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How Can You “Tell” Aspects From Casual Encounters?

Well, one can GUESS as to which aspects one is encountering during casual encounters.One cannot know for certain unless one has calculated the natal chart. If one spends enough time trying to guess astrology aspects, one can get quite proficient at it, particularly with certain aspects. I am very good at guessing the following aspects: Mars in Scorpio in a man, Venus conjunct Mercury, Moon trine Venus in a man, Leo Ascendant in anyone and Cancer Ascendant in a man. Of course, this is not like math homework. This is fun. I will tell you how I identify certain aspects. Then, you tell me about your adventures.

I love Mars in Scorpio in a man. I think Mars in Scorpio can take a frog and make him into the sexiest prince. Of course, one would have to see other placements to see if this “prince” were a true “keeper”, but, at first glance, the Mars in Scorpio man will have an kind of provocative sexiness. As I said, I have encountered Mars in Scorpio men of all stripes i.e all Sun signs, Venus signs etc.

Mars in Scorpio men have a certain “vibe” in common. They flirt in a subtle way. It could be an overt way, but it will be accompanied by a cool self possession. Most women find this hard to resist. Also, Mars in Scorpio men can make a female feel beautiful. Most importantly, look for smoldering vibes of sexuality. This defines Mars in Scorpio in a man, in my experience.

Moon trine Venus in a man equals charm. I have one working in my house right now. I had to ask his birth information and, of course, he was a Moon trine Venus. He loves women. You feel that he could be comfortable with “girly” things like talking on the phone or going shopping. He, indeed, did have many female friends, which is classic for this aspect. He has a natural charm. One feels very special when he graces one with his time and attention. His Mars is in Aquarius, so he does not have those smoldering sexual vibes. He “feels” warm and he feels safe. He feels as if one could curl up next to him and watch a movie and laugh and share. One of the premier aspects for charm is Venus trine Moon.

There are people who seem as if they don’t know how to “fix themselves up”. These natives may have Moon square Venus. They may not have a good sense of what makes them look good with clothing, hair style etc. They may, also, not be very comfortable in social situations. However, one would really need to see the rest of the chart to truly determine.

The prize for raw charisma goes to Mars conjunct Venus. I am not attracted to women, so would not think of a female in terms of sexuality, so I can only identify this aspect in men. When I first saw Willie Robertson in a movie, I was astounded at his charisma. Sure enough, he has an exact conjunction of Mars and Venus in Gemini.

The Leo Ascendant I can identify in both sexes. They kind of draw all the breath out of the room. In simple terms, this is the most self centered Ascendant. They usually talk about themselves more than do other people. On the plus side, they are excellent entertainers. They love the spotlight.

When I see a kind of repressed sexuality in a man, I think of Venus in Scorpio. When I use the word “repressed”, it is not exactly the right word. It is more of “held back” sexuality, as if the person is afraid to be direct about his attraction to you. He does have sexy vibes, but it is as if he is waiting for an “invitation” to approach you, whereas as Mars in Scorpio waits for no one, so to speak.

Venus in Virgo is very sensitive to tastes and smells. So, if you notice this trait in someone, it is the nature of Venus in Virgo. It is not his or her fault. Find out if certain foods bother him and try to avoid them. I have known Venus in Virgo natives who get physically sick from a single, small ingredient in food, such as baking soda, as was the case with one person I know.

Moon and Mars in Cancer are my aspects. I am very loyal, probably to a fault. If I love you, I will protect you, above all reason. This has gotten me into trouble. This has gotten me very humiliated, but I chalk it up to learning experiences.I am not sure if this trait is my Moon or Mars or a combination of both. The other side to Cancer is that IF they cut you off, you are, likely, gone forever.

Sun in Capricorn seems to have strong shoulders on which one can lean. They have a very “solid” feeling about them, as if they could hold up the “weight of the world”. If any Sun sign feels stable, it is Sun in Capricorn.

The person who can be very realistic( i.e not seeing through rose colored glasses) when it comes to human emotions and to life, itself, is the Capricorn Moon. I do not say this in a judgemental way. I admire this trait a great deal. Moon in Capricorn is very practical when it comes to life. They are not naive. They can assess a situation with an unbiased eye. They can face reality “straight on”.

On the other hand, the person who sees the “prince”, time and time again, when he is, in fact, the frog, is Neptune conjunct Venus( or Neptune square or oppose Venus). This native seems to make the same mistake, again and again, when it comes to love.

The “stink eye” aspect is Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. If you mess with him, you will regret it. He has a strong personal presence and he asserts his personal power. Now, we don’t know what he is like inside, but he bears respecting like you respect a cop when he stops you for speeding.

There are some asteroid aspects I can identify. People, often, get angry when I identify them in them, but such is life when one is honest. You know? The one that strikes me first is Eris conjunct the Ascendant or North Node. This person is supremely annoying. Do you know that feeling when a fly is buzzing near your head. BINGO

Another asteroid aspect I can identify is Lucifer. This is pride, not evil, per se. If the native has Lucifer conjunct the Ascendant or North Node, they seem to love the “one ups man” game. In other words, anything you can do, they can do better.

The asteroid Eros conjunct the Ascendant makes for a very erotic person. This is,usually, rather subtle. It is kind of like black lace peeking out from under a skirt——no homo.

Here is some more information on some of the placements

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio

7 thoughts on “How Can You “Tell” Aspects From Casual Encounters?

  1. amiannBonnie

    Help scorpio triangle..
    My partner is a scorpio *stellium in 6th house (sun 6’26° / NN 3’14°/ merc 0’56° / mars 14’20° / uranus 7’25° / vertex 7’22°/ asteroide karma 15’43° Hes got jupiter R in taurus 28’40° 12th house.
    A singleton pluto 12° libra in 5th house.
    Saturn leo 16° 4th house.
    Neptune saggitarius 12° conjunct venus 11° in 6th house.
    Moon 4° aquarius 9th house.
    Nessus r 6° cancer first house
    (conjunct my part of death and asteroid lie cancer 8° 8th house)
    Asc gemini 20°
    In synastry we keep our suns in eachothers 12th house.
    We have been together for 17,5 years.
    My asc at 8’04° scorpio / jupiter R 4’20° in 12th.
    So his mars is opposite my sun in taurus 13’47° 7th house plus karma.
    His nn conjunct my jupiter r
    How would you describe this relationship?
    We felt the attraction and moved from there with 2 beautiful kids but still..
    Somehow it doesnt feel complete.
    The talking doesnt always work.. my mercury is gemini 3° (7th house) my mars is libra 0° moon is libra 6° with saturn r 17° in 11th. Pluto r

    Now an ex is back in the scene through fb. I only kissed him and dated 2 months (20 years ago!!) In the beginning he said: i am in a relationship dont worry im not coming in between your relationship.
    So i asked his birth data.
    Asc aries 3’42 moon 7’46° (my venus in aries 0’16° 5th house).
    His sun 24° virgo 6th house/ saturn 6° virgo/ merc 13°/ NN 26° p.of.F 20° virgo.
    7th house: Pluto 15° libra (conjunct my saturn r 17°).
    Mars libra 28° 7th (close to my pluto r 25°)
    Venus in scorpio 8’53° ( conjunct my asc).
    8th house: uranus scorpio 13’53° (opposite my sun).
    9th house: neptune saggitarius 15°.
    5th house: jupiter 2° leo.
    4th nessus 14° cancer.
    Chiron 1st house taurus 9° (opposite his venus).
    We had an argument a week ago because he was pushing me to listen to him and he wanted contact every day. He couldnt leave it and wanted to explain himself. After i said you should be chatting with your girlfriend.
    Now he tells me he only was in love once that was with me. I was always on his mind and hoped that we would have contact one day.
    At first he showed interest in my kids and such and now he’s trying to interfere. He owns a shop and wanted to send me some free stuff. i said: noo man im not giving me address away to a guy i hardly know. He laughed. And tried a different way. If i could receive a parcel for him out of america.
    We can have fun talking to. His mercury trine my sun. His moon conjunct my venus in 5th, him talking about me as a mom. He keeps saying i need to be there with him..
    Yesterday i told him maybe this is too obsessive us talking.. and my partner doesnt appreciate it anymore. Then he got upset and said that my partner has got his girlfriend and he is just jealous.
    🤤 well me thinking ooh great a nice friendship.. its true colors start to show.
    What can i do now? I dont want to hurt him..

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Bonnie, I beg your pardon as I am about to comment on your Scorpio triangle, too, though not being asked directly. I frequently work with couples, so if you really are interested in a way out of this triangle, below is the true story of your current and future relationship with this ex.

      And forgive if I am irreverent. I have Mars square Mercury, so I do speak bluntly.

      1) “In the beginning he said: i am in a relationship dont worry im not coming in between your relationship”

      At this point, he already looks down on you, Bonnie. If he learned about your current status from your fb profile, he makes it clear that he considers you weak enough to run to him on the whistle.
      And if he learned about your status directly from you, Bonnie, there is more. To us, you describe your relationship with your partner as not exactly fulfilling. Thing is, somewhere on the back of your mind, you are thus open to a new love. This neediness, probably unreflected, shows to men. Your ex spotted it and warned you right away, “I am taken, and am not interested in giving you love”. He may still give you sex, nontheless.

      2) “We had an argument a week ago because he was pushing me to listen to him and he wanted contact every day. He couldnt leave it and wanted to explain himself. After i said you should be chatting with your girlfriend”.

      Why won’t you simply ignore his unwanted messages/calls, since he disturbs you so much? Instead, what your ex sees here, is that you:
      – crave him to be your suitor (otherwise you’d block him already)
      – are weak enough to stand what you say you don’t like (otherwise you’d, again, block him already)
      No wonder he keeps on pushing. Not because he finds you so likeable, but rather because he likes the power he has on you.

      3) “Now he tells me he only was in love once that was with me. I was always on his mind and hoped that we would have contact one day”.

      Unless you put your real name on the net very recently, where has he been for all these years? If he cherished you so much, he would have found you much, much earlier. And would tell you right away how many times a week he checked social networks for your name, before you actually signed in.
      What really hit him is, most likely, a mid-life crisis. One day, feeling bored, he decided to check all the girls he once dated, came across your page, liked the pics, and you keep him entertained since then.

      4) “At first he showed interest in my kids and such and now he’s trying to interfere”.

      You keep saying no to him, while sticking to him. From the start you bow so well to comply to his demands & spend your time on him no matter what. Why then won’t he make you bow lower?

      5) “i said: noo man im not giving me address away to a guy i hardly know”

      So instead of saying “no, thank you”, you suggested “if we were closer, I would give you my address”.

      6) “i said: noo man im not giving me address away to a guy i hardly know… Yesterday i told him maybe this is too obsessive us talking.. and my partner doesnt appreciate it anymore”.

      Imagine, your partner talks to another woman. He knows that you, the mother of his children, came to hate it, but, instead of stopping right away, he appologizes to HER. Same story. To this guy (whom you hardly know) you clearly show that you put your partner of almost 18 years, and the father of your children, behind HIM, an almost complete stranger.

      7) “Then he got upset and said that my partner has got his girlfriend and he is just jealous”.

      It rather seems that he believes YOU to have views on him. And, uninterested himself, he elegantly states here that you two will never become an item, because – what a fabulous excuse! – you are already taken. Maybe at some point, at the very start, he flashed on you, because you are cute, and when he started to confess his love, he, in fact, lacked sex and/or recognition, go figure. Plus, he seems to be a drama queen.

      But love you, he does not. Instead, he disrespects your time and the fact that you are with another man. Laughs at you and asks to become his secretary. Keeps saying you need to be there with him (= come cross the country, darling, as you need me so much), while a man in love finds you by your name and age in the online directory, and drives a thousand miles to get to your street.

      8) “What can i do now? I dont want to hurt him”.

      The only thing you’ll wound, will be his self-esteem. And still, not for long.

      If you really want to know what to do, drop him out of your life. Stop talking with him, thinking of him and visiting his profile. Otherwise he’ll take more and more space in your thoughts and, in the end, will become even more important to you than your current partner, if it already is not the case. I may be mistaken, but this whole synastry list you submitted looks as if you asked, “Who is better for me: this man or that one?”. If your current partner is loyal to you, and respects you, and is a loving father to your kids, he IS the right person for you.

  2. amiannBonnie

    Theres more.. his lilith is 25° cancer conjunct my nessus.
    He knew about lilith.. apparently i was studying asteroids of old myths and he was selling products with those names. Coïncidence?
    He keeps saying i am his soulmate.
    His neptune is conjunct my anti vertex.
    I dont know all the meaning of it yet.
    His telephus 5264 22° virgo conjunct his sun 24° i checked it because it felt ackward he seem to know that much about me while we separated.
    My telephus is capricorn 24° 3rd house conjunct his juno 23° 10th house…

    What is this?? My juno is capricorn 9°

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      There are a lot of aspects, Bonnie. I would have to do a full synastry to really put it all together in a meaningful way. I think there would be a super powerful attraction though.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Ok.. this feels akward now..
    I told him because he aint happy in his relationship now and the fact im in one with kids.. and because he never got over me im not a fool to jump right back to him..
    It feels very demanding actually selfish too.. to be honest.
    His lilith might be playing up.. i suspect (transit maniac conjunct lilith).
    He finds me bitchy to confront him with the situation the way it is and says: ” i never told you to behave like this”….. ???
    With a threatening video of him speeding at the highway showing me the dashboard..
    Dunno what to do now..

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