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Five Things We Can Know About Meghan Markle From the Natal Chart

Once one understands Astrology, it is hard for people to keep secrets from one. Just today, a gorgeous guy came across my path. I did pick up the Mars in Scorpio vibe. I bit the bullet and asked for his birth information. He was a very strong Scorpio with Sun, Mars and Mercury therein. Well, I was right, as usual. I can tell Mars in Scorpio in a man. What does this have to do with Meghan Markle. Nothing save the fact that no one is safe when an astrologer gets his natal chart.

First of all, let me say that every person has gifts and every person has struggles. Even beauty is shown in the natal chart. One is not responsible for beauty. One is not responsible for intelligence or charm. One is given certain energies by God, I believe. Some energies are gifts and some are struggles. Without struggles, we would not reach out for God. We would be self sufficient. The natal chart reveals our “earth suit”. Every person has a flawed earth suit. Some people have much more difficult charts than others. Only God knows why and God is love. Well, onto the subject.

Ten Things We Can Know About Meghan Markle From the Natal Chart

1. Assertion/Aggression is VERY hard for Meghan Markle. I know that she appears to be very assertive, but she is not. She has my Mars–Cancer. Mars in Cancer finds it very hard to ask for what they want in a direct manner. We tend to stuff our emotions into our stomachs. That way, no one will get angry at us. It is a very hard Mars. Mars in Cancer is in the Fall. The Fall position reflects a planet which does not function smoothly or well. Mars is action and assertive. Hence, these are the areas that suffer in the Mars Fall position.

Meghan has a “double whammy”, shall we say because her Mars is in the House of Suppression, the 12th House. Any Mars sign in the 12th House,even Mars in Scorpio, finds it very hard to express feelings and actions directly. That is simply the nature of the 12th House. Hence, we can know that Meghan struggles with guilt when she has simple needs and wants. She, likely, stuffs emotions into her stomach. She, struggles with standing up for herself when she is wronged. I know this appears not to be the case, but the chart never lies. I leave that to people.

2. Meghan has Venus in Virgo. I have a close friend with this Venus, so have seen how Venus in Virgo manifests. One very interesting fact about Venus in Virgo is that they are VERY sensitive to tastes and smells. My friend is so sensitive to the taste of baking soda that if he goes to a restaurant and baking soda is in any of his food, he will get sick to his stomach, literally. Venus in Virgo is, likely, a “clean freak” when it comes to their own body and the body of their significant other. Venus in Virgo could be called the “Body Wash Venus”.

Venus in Virgo does not like coarse humor. One example was my trying to introduce Ali G to my Venus in Virgo friend. He saw the Ali G interviews, no less, the best part of Ali G, and did not crack a smile. *SIGH*. I was embarrassed but learned a lesson about Venus in Virgo. They like a more refined and/or cerebral sense of humor.

3.Mercury Conjunct the Sun at 7 degrees makes for a keen intelligence. One can see this in the manner in which she speaks!

4.Venus square Neptune is the aspect of seeing the prince and finding out that he is the frog. *Cough* How fitting. I am just kidding about the reference to Harry. However, the Venus/Neptune square is about putting the man you love on a pedestal. Rose colored glasses come out when this native falls in love. When she wakes up, it is, usually, very difficult. This one aspect seems to be something that the native cannot learn from. In other words, making the same mistake does not help her learn for the next time. Astrology is all about chart energies and this aspect is not a judgement on her or her “good sense”. This aspect is simply one that I call” The Prince Turns into the Frog”. I have an article that explains this aspect in greater detail.

5.Meghan has Uranus and Neptune in the 5th House, the house of romance. She has many ups and downs and sudden beginnings and endings in the realm of romance. Also, she does not understand what happened. Neptune is the planet that fogs that in the house in which it resides.

I have done 5 aspects and could do more. I stopped due to laziness(Blame my Libra Ascendant). However, if you want a part 2, just ask.

12 thoughts on “Five Things We Can Know About Meghan Markle From the Natal Chart

  1. amiannTrisha

    LOL at the libra asc lazy part.Iam a aries asc and iam literally the definition of lazy.Though i blame my saturn in 1st house in fallen sign for that

  2. amiannJilly Wynn

    I would suggest you post part 2, so interesting. Ridiculously I have sun conjunct Mercury in 7 degrees and Venus in Virgo as hers.

  3. amiannpoll

    I am quite astonished by the portrait I will have thought the opposite … it cuts much the speech to others (Duchess of Cambribdge) she walks in front of Camilla. She does not respect the protocol.

  4. amiannJenny

    Hi can you explain about Nessus conjunct moon in synastry ?
    I just found out I have this with my mom- her Nessus and my moon, and I’m pretty shook actually.
    Thanks in advance!

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