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What Is Your Honest To Goodness Opinion on the Twelfth House?

What Is Your Honest To Goodness Opinion on the Twelfth House?

This is an excellent question. I will give as honest an opinion as I can. I have done thousands of charts and picked the brains of my beloved clients, whenever possible. This is what I think. The twelfth house is all about energy, as is all of Astrology. By energy, I mean that every planet, every house and every sigh has a certain, unique energy. It is not personal, such as one sign is bad and another is good or one house is bad and another is good. Each sign, house, planet and aspect has a unique energy. One must understand the energies in order to understand one’s chart and, hence, oneself.

One factor is the energy, as I cited above. The other is the expectations of society. Society calls one kind of person “good” and another “bad”. A cheerleader is “good’ and the quiet, unpopular kid is “bad”. Of course, The point is that the society judges people for certain traits, such as popularity, beauty and athletic prowess. If one does not measure up, society considers one lesser.

How does this relate to the Twelfth House? The Twelfth House person is not Miss Popularity, usually. The Twelfth House person is not Mr Big Man on Campus, usually. However, he has certain traits which are amazing and unique to him. Let’s discuss them.

17 thoughts on “What Is Your Honest To Goodness Opinion on the Twelfth House?

  1. amiannPheephee

    I have neptune in 12th. I heard it makes for depression. And yup, I have had suicidal type depression most of my life.
    Im not sure what else Neptune there is supposed to do…but its another one of my placements I despise. Its not ultra aspected in my chart, nor is conjunct my ascendant by any stretch, I don’t think, and yet extreme escapism and alcohol and daydreaming rule my life away.
    Thats all I have there. Saggi is on the cusp.

  2. amiannGiancarlo

    I am Asc Cancer and my moon is in Gemini in Twelfth house. I feel like invisible, and i was bullied for my deafness. Well, fortunately I have Sun conjunct Aldebaran and is apex of a boomerang yod. I think I have a strong force of character, despite that. (sorry for my poor english)

      1. amiannGiancarlo

        In my 6th house there lies my uranus in sagittarius and neptune in capricorn. Why? By the way my sun still lies in the 11th house near to the cusp of my twelfth house. So, just my moon is alone in there.

          1. amiannGiancarlo

            Well, I have a yod boomerang Sun Apex conjunct Aldebaran in eleventh house quincunx Saturn in scorpio fourth house and quincunx Jupiter in capricorn seventh house, opposition uranus in sixth. I have neptune in sixth too. My moon is in gemini in twelth house, mercury in taurus in eleventh. That is my main configuration of my chart.

  3. amiannGiancarlo

    The Yod aspect pattern is a configuration between at least three planets or points in the horoscope to create a long triangle which looks like a witches hat. A Yod is also called the Finger of Fate, Finger of God or the Projection Triangle, and has been the source of much debate and controversy within the astrological community. (Source:
    A yod is when you have two planets in a chart that sextile each other (60 degrees apart), and those two planets also quincunx a third planet (150 degrees apart). It forms a Y configuration. (Source:

    Well a yod boomerang is a yod with an opposition planet to the apex.

  4. amiannGiancarlo

    You’re welcome. Well now I wanna make a question. Moon in 12 th house Ruler of Asc is too sensitive? relaTionship troubles with women?

  5. amiannMickie

    I’m a Virgo, Virgo Asc with a Virgo stellium (Uranus 19/Pluto 18/Sun 16/Mercury 15 /Venus 1) in the 12th house opposing Pisces Saturn 27 & Chiron 24 in the 7th…Cancer Moon in 10th and unaspected Leo Mars in 11th…interesting also that Cancer Jupiter in 10th makes a perfect water triangle with Scorpio Neptune in 3rd and my ~Chiron/Saturn Pisces conjunction. Most things come very easily for me, except finding my life partner. I have become a mother on my own, but still wonder when/if I will find love beyond motherhood. Super happy, sting emotioallly, no issues other than inability to get timing right to settle down in a committed relationship…is there any hope? Any suggestions on this tidy natal chart.

  6. amiannPatricia

    i have lilith(aries) in the 12th in opposition to my vertex in libra. have eris and ceres in aries and in the 12th as well but im not really sure what it means ?

  7. amiannHolland Bailey

    Is this topic still open for discussion?

    I have a stellium in my 12th house : Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all in the 12th house, with all three of those in Aries save for Venus, which is in Taurus. My Moon (in Libra) is in the 6th house. Chiron is the only one occupying my 1st house (not sure if that matters, but I figured maybe it does!)

    Also, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto were also in Retrograde when I was born (I am 35 now and have done a complete 180 in my life over the past few years… now I am on my path as a Lightworker and am completely spiritually happy and healed but it has taken me about 5 brutal years to get here!

    Just curious what your thoughts are on this?

    Also… I am a twin (fraternal) our Ascendent is in Taurus but mine is much more into Gemini than my sister’s. I didn’t experience any sort of abuse, verbal or physical, growing up…have incredibly loving and supportive parents, and was definitely always one of the more popular girls in school/sports. No major issues at all, compared to some of these other comments, so I consider myself quite lucky! But, I have a Sun Trine Jupiter aspect (Jupiter in Sagittarius in my 7th house) so that might help my life a bit LOL

    I am studying Astrology and Reiki to get on my path of healing, so I came across your amazing site and just found this blog… I would love to hear any thoughts on this! Thank you so much!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      All topics are always open and Welcome Holland!

      Well, I am always honest. I live by that, even though I have some people angry at me. I do not believe there is a “lightworker” path. I think there is one path and that is with Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior. If not, one is not really following God, but is following the “angel of light”, who is really the spiritual head of the dark side. He appears as light and as “good things” as you are saying.

      It is hard for me to really comment on your chart, per se, because a natal chart takes me about 4-5 days and then I feel competent to really answer questions like your.

      I hope I did not upset you with what I said, but I will always be honest!

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them a great deal, Holland, and I am honored you are enjoying my website!

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