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How and Why Squared Personal Planets Ruin a Relationship

I always watch my relationships. I know the charts of the people in my life. If I have a problem with a person(yes, it happens occasionally), I carefully consider the synastry. The reason for this article is my feeling of dislike of a long term friend with whom I share a squared Venus. If one has a casual relationship, these aspects do not manifest. However, if one grows closer, one will feel them. That is not to say that one ends the friendship. It is merely to say that the charts will always come to pass.

I get frustrated with the “woke” people who think they can overcome chart aspects by chanting Ohm. You can’t. You will find this out in time. So, exchange the hubris of your “woke”(COUGH) status for a little humility. Onto Astrology

Sun square Sun
This, likely, applies to the Suns when they are in squared signs even if they do not aspect. The people do things very differently. In the case of Gemini/Virgo, Gemini has a “devil may care” attitude and Virgo counts the jars in the refrigerator. I think that of any planet to be squared, your best bet is the Sun. The Sun is the ego and if there is love and connection, people can overcome the ego. However, it will make for fights along the way.

Venus square Venus
I think one could have a relationship if one has excellent Moon aspects to overcome the Venus. However, the Venus square would be there in the manner of a “sore thumb”. Venus is what attracts us to a person or conversely repels us. In the case of a Venus square, there would be some level of repulsion.For example, one person could be very picky, as in Virgo Venus. One person could be loose with details, as in Gemini Venus. Hence, a natural antipathy can develop.

Mars square Mars
I am told that there can be an initial attraction. I have not had a relationship with a squared Mars, so cannot speak from experience but I do know that the relationship rarely lasts. Mars is a powerful planet. It is drive. Hence, the thwarting of the square does not bode well.

Moon square Moon
I will relate a story of a girl who mocked me and tried to humiliate me(she didn’t) on my stance on Moon square Moon as not being able to work. She moved in with her boyfriend, with whom she had a squared Moon. The upshot of the story was that he tried to strangle her. She moved out, wrote to me and apologized.
Moon squares will not work. One heart thwarting another will not work.If you tell me you have it and it does or Grandpa and Grandma have it and have been married for 50 years, I don’t believe it was a happy marriage. Don’t urinate on my leg and tell me it is raining.

Mercury square Mercury
This would drive me crazy. I am not sure if I ever had it. I never really paid attention to more superficial relationships. I have never had it in a close relationship. If my mind does not connect with yours, I cannot see a reason to have a relationship with you(Spoken by a Gemini Mercury and Venus)

I hope this article has provided some insights and spurs you on in your pursuit of astrology!

32 thoughts on “How and Why Squared Personal Planets Ruin a Relationship

  1. amiannMollett

    Interesting article.
    What about other squares between different personal planets . For example sun square mars ?
    I would have thought that some challenges would be an opportunity for personal growth?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think they remain a struggle and one has to work around them, M. That is my opinion. Struggles to help us grow but the squares seem to remain a struggle and not change

      1. amiannJulia

        I had Sun square Mars with my exH. We were always “butting heads” and it was very wearing/frustrating. It was made worse by both these planets being in Fixed Signs…

  2. amiannPisces rising

    I have an Aries moon and Venus in cancer. I attract Libra rising like crazy. But if I make my moon happy my Venus isn’t happy. I was married to an Aries sun cancer moon for 24 years. He also had mars in cancer and Venus in Pisces. My Mars is in Pisces so we had a double conjunction both ways. It was 24 years of struggling. Now I’m 64 and haven’t run across anybody that I was interested in.

  3. amiannViv

    I absolutely agree! And I think the same goes for other square likes Sun-Moon, Sun-Mars and the like ..

    However I do think you have to consider the whole chart as well .. a Sun/Sun square will possibly bode conflict, however if their Sun is compatible with your, let’s say, Moon and Venus and AC or DC this will „make up“ for the tension a little bit .. of course it will still be felt but your Moon and Venus will feel good about their Sun. Basically it’s harder for people with incompatible Moon and Sun in their own chart to find someone „completely“ right for them because when i.e. their active Aries Sun is happy about an energetic Leo Sun, their modest Taurus Moon might not appreciate the boastful nature of that Leo energy ..

    Also, I find that certain aspects from our own planets can make a difference. Let’s say someone who is a Taurus Sun with aspects to Uranus may get along better with Aquarius energy than other Taureans.
    Or, another example with an opposition, my own Moon is in Virgo but Pisces Moons are literally my faves even when being opposite by sign. I do however, have a lot of Neptune in my Chart (conjunct the AC, trine Sun and Moon plus Venus) and Pisces works well with all my Taurus placements, too!

    Another thing I noticed was that maybe Draconic signs play a role as well .. being a Taurus Sun, I don’t get along well with Aquarians, especially girls (they’re intercepted in my 1st House, Saturn in Aquarius). However I love Leo girls (intercepted in my 7th, Chiron in Leo).. in my Draconic Chart I‘m a Leo Sun so I thought that might play a role?

    Anyhow nice article!

    And I can confirm that a square is not easy in synastry .. it definitely doesn’t feel right. Especially between the Luminaries

  4. amiannMila

    I also think that Mars square Mars may mean that these two people do not understand each other when they have sex. I experienced it. It is a bit awkward.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        Ok. Me and my aunt have some easy and hard aspects in our synastry charts and that was one of them. I’m Mars. We also have Moon(me)conjunct Venus, Moon trine Pluto(me), Mercury(me) trine Jupiter, Mercury(me) square Mercury, Mercury(me) square Saturn, Mars(me) conjunct Chiron, and Moon(me) conjunct Mars. It took a while to develop our relationship but we’re working very hard at it with me getting support too.

  5. amiannAra

    I would love to share somethin, ´cause I found really interesting your blog. I have a family member who dislikes me a lot. Her Saturn squares my Moon, her Moon conjucts my Saturn, her Pluto squares my Sun, my Mercury squares her Nemesis, her Ate conjuct my IC… and I can continue, but there are way too much bad aspects between us. Loving your blogs, keep going!

  6. amiannCoolmusic

    Every synastry has squares, literally every single one. All synastry has at least a few challenging aspects. One challenging aspect does not negate an entire synastry. Maturity helps to get past rougher areas of a tough aspect just like immaturity can hurt a nice aspect. A moon square moon means little when the entire chart is quite nice, for example. A venus square venus might be softened if other nice aspects are made to venus. It is all a balance and not everything can be good all the time.

  7. amiannAngie

    Hi Ami,
    How accurate you are !
    I have moon square mars natally. My mother was a bad-tempered shrew who was always yelling at me. I left home as soon as I could and never went back.
    In the past many of my girlfriends have ‘stolen’ boyfriends off me. That caused a lot of broken-up friendships and relationships.
    I have very few female friends now….

  8. amiannGhostintheMachine

    Your understanding of Venus + Mars and squares is accurate 100% True
    Found you searching the web, what a pleasure to find a “Proper” hold no punches astrologer.
    Compared to others who are trained to deny ignore and dismiss things that are so obvious.
    You uncover It All.

    Well studied in asteroids too! What a bonus!

    You should be way famous ⭑ Rock on!

  9. amiannLiz

    This helps a lot. Doing some research today about my brother and our composite chart as well as Synastry. I turn 60 next week and he is 2.5 years younger. I have tried. Never an easy relationship -but he is dad’s primary caretaker, so I try. It is a bit uncomfortable – but I do live at a distance. His Sun is Square my Sun (His Leo, Mine Taurus). His Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo is square my moon in Gemini (wide square by9 degrees, but I still think it irritates due to quality of energy. Just learning about composite charts and we have a focal point yod to Saturn – with the bottom of the yod is Mars/Pluto and Mercury, Moon, North Node Gemini. Nodal return for that node is today. No violence – but periodically he erupts verbally and I am careful only to trust him within clearly defined limits. He also has Moon Square Neptune natally.

    I am just seeking to understand and manage energy, but we do seem to work at cross purposes and I keep my distance. Thanks for the good article.

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