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Six Astrological Reasons Why Daryl Hall is the Sexiest Man Alive

He has it going on–the mind, the charm, the charisma, the creativity. Let’s look at some aspects from this soul songbird’s chart. I can back up my claim, of course.

1. Almost Unaspected Venus in Scorpio
I have not seen an Unaspected Venus in Scorpio.The Unaspected Venus confers C-H-A-R-M. This is not a result of any kind of “trying to be charming”on the part of the native. It is simply an aspect given from God as a GIFT. Watch out. This would have nuclear passion along with unstoppable charm. Also, in my thousands of charts, I have never seen an Unaspected Scorpio Venus.

2. Mars in Scorpio
This aspect is nectar from the gods. It is pure and simply—– a new, shiny, black Ferrari. The driver has black shades, is dressed in black leather and flashes you a 24 Karat smile that brings you to your knees. Read some of my articles on Mars in Scorpio. This Mars is the apotheosis of manhood. In common parlance, he makes you feel like a natural woman. The song below, written by Daryl Hall is classic for a man with Mars in Scorpio.

3 Sun trine Uranus
This aspect confers pure, unadulterated brilliance, but it is not so electric as to make the person unglued *cough* One has to be wary of Uranus in conjunction, opposition and square.However the trine and sextile confer all of the brilliance without the madness. Uranus can be likened to electricity. With the hard aspects, the native may have an electric mind that races to madness. I am not saying people with hard Uranus aspects are “mad”. However, these aspects are very difficult, mentally and emotionally. Daryl Hall is, obviously, brilliant.He lives amidst mountains of books,as I learned from an interview. His favorite author is Michael Connolly.

4. Jupiter conjunct Mercury
Jupiter sprinkles fairy dust on that which it touches. In this case, Daryl Hall’s communication style will be lovely. He will be able to make people feel special, warm and loved through his words. You can see this trait in Daryl in how warm and hospitable he is to his guests on “Live From Daryl’s House”.

5. Moon in Taurus
I am not sure if his Moon is in Aries or Taurus. I have played with his Ascendant. I think he is a Leo Ascendant.Hence, he may have the warm, stable, loving and grounded Taurus Moon. He managed to stay very grounded, even though he is rock star. He avoided drugs, for one thing. He seems like a very grounded person from his interviews, so he may have the lovely Taurus Moon, which is in it’s Exaltation in Taurus.

6. Mars Conjunct Mercury
This is the aspect that embodies Simon Cowell. Simon is very brave, direct and centered in how he expresses himself. Daryl Hall is, as well. I love this aspect because you know where you stand. The person has a sense of authenticity about them that is uber sexy.

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