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Five Reasons I Think Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Last

Certain subjects get me into trouble. This one will. I do not write this with any personal animus toward the couple. She seems lovely. My heart goes out to him. However, I will always be honest with my readers about how I feel. If someone takes his valuable time to read my articles, the least I can do is to be authentic. Hence, I will tell you why I would be VERY surprised if this relationship lasted. I do not think it will last very long even. If it does last for a more lengthy period, I think it will start to go bad in a short time,whether or not we see it. If I am wrong, we shall see because this article was written on May 19, 2018.

Five Reasons I Think Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Last
1.This is a very strong Chiron relationship. I have written many articles on Chiron relationships. I don’t know if I “discovered” how they functioned. I simply did thousands of charts and found that Chiron relationships function in a certain manner.People get very close very rapidly. One feels as if one has found one’s soul mate and/or one’s life long best friend .However, this extreme closeness may make one person feel too vulnerable. That person seems to “bolt”. The other tries to get him back to no avail. I, also, watched my own life and have seen many, many Chiron relationships follow the same pattern. People who have a strong Chiron relationship may stay married, but there will be a great, great deal of pain. In these current societal times, people do not stay married, usually, in cases in which they are very unhappy. In years past, people did.

2. This is a VERY strong Nessus relationship. Nessus makes for passion that is “off the charts”. I have seen this from doing charts. If I get a request for a reading from a person who seems like she will die if she does not “get” the other person, I know it is a Nessus relationship. Nessus relationships do feel as if one will die if the other person does not want them or if the other person rejects them. I have many articles on this and have experienced it myself(always the best teacher).

Nessus relationships begin with the passion of nuclear war and end with the cold act of poisoning. I exaggerate with the mention of poison, but I have seen people destroy the cars of the other person with golf clubs. I hope you get the picture. I think that every person should experience one Nessus relationship in their lifetime because the passion is so intense. However, it should not be marriage. (The Nessus asteroid did not show up on this chart because it was not added to this particular chart. I saw it on another chart)

3. This is a strong Uranus relationship. Uranus makes for attraction such as you feel the “earth moves under your feet.” This level of powerful instant attraction can make people feel as if they have found “the one”. However, Uranus, itself, does not tell us anything about the stability of the relationship. Without other factors for soul compatibility, the Uranus relationships will not have the bonding needed for a long term marriage. Aspects which give soul are Moon aspects, such as Moon trine Moon. Soul keeps people together. Attraction always fades if that is all one has.

4. His Venus makes only one aspect to her chart. It is an aspect for a tidal wave kind of “love” but it does not have the lasting soul needed for a long term marriage. It is more of an aspect of strong falling in love, such that you feel you must possess each other. However,the planet Venus represents that which one finds beautiful. Harry’s Venus does not aspect anything else in Meghan’s chart, such as a personal planet like Venus, Mercury, Mars, the Sun or the Moon. Hence, I think their tastes will be quite different and this will become a problem. An example of tastes would be music. One person likes rap and the other opera. Another example would be how one “carries oneself”. One person may be reserved. The other may be demonstrative. This would be fine if Venus made aspects to personal planets. Without this, the people may not be attractive to each other—long term.

5. She has a very sensitive part in her chart and he does not support it. He, likely, will not understand it. It is her Moon/Saturn conjunction. This shows a very hard relationship with her mother. Also, Meghan may feel a great deal of self doubt and self criticism. Harry’s Jupiter squares this and his Moon quincunx it. Also, there is a Jupiter square Jupiter here. Jupiter square Jupiter would result in something like one person who loves to spend money and the other who is frugal. One person may be a dare devil and the other may be a homebody. It is an inability to understand how each “goes forth” in the world, if that makes sense. I digressed a bit from the aforementioned aspect—-Harry’s Jupiter squares Meghans Moon/Saturn conjunction. His Moon quincunx it. Harry will likely not understand the deep pain Meghan has and this does not bode well.

I could go onto to ten aspects easily but I am stopping the article here due to laziness.

30 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Think Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Last

  1. amiannTina

    I thought I was the only one who felt that. I felt that for instance while analyzed them as energies together. Just gave me an off energy
    And now you post your analysis on their synastry chart.

  2. amiannCosmic

    Dang they really do have a lot of reasons that their relationship may break but I sure hope it doesn’t. I’ll pray for them.

      1. amiannPenelope

        She doesn’t seem even slightly maternal to me (had plenty of time with her first husband for children), but many women have children in an attempt to secure their relationship or position. I don’t think children would be a good idea in a relationship that won’t last and they shouldn’t be subjected to such chaos. They’ve exhibited some erratic and immature behavior in this relationship and that could very well continue into the marriage.

        I’m very curious as to what is in their chart/cards regarding children.

          1. amiannPenelope

            They started dating in 2004, married in 2011 and divorced August 2013. His name is Trevor Engleson and he’s a successful Hollywood producer and manager. He’s got her the role on Suits which filmed in Toronto. She then left him (apparently not wanting to work out the long distance issues) and moved on to a chef named Cory. Cory is who she was with when she started the relationship with Harry.

            Trevor is successful, stable, and took care of her. She had a lot of down time and plenty of time for children.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Her mars in 12th.. ive seen it before. Trying to “hide” the anger or attempt suïcide. In best case scenario help in care or nurse.
    And his venus close to her pluto.. sounds like obsession..
    Isnt his north node close to fixed star algol? The demon star..
    It seems that by transits in capricorn that “he” appears strong and active. It will wear off. Taurus in 4th can make a person very lazy conjunct moon probably self centered and indulge in his lust.
    Touche.. its a farcade for just a pretty picture on the wall…

    I agree with chiron.
    In my natal i had asteroid sedna and a man had it as well conjunct his chiron. In composite our venus was on that placement.
    I was never hurt so bad by a man in my life.

    I also know with venus it can go two ways.. it is afterall the morning star.. it can be close to demonic.

  4. amiannpoll

    Hello thanks for your analysis the wedding had a very heavy atmosphere and not joyful (even the BRF) My question what will be the relationship of Meghan and the royal family off camera and Meghan and the British press. Thank you

  5. amiannLuna

    OMG, I am so thankful for this reading. I finally feel like I am not crazy. Even the things about Meghan’s chart that I thought were not how I saw them completely make sense. Thank you!!!

  6. amiannJohn

    Is it significant if someone’s Nessus is on someone’s Dejanira?
    At linda good man’s site a twin flame 🔥 had that with their other half.

  7. amiannMichele

    “…poodle flying a plane.”

    You are my soulmate. Seriously though, I am totally addicted to your blog. Your aversion to political correctness and your fearless content are incredibly refreshing. Don’t hate me if I love you, ‘kay?

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