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The House of Pluto–Drama and NO Compromise

The Hardest Aspects To Have in the Chart

The Hardest Aspects To Have in the Chart

I, always, think about charts–mine, my family and those of my clients. I have an 11th House Pluto. I will not compromise to a group–any group. When I was in college, I did not join a sorority because I did not think I was strong enough to stand up. One of the books that influenced me most was “Last Summer” by Evan Hunter. I read all his books when I was in high school. Books were my oasis of sanity. Authors, usually, tell the truth. If not, they would not be read.

My family lied about everything. “Last Summer” was about teens who compromised in order to be socially accepted. I vowed never to do that.I have run away to avoid it, but I have not done it. I have Pluto in the house of GROUPS. I am strong in groups. I lead several,large FB groups and if you can’t stand up for yourself, I won’t help you,in most cases. You have to learn. If not, you will need someone, always, to be on your side. What if they are not there? My larger point is that I am strong in my house of Pluto and you, likely, are the same. Let’s look at Pluto in the houses.

Pluto in the 1st House
This person looks large and in charge, even if he or she is petite and Southern. There is, usually, the Pluto stare, which is akin to a Rotweiller when you enter his yard. The native may or may not be strong in other life areas, but he will exude a powerful presence which is perfect for a cop or any profession that demands respect. One of my clients is an English professor and she has this placement. Students respect her.

Pluto in the 2nd House

This native will be strong in the area of money. Pluto, also, brings drama to the house in which it resides, so the native may have financial ups and downs. However, lessons of toughness and maturity will be learned in the financial arena.

Pluto in the 3nd House

This native is famous for speaking her mind. I don’t know if Howard Stern has this, but he would be classic for it. I respect a person who can stand up for what he believes and weather the storms from others who do not have the same courage, which is, usually, the place from which the storms arise. This native will get sick if he cannot speak the truth. I have seen this, too. The House of Pluto is a very important part of the chart. If someone is stopped from expressing his strength, he may suffer physical and/or emotional illnes. Problems such as depression may result.

Pluto in the 4th House
This native seems to have grown up in a violent home. That is what I have observed from doing charts. The violence may be overt or a simmering sense of danger. This is a sad placement. The native never seems to really get over it, from my experience. Actually, I think we take many of our struggles with us through our entire life. I know the “good fairy” astrologers think people can overcome everything. I don’t think this is true from what I have observed.

Pluto in the 5th House

This native seems to have mucho drama in romance. In fact, I have never not seen this be the case. Relationships follow a tidal wave pattern of great ups and downs. I am not sure what he learns from this. I just know that this is what seems to happen. If you see a mild mannered dude whom you think would be vanilla but he has this placement, think again.

Pluto in the 6th House

This is not a fortunate placement. I tell it like it is because you deserve the truth. If someone does not like truth, please, be my guest and don’t read me. This placement may bring suffering with illnesses. It does not, always, have to be. I don’t want to say that, but this placement does seem to bring suffering,both emotional and physical. If you have it, please, share with us, so we can all learn.

Pluto in the 7th House

This is one of the harder placements. Marriage seems to be filled with ups and downs, through no fault of the native. The house of Pluto is not something a person can really change. He needs to ride with it. IF the House in which Pluto resides in your chart is not filled with ups and downs, I suspect your chart is wrong. I believe this to be the case with the house of Chiron, too. Will the person learn life lessons from this Pluto placement? I am not sure. Sometimes, our pain, simply, leaves us with pain and little wisdom. I think we can learn wisdom from our pain, though.

Pluto in the 8th House
Pluto likes to be in the 8th House. It is his home. Hence, this native has a dark side which he can use to good advantage. This is an excellent position for a detective, an FBI profiler and an author of dark books, such as Stephen King or Michael Connelly,two of my favorite writers. I don’t know if they have this placement, but their writing would be examples of an 8th House Pluto. This native is likely very perceptive. There is not much downside to an 8th House Pluto. The native will, also, likely, be comfortable with sexuality and his other primal passions.( I am jealous because I have Saturn in Scorpio, which is the opposite, but that is a story for another day)

Pluto in the 9th House

I have a 9th House stellium, so understand the 9th House. It is the house of the intellect. It is the house of higher education, long distance travel and the house of God. For the native with Pluto here, there is, likely, drama in one of the above.The native may drop in and out of school. The native may join a cult. The native may have been a hard core rocker who became a Born Again Christian, like Alice Cooper. How cool is that? I don’t know if he has this placement but the huge shake up in philosophy would be classic for it.

Pluto in the 10th House

This native seems to have career tidal waves, through no fault of his own. He may rise to CEO, lose it all and rise again. He may have a social reputation that rises and falls. Whatever is the case, this native will not, likely, have an easy ride when it comes to his place in society.

Pluto in the 11th House
This is mine, as I said. The 11th House is many different things. It is the house of hopes and dreams, service in faraway places, such as that of a missionary and the house of groups. It seems to be the house of groups in most of the charts I do. Hence, this native will have shake ups in one(usually) of these areas.

Pluto in the 12th House

This native seems to be Shirley Temple with a shiv. I heard that said about a guy who walked around with a plastic smile on his face, but would knife you behind your back. I am NOT saying all these natives are like this. Most are not. I am very close to a 12th House Pluto and she is as sweet as pie.She has never knifed me and I have known her for many, many years. However, they all seem to really repress their primal passions. It is, usually, for fear of these strong passions and what will result if they “let them go”. The 12th House suppresses that which resides within.

29 thoughts on “The House of Pluto–Drama and NO Compromise

  1. amiannMahesh

    You have a explain about the Pluto star I think this route is a good star the Pluto Uranus and Neptune is a not perfect and natural star the Pluto change one to second step in very very long time

  2. amiannTina

    This week I thought “it’s difficult to me to find a place to fit in this world” and then you just post this…. what you said about pluto in 10th has on point. i hope i can settle up in some career path that truly gives me passion one day.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Pluto R 12th libra 25 degrees conjunct jupiter R scorpio 4 degrees, asc scorpio 8 degrees conjunct uranus sagittarius 3 degrees.
    11th Saturn R libra 17 degrees conjunct moon libra 6 degrees + mars 0 degrees.

    I’ve experienced many sides of me.
    I do stick up for justice. I can be observing (introvert) until i need to release the sting of scorpio to get too the truth or justice. I used to be gullible and believed most what people told me.. I trend to rise above it and i dont have to solve everything for everybody. When i was younger, with drinking or smoking weed my nasty side came out. Can be very selfish, manipulating and dominating, with revenge, eye for an eye thing..
    My softer side wants to help or heal, ive done reiki. I can be forgiving because i understand the deep urges.
    At the moment im into forensic astrology.. beside that i work in a nursinghome for the elderly, I love to help and to be of help.
    Im thinking of writing a book of the shadow self or something like that.. ive got lilith in house 2 sagittarius 26 degrees the galactic center. Just soms ideas..

      1. amiannEl


        Pluto R 11th 24 deg Libra conjunct Jupiter R 11th 2 deg Scorpio and conjunct Saturn R 10th 16 deg Libra. Throw in Mercury R 7th 15 deg Gemini and Venus 5th 19 deg Aries as they both make aspects to Pluto/Saturn.
        Mars 10th 1 deg Libra conjunct Pallas R 10th 2 deg Libra, sextile Uranus R 12th 2 deg Sag, which is conjunct ASC in Sag conjunct Antares.
        I’ve also got that Neptune R 1st 26 deg Sag closely conjunct Lillith and Galactic Center.

        I concur with Ami regarding 11th House Pluto and groups. I didn’t join a fraternity and if I can’t be one of the leaders of the group or transform the group, I care not for such a group because whatever social acceptance one receives/perceives from group membership comes at the cost of freedom and individuality. Social Identity Theory states that people form their own identities through their official or unofficial group memberships – and I feel 11th House Pluto recognizes this but warns you not to cede your personal power for the sake of the comfort from acceptance. Besides, being unique or different is a powerful social currency in itself.

        Re: Bonnie, I would definitely read your book on the shadow self. Perhaps our oncoming Jupiter Return is at play? I’m also planning a podcast and/or video in which I deconstruct the palpable tension “civilized” humanity is currently experiencing, I call it Progressive/Regressive vs. Nation-State Orthodoxy. Neither choice ends well for humanity, so my aim is to illustrate this duality and open the floor for humanity to engage in a global conversation about what a third alternative might look like and the groundwork needed to bring this transcendence of humanity to fruition. Human beings or humanity as a collective has almost always changed only when it is a matter of survival and absolutely necessary, but if we can avert our own self-implosion while we still have time, I do believe it would be humanity’s greatest achievement.

        Unconditional love, and God Bless

  4. amiannLori

    Since you asked… Rob Hand’s book, Planets in Youth, hits the spot for me on Pluto in the 6th. He talks about a tendency to over work, and the importance of attending to what’s needed to stay in good physical and emotional health. Everything he says about this is spot on in my experience… and, as I’m just coming through yet another round of exhausting myself, I’m especially grateful to have this simple reminder to take care. Actually, if feels more like permission to let go of that work-at-it mentality when I need a break! Well, at least this time I was aware it was happening… so maybe I’m learning! ? Anyway, thanks Ami, for the inspiration!

  5. amiannPheephee

    Pluto in ninth.

    I have a full ninth….venus, moon, mercury, pluto.
    I am also saggi ascendant with Jupiter in third.

    I feel very ninth house. I am never ever ever bored. no matter what. I can research and accumulate knowledge and learn certain things like nobody else I know…

    But I cannot for the life of me get through university/college. I just can’t seem to get it done, not even close. I have a crappy mars for sure….but I always wondered what stopped me from finishing schooling since I am obsessed with researching and learning and accumulating.

    Why does this happen? Pluto is supposed to be powering up right? I should be able to power through college at the very least.

      1. amiannPheephee

        Hmmm. I haven’t really checked that out yet.
        I really do and will at some point ask you to do my chart when I can scrounge up extra money!! I really really would like you to check it out one day….just needs to wait a bit lol

        I always have a problem looking at my chart and figuring it out or what practical things I can do to make things better.
        Its like my brain goes blank overtime I look at a chart and all of its pieces. Overwhelmed perhaps?

        I can easily understand all the individual aspects and and meaning of planets, signs, etc… I am good at learning astrology but not so good at seeing anything from mine or anyones chart to do a reading. Its frustrating.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YEA, the hard part is making a 3 D person from the chart. It takes me about 5 days to do a natal chart and at the end, we can see a 3 D person but it takes time and meditation lol

  6. amiannJulia Y

    “Pluto in the 6th House… does seem to bring suffering,both emotional and physical. If you have it, please, share with us, so we can all learn.”

    No suffering with illnesses so far.

    However, according to your observations, Pluto brings drama to the house in which it resides. Indeed, I have a no-compromise attitude regarding service. It is not about returning the favor, but rather about support and team spirit. In a team, you either work alongside with me, or do anything useful to any person I am close to. But if you’re here only to surf on your iPhone, while I’m sweating for you, we won’t get along.

  7. amiannMandy

    I have Pluto in the 3rd conjunct IC, I find the 4th house description also resonates. Have you (or any of you guys reading this) found this to be the case?

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        “this mentality of getting too lost in a project and sort of forgetting to take care of myself is something that happens basically all the time, but I’ve got amazing collegues to remind me to TAKE A BREAK and go home to relax. Having a good work enviroment, with trust and respect, is crucial here” + “It IS also closely related to my health (remember to sleep well, eat well, buy food, do the laundry AND taking time to clean the apartment – or having the energy to do those things)”

        Scorpio pluto in sixth house, thank you for sharing. I totally relate to what you write above. Having both Pluto (in Scorpio) and Saturn in the 6th, I am now more sure that this too-lost-in-a-project attitude comes essentially from Pluto. However, as Capricorn is your 2nd dominant sign, who knows.

  8. amiannScorpio pluto in sixth house

    I’m a sun cap/asc. gem. I’ve got Pluto in my sixth house along with my Mars – both in Scorpio. Pluto is my dominant planet and Scorpio my dominant sign. You wanted to hear my experiences? It’s not all bad, but yeah, maybe some balance could be good.

    Overall I would say that, in a broad understanding, ‘work’ and ‘workplace’ are areas in my life where I’ve learnt most about myself, and where I’ve had to confront myself as a person, and it’s also the first place I seek refuge when I don’t want to deal with grief and sorrow. It IS also closely related to my health (remember to sleep well, eat well, buy food, do the laundry AND taking time to clean the apartment – or having the energy to do those things)

    Let me give an example:
    I had pluto hit three of my planets (sun, neptune and mercury) these past couple of years. Neptune is my 2nd dominant planet, Mercury my 3rd dominant planet, and Capricorn is my 2nd dominant sign…. In retrospect I’m glad it happend, but it is a really dark chapter in my life. I had some time before (when my life was running on tracks) encountered a very speciel dog that I saved from the streets, and she was my guardian angel when my mind went really really dark (yes, a dog can really save a life!) When I got my life back on track I lost my sweet dog to cancer, and in the first few months I had days where I worked 24 hours just to avoid thinking about her, the pain of her absence and the guilt I felt… I’ve used this strategy before, and it drains the body – especially if I forget to eat. Instead of dealing with whatever I have to deal with I just work way too much and when that happens I forget to take care of my basic needs (sleep, food, cleaning and so on)
    Maybe I should say that my Pluto is in oppostion to my moon (Taurus) and squares my Venus (Aqua) I always end up dealing with my emotions in the end, but it’s NOT fun and I hate it – but I have to otherwise it’ll just come back to hunt me. My strategy is to USE it in my work somehow (when I’m ready)

    HOWEVER, this mentality of getting too lost in a project and sort of forgetting to take care of myself is something that happens basically all the time, but I’ve got amazing collegues to remind me to TAKE A BREAK and go home to relax. Having a good work enviroment, with trust and respect, is crucial here.

  9. amiannFlea Bite !

    All personal planets unaspected save Pluto Sun conjunct at 22 degrees Leo 11h

    Go thou, go thou, Ami, just don’t think you’re invisible…..

  10. amiannSeeing-Eye Sirius Dog

    Ami — maybe ‘lil Flea Bite is trying to tell you that all of his personal planets are unaspected except for his Sun conjunct with Pluto on the 22nd degree of Leo in the 11h.
    Maybe that’s his way of telling you that because of everything he’s not, he can see YOU for what you are.
    [ visualize your psyche floating upon the depths of the sea with the soundtrack to “Jaws” barely reaching your ears]

  11. amiannFlea Bite !

    Could be, Dudess. Astrologically speaking. I’m Flea Bite, my MC’s on the Big Dog.

    Hey. let’s play name that film!
    Here goes: [end scene]

    Gay, if there could be one person in the world, a child who could be brave from the beginning. I was scared to, when you asked me. But, I’m not so much now, are you?

    Gay : No.

    Roslyn : How do you find your way back in the dark?

    Gay : Just head for that big star straight on. The highway’s under it. It’ll take us right home.
    Now, I knew the men who in real life this was written about. I rode with them for various cattle outfits in the Pacific Northwest in the late 60’s to early 70’s. After near to a lifetime of sneering at astrology, I had a vivid dream two years back that told me otherwise. Whether I’ll ever agree with who you are, I always agree with your ability to “call em like they is”.

  12. amiannVivian

    @Ami I have pluto in my fourth house of Scorpio

    Its scary but I think I can hold my own. Family always say I seem domineering. However, I know deep down inside I will die for my family , not all feel the same way. Also I am always the one who stands up against intruders or persons who come to fight against them.

    My family life is filled with alot of deadly secrets, thats the part I hate.

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