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Five Aspects That May Ruin a Relationship and WHY?

I, always, like to tell the “whys”. Astrology is a hard science to learn. I think Astrology is a science and not part of the occult. People ask me, all the time, how, I, as a Christian, can be an astrologer. Simple. Astrology is a science. In the same way, the study of electricity is a science. Would you hassle me if I were an electrician? Onto the subject at hand. The aspects are based on real life experience from my clients and from my own life.

1. The Moon of one person unaspected to the personal planets of the other person. The personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. In this case, there will be lack of simpatico. If you don’t see it, at first, it will manifest and will do so, likely, in a short period of time.

2.The Sun of one person unaspected to the chart of the other. The couple will not understand what makes the other one “tick”. The Sun is one’s basic thrust in life: one’s most basic sense of self. With this aspect, one will find that there is really not a viable connection. If the relationship lasts a short time, due to passion from other aspects, such as Nessus or Uranus,it will, likely, be a SHORT time.

3.The Mercury of one person is unaspected to the chart of the other. I had this in a long term relationship. I can attest to the fact that the connection lacks “something”. I was not a student of astrology at the time, so I did not know what that”something” was. However, Mercury is communication. One does not want a lack of communication in a serious relationship. One would be better off with worse sex and better communication. In this relationship, we had the “fake out” placements of Uranus conjunct several personal planets. Uranus gives you such strong attraction that you can mistake it for an actual heart and mind connection. Be careful of Uranus in synastry.

4. The Mars of one person is unaspected to the chart of the other. Mars is drive. It is drive for anything in life from chasing a girl to moving up in the company. In this case, the couple will not understand what motivates the other. Also, Mars is passion, so passion may be something that does not work either. However, other aspects may make it SEEM to work in the beginning of the relationship. Examples of these “passion” placements would be Uranus conjunct personal planets and any strong Nessus aspects.

5. The Venus of one person unaspected to the chart of the other. In this case, and I have seen it in a client, the couple did not like the “mannerisms” of each other. One person may have been messy. One may have been neat. One may have been plump. The other may have been an “exercise freak”. There is a general sense of not liking the “Way” of the other, if you know what I mean.

PS My picture is of another Born Again Christian. SEE, you never know.

5 thoughts on “Five Aspects That May Ruin a Relationship and WHY?

  1. amiannGigi

    What if one partner has more Venus contacts to personal planets than the other (i.e. one has two or three Venus aspects and the mother has just one or two Venus aspect to then other’s personal planets? Also, would we include angles such as he MC and the ascendant as you would personal planets? Finally, who feels the dissatisfaction of tre unaspected planets more: For example, would the one with the Venus aspected to the other’s personal planets feel the dissatisfaction toward the person who Does Not have his/her Venus aspected by the other more; or would the unaspected Venus person feel the dissatisfaction toward the other person who Does have Venus aspectin his or her personal planets?

  2. amiannAdele

    How can I tell if a planet is unaspected? My crush has many planets in Pisces yet I have none, however Im a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Pluto, which trine Pisces??

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