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The Hardest Aspects To Have in the Chart and WHY

I have done other articles on this subject. However, I have had more time to do charts since my last article. Hence, I have more insight. Some aspects I thought were difficult are more difficult than I thought. Some aspects are new. I hope this article will help you to get more insight into yourself and those whom you love. One of the main tenets of Astrology, for me, is that one did not choose one’s chart and it’s struggles are not one’s fault.

1 Mercury Square Uranus
I hate to call this the “suicide” aspect. I am NOT saying that everyone who has this commits suicide. I am labeling this aspect as such so that you remember how very difficult is this aspect. The mind seems to have an electric kind of worry. The mind seems as if it never shuts down. The mind seems to torment the individual. If you have this aspect and never understood why you were the way you were, so to speak, this aspect may be why.

2. Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant

This aspect denotes bullying–the closer the orb, the worse the bullying. I don’t think people who have not been bullied can understand those that have. I have not, fortunately. I have a safety aspect in this arena. It is Pluto Conjunct Dejanira, which does not allow others to bully them. However, I have seen the devastation in the lives of people who have been bullied. The pain goes very, very deep and may last a lifetime.

3. Pluto Conjunct the IC

This seems to be a violent childhood. If not physical violence, then the threat of it.

4. Uranus Conjunct the IC

The IC is a very sensitive point in the chart. It may be the most vulnerable point in the chart. Hence, pay attention to that which conjuncts the IC in the chart. With Uranus conjunct the IC, the early childhood was, likely, unsafe and erratic. The parent, usually the mother, may have been a drug addict, had affairs or been mentally ill. There may have been a number of causes for the lack of safety, of course.

5. Sado Conjunct the IC

Sado is sadism. Hence, the child, likely, dealt with this trait in his or her early home. VERY sad!

6. Nemesis Conjunct the Moon

I have this. It is a mother who is a hidden enemy. A hidden enemy may be worse than an overt one.That is debatable, of course.Often, the native with this aspect finds it very hard to trust women, in general.

7. Aphophis Conjunct Mercury

Aphophis connotes chaos and destruction. I have seen just this in a person with Aphophis Conjunct Mercury. The person is close to me, so I can see it in someone I know, personally, versus a client, whom I know online. This aspect makes it very hard to quiet the mind. It makes it very hard to concentrate. It makes it very hard to understand simple concepts. I could call it the ADD aspect, so you can remember.

8. Sedna Conjunct the IC

Sedna is severe betrayal by men. Hence, this native was likely betrayed very badly by men as a child.

9 Pluto in the 12th House

Pluto is primal power. It signifies all one’s primal passions from rage and jealousy to lust. The 12th House repressed that which lies within. I have seen people be “too nice” and have “no wants” with this aspect. This is not the fault of the native, but the suppression of primal passions seems to result in things like psychosomatic illnesses and, also, a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

10. Uranus Conjunct Mars

This is the accident prone aspect.This natives are kind of clumsy, through no fault of their own.

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13 thoughts on “The Hardest Aspects To Have in the Chart and WHY

  1. amiannBonnie

    Would aquarius in 4th house rule as uranus 4th house? My uranus is in 1st house saggitarius 3 degrees.
    Mercury gemini 4 degrees opposite my uranus.
    My asc is scorpio 8 degrees.
    Feeling the need to break free if there is no peace or positive aspects.
    Aphophis is in my 4th house pisces 17 degrees, its conjunct my lust..
    Sedna 6 degrees conjunct my axis desc taurus 8 degrees/ my sun in 7th 13 degrees.
    Chiron taurus 22, nemesis taurus 27.
    Pluto 12th 25 libra R.
    Nessus 25 degrees cancer 9th house.
    *NN cancer 16 degrees (9th house) so my south node now is in pluto 16 capricorn..
    I have Chiron inconjunct pluto???
    Ok.. im trying to figure this one out what it all means to me..
    I do have a fear of death by someone..
    My progressed moon is in capricorn 15th degrees 2nd house.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I don’t paytoo much attention to progressed planets, Bonnie. I may be wrong in this but I stick to natal planets cuz they are the blueprint of people. In this case, Composite Nessus conjunct the NN, if it were close(1-3 degree) would be the END lol Composite Chiron conj SUn would be a relationship of pain, too!

  2. amiannIlona

    Hi Ami ! I just read this: 1 Mercury Square Uranus. I have mercury op 25°48 gemini and Uranus on 25°15 virgo. I never thought in my live of making an end on it, I hope to live as long as possible !! My mind can be sharp and quickly changing of focus, but I have daily practice and sweet long moments of true stillness in my mind and in my job. I usually do not worry and my mind is very gentle to me, so what you’re writing for Mercurius square Uranus is really not in my case.
    Warm greetings from Belgium

  3. amiannVS

    I can never find a Uranus conjuct IC to fit my life experience…?? My mom is very stable, she even gave up smoking for her health(that virgo moon tho) and even when she did smoke it wasn’t a very damaging habit that shook me or stuff like that. We never moved, i never moved schools, parents have a stable relationship… Honestly i think uranus on the ic is about freedom. I am a free person – i was never told what to study, what to do, what to think.. None of my parents imposed themselves onto me. Uranus on the ic – i see it as beneficial, but that might be just me.

  4. amiannKim

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned MOON SQUARE SATURN.
    This aspect tends to stifle creativity and make the world feel like a harsh, unforgiving place.

    The mother’s love seems conditional and often makes the Moon square Saturn individual a cold and lonely being. Don’t expect a hug from these individuals but they will ensure you don’t stand on their feet!

  5. amiannJP


    my best friend has chiron conjunct ac, pluto conjunct ic in scorpio. he is extremely broken….

    now for my part: I have my sun at 9 degrees in the 12th house, mercury in the 12th house in libra at 9 degrees conjunct (overthinking, worries)

    uranus and neptune both in the 3rd house in cap

    neptune conjunct ic (dreaming), uranus conjunct neptune but not conjunct ic

    I got my north node right at ic capricorn (self-responsibility is a big BIG problem/learning curve in my life)

    mercury-uranus square (suicide aspect)
    mercury-neptune square (constant daydreaming)

    sun square mercury
    sun square uranus

    ascendant square mercury
    ascendant sqaure uranus

    mars square mc (hard to assert myself in a job)

    neptune opposite mc

    north node opposite mc

    sun opposite descendant

    sout node opposite ic

    saturn in the 4th house in aquarius

    saturn conjunct lilith

    moon chiron conjunction

    moon almost opposite saturn, lilith by only a few…

    on top of everything, a grand cardinal cross (if the descendant can be counted) and t-square thereof

    a total of i think roughly 13 squares and like 5-6 oppositions…

    I’ve had numerous astrologers analyze my chart, consulting me. some did that overgloryfing bs, one had the guts at least once to tell me what problems I have (and that was even an understatement…).

    i know a lot of astrologers wanna tell you the things you wanna hear, and not the reality. that’s why i learnt astrology and all my aspects, celebrity charts, friends’ chart etc.

    I know squares, oppositions, grand cross, t-square are difficult, problematic, dynamic and can through learning be overcome. steve jobs apparently had a grand cross.

    i shouldn’t pity myself, i know, which ic capricorn says too, but man it’s tough, a lot of stress, a lot of sadness, melancholy…but maybe one day I’ll grow into that person I wanna be…

    wish me (-and my best friend) luck hehe

  6. amiannNicole Twedell

    I have Mercury square Uranus 0 degrees and Uranus conjunct the ic. My mother was a lot like yours to me. Same kind of relationship. My uranus is also conjunct nemesis. Your articles have brought me a lot of peace.

    1. amiannAndy

      My Mother had a mental illness and heard voices that would tell her to kill me. My Uranus is 6 degree conjunction with my IC. Thank you

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