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Fifteen Interesting Tidbits

I like tidbits. I like to eat them. Nothing makes me happy than a little taste of this and a little taste of that rather than eat a full meal.I hope you pick up a few things of interest in this article.

1. In synastry, if one finds Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun, the Uranus person will be the rebellious child and the Sun person will be the stabilizing force.

2.Aphopis Asteroid conjunct Mercury makes for a person who cannot figure out simple things. I have seen it with ADD and heard about it in autism. James Comey has it–exact. He, obviously, went to law school and he was the head of the FBI, so he had to be able to think. However, he does seem lacking in basic wisdom and he seems somewhat deluded.

3. Asteroid Aphophis conjunct Venus seems to indicate relationships which never work out for the native..Remember that asteroids must be very close–exact to three degrees in a conjunction. In other aspects, I allow a two degree orb. However, some astrologers only allow for exact aspects.

4.Moon in Libra does not seem to understand the concept of loyalty. I know people will get angry when they read this, but my experience with this moon is that if it costs them anything, they will not stand up for you.

5. People with many planets in the 9th House, with the exception of the planets Chiron and Saturn, seem to love to read. I have a Gemini stellium of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th House and reading is my favorite activity.

6. Cancer Mars may be a hypochondriac. I am not saying all of them are, but I think they may tend to be. Weigh in with your opinion.

7. Virgo Suns may be OCD. This may be a no brainer but I am close to one so see it “close up and personal”. URGG–I have never had such a neat refrigerator.

8. Unaspected Saturn has excellent character.

9. Unaspected Venus has excellent social graces.

10. Mars conjunct Mercury is direct and honest. I was just watching Simon Cowell who has this aspect and embodies this aspect.

11. Superlative charm is Moon trine Venus. I love these men!

12. People who do not know how to “fix themselves up” to best advantage may have Venus in hard aspect to the Moon. One person who posts the most awful pictures of herself on Facebook has the square.

13.Chiron in the 12th oppose Uranus in the 6th seems to have health issues based on hidden pain.

14. People with Chiron in the 12th seem to get uncomfortable when others are in pain, as if they really do not know what to do to help the person. These may even get angry when someone is in pain.

15. Sun in the 12th struggles with self confidence and self assertion. The father was absent in some way.

PS If you want asteroid numbers for the asteroids I talk about, put the title “Asteroids I Use” in the search engine and you will get the asteroids I write about.

29 thoughts on “Fifteen Interesting Tidbits

  1. amiannAmy

    Is Mars conj Mercury the same as Mercury conj Mars?

    I have 5 family members with Mars conj Mercury and in childhood and teenage years about 6 of my friends had this aspect natally too.. I found them to be very forceful with their opinions.. almost as if they are saying “you have to accept my opinion.. or else”. These people are too strong for me! And argumentative too.. they never sugar coat things.. they just go in for the kill… strong people. I also find things they say to be very cutting and bitchy. I’ve intentionally cut the people out of my life who had this aspect because I just couldn’t cope with their exhausting strong attitudes.

  2. amiannVivian

    I do have chiron in the twelfth opposite my saturn and venus in the 6th

    I dont like to see people in pain but I do try to help everyone fix their health issues (once it is fixable) . Maybe its because I have Venus and Saturn in the 6th. I hardly run from sick people. I am the go to friend for all my friends who have health problems.

  3. amiannMal

    Great post Ami!

    I’ve not heard of apophis and found it tightly conjunct my sun 1 deg orb)

    What would this mean?

    Many thanks 🙏

      1. amiannMal

        Thank you Ami,

        I have always assumed uranus was the culprit….but I always love its transits…

        The last 10 years can certainly be classed as a chaos brought about by my partner!


  4. amiannJenny

    I have a 12th house Sun and suffered for years with lack of self-confidence. (I have Saturn in the first which doesn’t help !)

    The situation improved when the Sun came over the Asc by secondary progression.

    I have taken assertiveness classes and found them very useful.

    My father was not physically absent but he took very little part in raising me and all the rules and punishments were meted out by my mother.

  5. amiannMarie

    I liked all of these tidbits. Very accurate, especially the Moon in Libra point which I definitely noticed myself ! Usually they are typically Liberian in that they dislike conflict…and use charm to keep everyone on side whilst never putting themselves out. My Mars /Mercury conjunction finds this irritating in the extreme. In fact Libra is my least favourite sign. It doesn’t sit well with my Piscean stellium.

  6. amiannDayChay

    How about having sagittarius aphophis (25degree) conjunct sag sun (27d) and BOTH conj MC (26d)?

    Does it mean that I have struggles with self confidence?!

  7. amiannNadja

    Ah, I have several of these aspects!

    – I have Sun, Mars and Mercury in in the 9th. And Chiron! I live for reading! I spend most of my free time reading, have done so ever since I was a young child. And I’m a librarian, so I read at work too.
    – Mars in Cancer: I’d say I’m generally the opposite of hypochondric… I have Mars (and Mercury) opposite Neptune, so I employ some powerful rose tinted glasses. Everything in life appears better than it really is, lol!
    – Unaspected Venus: I don’t care much for stilted manners or etiquette rules, that just feels phony to me… but yes, I do have a way with people and social situations. I understand people, and know how to adapt my behaviour/language/body language etc. in order to make other people comfortable. I do also have a Libra Asc, Cancer placements, and a 12th house Virgo Moon that trines Neptune… so there’s already diplomatic skill and intuition galore in my chart.
    – Mars conjunct Mercury: Yeah I can be blunt AF, but never really in a hurtful way I don’t think.

  8. amiannClara

    Hi Am How would you categorize Mercury opposite Mars? In which way(s) would you consider it similar and/or different than the conjunction? I have the oppsition in my natal it’s at 0°. Also, I agree with you in regards to Libra Moon. I can get along with women with this placement. I find men to be pretty superficial in terms of what they are looking for in a partner. Or looks obsessed at least. Not everyone. Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Clara! The opposition is a see saw effect. Sometimes, you are super honest and direct and then you may feel weird like too “out there” and then pull back and retreat for a bit and then do it again lol It is the nature of the opposition to be this way.

  9. amiannSam

    So, my Mercury is conjunct aphophis exact (both at 8° of Leo in my second house) right before Chiron further in the 2nd house.

    I have ADHD. Im in college finishing up my bachelor’s in computer science.

    Am I going to be a retard like James Comey?


  10. amiannTT

    Actually I know a man who has 3 planets in the 9th house, Mercury,Venus and Neptune. All in Scorpio. And he can’t read a book. He reads short stories and newspapers, magazines, but can’t finish a book. He also has the moon in Gemini, so I’ve always attributed his short attention span to that. What do you think?

    Very informative Tidbits. Thanks

  11. amiannS

    Would Aphophis conjunct the descendant be similar to the Venus conjunction in your description? It conjuncts mine by 2°. I also have a couple nice asteroids there as well, but Aphophis seems so grim.

  12. amiannArriana

    Apophis conjunct sun by 1 degree and my mercury by 5 degrees.
    But my angel and telephus is also conjunct my mercury exact.
    My thinking is too clear sometimes that I have to dilute it.

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