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The Unique Gifts Of Each Sun Sign

I am Gemini Sun. I was telling a Virgo Sun that he better never “bug/annoy” a Gemini Sun because a Gemini Sun will “bug/annoy you back” so much that you will cry. That got me thinking of the gifts for each Sun sign. Virgo has a gift for organizing. They are the queens and kings of systems. I live with a Virgo Sun and my house has never been so neat and organized. You can even grab a towel without the whole pile falling on you. Onto our subject.

Aries Sun

Aries is gifted in confidence. If an Aries Sun does not have actual confidence, they will hide behind a confident veneer. However, they are, usually, gifted with actual confidence.

Taurus Sun

People may think common sense is boring, but if you don’t have it, you can run into all sorts of sorry messes and only wish you had a modicum of common sense. Taurus Sun is very blessed to have excellent common sense: two feet grounded in reality.

Gemini Sun

This is me. If I want to bug you to death, you better watch out.
Picture Ali G. He is my role model.

Cancer Sun

Cancer is gifted in making warm nests for friends and family. Their homes are, usually, very welcoming.

Leo Sun

Leo has a beautiful childlike innocence. This is a wonderful trait in this cynical world.

Virgo Sun

Virgo is very gifted in organizing, as well as being of wonderful service to others and taking great pride in this.

Libra Sun

Libra Sun is gifted in being “very pleasing”. They have a sunniness about them that lifts others up and lights up the room. You know I love Daryl Hall. If you watch, “Daryl’s House”, you can see how warm and welcoming he is to his guests.

Scorpio Sun

Scorpio Sun has a quiet depth. There is something about most of them which inspires trust. One feels one can unburden oneself to them and it will not be tomorrow’s news.

Sagittarius Sun

Sagittarius makes others feel good. They are gifted with “good vibes”. They, usually, have an excellent sense of humor, as well.

Capricorn Sun

Capricorn feels steady, as if one has found an oasis in this crazy world of shifting sands. I truly love Capricorn Suns because they calm my high strung Gemini energy. They have a peaceful, grounded, centered feeling.

Aquarius Sun

Aquarius is gifted in not crowding people. If you only want to see a friend once a year and don’t want them complaining about it, choose an Aquarius.


Pisces is gifted in intuition. Also, they tend to be kind. They do not like to hurt the feelings of others because they are high in empathy and know how much it hurts.

PS I have a series in which each of the Sun signs is explained in depth. Here is the link

One thought on “The Unique Gifts Of Each Sun Sign

  1. amiannAlice

    This is great ami! I notice there is a carry over to moon and ascendent too, do you agree? For example, i can think of several cancer ascendents, including my sister and myself, who really know how to turn a place around and warm it up no matter how shabby it is at first. It comes so natural and we get a kick out of it all. So I wonder how these descriptions change with the asc/moon, maybe it is more prominent for some signs than others? I also love ali G 😉

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