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Good Kink/Bad Kink

Good Kink/Bad Kink

I am not an expert in kink. However, I do have intimate discussions with the many people who seek my services. My motto is for the client to be able to tell me anything;why pay money if you are going to lie? I share my own life when I feel it will help the client, too. I am a Gemini and most things don’t shock me. With that pithy introduction, let’s move onto our topic.

I do think there can be bad kink. This is when the kink hurts someone. I have seen this in many of the charts I have done. The kink results in abuse of one person. The abused person may not know she is abused. She may “want” to be abused. However, from my vantage point on the outside, I do not think it is healthy. However, my role is to describe the nature of the charts, give my opinion and love everyone anyway.

When we discuss Bad Kink, I think of hard aspects to Nessus, Dejanira, Sado and other “abuse” asteroids. With the easy aspects, the people seem to be able to work out their kink in a good way. By this, I mean that the kink is healthy, so to speak( what a hard subject to discuss). I do think that the above asteroids can be beneficial when they are in good aspect( the trine and sextile). However, when they are in hard aspect( the opposition and square), there seems to be pain.

The pain may be in the beginning, middle or end, one of these or all of the above. However, pain seems to be the case. With the conjunctions of these abuse asteroids, the conjunction is considered a hard aspect. It may be the hardest aspect. I am not sure about this one, but I am sure that the conjunction is a hard aspect. Nessus in any aspect is hot, hot, hot like nothing else, at the beginning. If you feel you are going to burn up, run for the charts and check the Nessus.

Dejanira is very hot, too. I have seen this in my clients. Being the victim is what does ring the bell of many people. The reason is, always, seen in the natal chart. Usually, this person has a strong Dejanira in the natal chart, such as Dejanira conjunct the North Node. In these cases, the person seems addicted to being the victim. She will, easily, find an abuser. I don’t think it is healthy to be the victim of anyone, but most people do unhealthy things of one sort or another. The kink factor for the strong Dejanira person seems to be high. In other words, she likes kink and the kink can be more than that of the normal Joe.

Planet wise, Uranus is the planet of kink. Uranus trine Mars would be good kink i.e kink that felt good to both people and did not run amok *sigh* With Uranus square Mars, I would imagine that the wild sexuality could get out of control. The square can make things unbalanced.

Pluto is another planet that can cause kink. Pluto square Mars is classic for violence. However, before the violence sets into a bad pattern, there can be a wild sexuality to the intensity. Pluto trine Mars could stay in control and probably would not erupt into violence.

I hope I have explained myself well. I have shared some things I have learned from charts and hope they will help you and, also, make for good discussions.

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