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The Good Side of the “Bad” Asteroids

This article has been a long time in the making. People ask me all the day if there is anything “good” about Nessus. I say no. Nessus is abuse. Is there anything good to abuse? However, after doing more charts, I have come to a new conclusion. That conclusion is that the so called “bad” asteroids can give strength. In this crazy world, one must be able to stand up for oneself. One will encounter bullying and abuse. It is the nature of life on the earth. The “bad” asteroids give a very strong self defense shield.

This would apply to both the natal and synastry. In the natal, if one has Nessus conjunct the Ascendant, North Node or MC, one would tend to be an abusive person. I will not renege from this. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. However, one could defend oneself if one were abused. This would go for the asteroid Sado, as well. I cannot think of other abusive asteroids, at the moment. The two classic ones are Nessus and Sado.

In a synastry, if a woman were married to an abusive man( Moon square Mars, for example), if her Nessus conjunct his Moon, she would be a power broker in this relationship. Moon square Mars does not like women, in general. I cannot say he will be full fledged abusive. A better example would be a relationship with Pluto square Mars, which is an aspect of violence. If the woman had her Nessus conjunct the Sun or Moon of the man, she would be better able to hold her own.

Please, tell me what you think of these insights.

12 thoughts on “The Good Side of the “Bad” Asteroids

  1. amiannPheephee

    I agree. I really believe though that ALL planets and asteroids and such have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ points to them. Just like life, theres good and bad. Although, I also think that sometimes one might have to go through the bad side of the planet/asteroid before finding a good side.

    I like and agree with your Nessus description here. I also found it to be abusive and now that I have been through it I feel it has made me ‘see’ or sense it in others before I even know them well.

    I like to think I would stand up in a relationship and run away if it happened again but I don’t know because I have become a celibate after enough ‘abusive’ men in my life. I have been a celibate for hmmm, 6 years? or so I lost count. Anyways, I can’t seem to allow myself to even have people near me.
    So your right in the statement that it ‘gives a very strong self-defence shield’….because it has!!

      1. amiannPheephee

        Well, my Sedna is in 4th house but so is my Chiron, not conjunct.

        It opposes my sun but by 5 degrees.
        It also opposes my Uranus by 1 degree.
        Squares my Saturn by 1 degree which is sadly also in the seventh house.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          5 degrees is too wide for an asteroid, P. The Saturn square may make more pain for Sedna and maybe you feeling more self critical of the betrayal of others. Uranus in opposition may make for great ups and downs with betrayal, like an erratic kind of pattern of Sedna.

          1. amiannPheephee

            Thanks for the response.
            Ya I knew 5 degrees was too wide…Ive read about every single article you have ever written here lol. And I do agree about very tight orb!
            I just thought I would mention every one of the aspects to my Sedna.

            Am I very self-critical? lol.
            Julia Y. wrote a comment to me also about how awful I sound on this site….I am about to write her back and explain a bit. haha

            I am just writing about the ‘down’ sides to my life here because thats what these articles are about. Mars, Chiron, Nessus, etc are not the ‘happy’ placements….so thats why I am being so open about the crap parts of my life….

            Back to the topic, I don’t think I really truly understand what squares do. They baffle me a bit.
            Opposition is easy for me to grasp… And I agree that there is an on-off thing there….My life is not ALWAYS betrayal, or shit.
            Theres plenty of good. 🙂

  2. amiannPheephee

    I really do wish that my Nessus was stronger though. Its on Mars, yet intercepted in the seventh house. I feel always, all my life, that others that come into my life are really aggressive and abusive (not necessarily physical, but also very verbal/emotional, mental).
    They are the ones that seem to get ahead in life instead of meek me. so I wish I had that mean streak also cause it seems to help in life.

    Everywhere I read about seventh house placements they say you have to ‘own’ it, be it…..but I don’t get how? Why would God have made me with a seventh house Mars yet astrologers say I am supposed to become a first house Mars?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT question, P!
      The 7th house is a very hard house due to the ENERGY being weakened. It is not your fault. Do you have factors that will compensate like Pluto trines?

  3. amiannPheephee

    Pluto is conjunct my moon by 3’41 degrees.
    A trine from Ceres to Pluto. I never noticed before but my mars is square Pluto but by 7 degrees…far away which is why I never bothered with noticing it. a few minor aspects here and there.
    so not too much that I notice.

    I am able to stand apart from people and I am definitely not a ‘yes’ person…I say no very easily and often and without feeling I have to explain myself….maybe that was a learned lesson, I don’t remember if I ever was a yes person.
    I can get very stubborn esp when people start peer-pressuring me to do their way…I dig in.
    I’d rather live in poverty for the rest of my life than have a man try to dominate/control/abuse me ever again.
    So I do have some self-power, its just not overly healthy lol.

  4. amiannJJ

    Nessus and Actor conjunct AC close, Aphrodite at 3ish. I can appear any way I like and people assume I must be famous. I’m a target in public for a lot of verbal abuse because something triggers insecurity in unstable people. Only time I ever bullied anyone was if they were bullying another. I find if you want them to stop they need a taste of their own medicine. Vulnerable soft people flock to me for that protectiveness

  5. amiannSA

    yes, I agree with this view.
    I have Sado and Dejanira both conjunct my sun, in the twelfth.
    Allthough I’ve gone through both archetypes , at this point I can see that my ability to ‘use’ Sado, or when it gets activated, is when Dejanira is threatened. And now I try to be very conscious of my ability to ‘cut people at the knees’ (it is not a beautiful trait) but it is a part of my power, and it gives me strength, because Dejanira has been so prevalent.
    This was not the case before doing A LOT of shadow work, and this is where the divine is present, to make those aspects conscious and now use them for constructive purposes.

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