chaotic, through no fault of his own. I recently studied the chart of my soul mate( but he does not know it), Daryl Hall. His Mercury makes a lovely conjunction with Jupiter. This shows a lovely manner of communicating. If you listen to him talk, his talking voice is very musical. This got me started on the subject of Mercury, which is the mind and, also, the manner in which one communicates.

I will make a list of some Mercury aspects and try to explain WHY they manifest as they do.

1.Mercury Conjunct Venus

Venus is beauty and grace. This native is lovely and gracious in his communication style. My favorite Bible teacher, Kenneth E. Hagin has this. He has lovely and genteel manners, which would be classic for this aspect. This aspect would be lovely for a poet or a songwriter.

2. Mercury Conjunct Saturn

This native may be insecure when it comes to self expression. He may stutter, stammer or turn red when he is asked a question. I picture a child when the teacher calls on him. All he can think about is that the other children are going to laugh. People ask me about the other aspects when I do these articles. The square is the most difficult. The person may struggle mightily with self expression. The trine makes for an excellent discipline in the mind. The native will, likely, be a good student. The sextile functions very much like a trine. The opposition is similar to the square, but not as difficult. I am not going to do each aspect for every citing here. Try to take this template and apply it to the other aspects, if you can.

3. Mercury Conjunct Chiron

This native may have had trauma related to his mind. For example, he may have been made fun of for stuttering. He may have been called names by his parents, such as “dumb” etc.

4. Mercury Conjunct Pluto

These natives are as sharp as a tack a la Sherlock Holmes. They are unerringly perceptive. Be yourself with these natives because they will see through you anyway.

5. Mercury Conjunct Neptune

These natives have an amazing imagination. They may use it to lie or to write wonderful books, such as my favorite author, Stephen King, who has this aspect. These natives may want to make a fantasy world and live within. They do have to be careful of this, especially with the close conjunctions. Stephen King has a 4-5 degree conjunction, so not as close as may cause problems.

6. Mercury Conjunct Mars

This native seems to be kind of ready to fight. This aspect can make for a sense of annoyance as a default state of the native. He may want to pick fights. He may love to compete to show he is the top dog, especially when it comes to the mind.

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