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How Do SQUARES to Personal Planets Function in a Relationship Chart?

I write about my life, as well as the lives/charts of my clients, anonymously, of course, lest anyone worry. In this article, I would like to explore what happens when your personal planet squares the same personal planet of another. Please note, that one may not see how the planets function if one is not close to the other person. Marriage is the closest relationship. I find that some aspects do not reveal themselves until marriage. Onto the subject.This subject is birthed due to someone with whom I am in a very close relationship. He is a Virgo Sun. I am a Gemini Sun. Our Suns are not squared by aspect, but by SIGN. Squared signs seem to play out in a similar way to squared aspects. However, I do not think the effect will be as strong.

Let’s talk about squared signs, in general, for a moment. Squares present thwarts. Let’s use an example of a dog with a “tug of war” toy. You pull one way. The dog pulls the other. What happens? You are locked in: locked in the struggle. The end point would be one person( or animal) winning and one losing. Whichever side won, the outcome would, still, not be good. That side will bear resentment, which will, likely, surface to mar the relationship. In a harmonious relationship, there should not be winners or losers. Both should be winners.In the case of the square, unless the chart has other compensating factors, the relationship will not feel satisfying. Likely, it will feel downright bad.

Let’s study each of the personal planets and see how they function in the square aspect.

Squared Suns
The Sun is one’s ego. It is one’s basic thrust in life. It is one’s predominant style of being, if I can say that. It is one’s strongest energy. That is why one can see the sun signs of people and not, usually, the other placements. I am a Gemini. I am cerebral. The earth, including my house, can be falling apart all around me and I can be happily lost in a book. If I am not in a book, I am ” in my head”. Virgo is very “real life oriented. He is very systematic.He is very orderly. For example, a Virgo folds towels before he puts them in the closet. A Gemini stuffs them in. A Virgo does the dishes after he eats. A Gemini does the dishes when there are no more dishes. Hence, I hope you can see the different perspectives on life. The “lens” from which the Gemini and Virgo see life is very different. Hence, without compensating aspects for heart and soul, these two would likely kill each other.Every squared Sun couple in a close relationship will have these “tugs of war”. They do not have to destroy you, but be aware that it is simply the nature of the chart and not the fault of either person.

Squared Moons

Squared Moons are, probably, the hardest planets to have in a square. The Moon is one’s heart. I will relate a story. Of course, I will not tell the girl’s name, but she will know who she is. She and her boyfriend had squared Moons. I told her that I did not see a good relationship resulting from this. She got very angry and called me some nasty names. Subsequently, she moved in with her boyfriend. The upshot was that he tried to choke her when in a rage.

Of course, not all squared Moons come to this unfortunate end. However, squared Moons will not have a heart understanding—what is known as simpatico. In a relationship, the heart is number “one, two, three, four, five and six”. One can have squares of other personal planets and “make a go of it”. However, squared Moons will be a sad state of affairs, in my opinion. I will add one caveat. I am not sure if “Moon like” asteroids can overcome squared Moons. There are powerful heart asteroids, such as Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Pallas, to name a few. I have not done enough research with charts to say if these asteroids can overcome squared Moons, so I will leave it out there for you to research.

Squared Venus’

Venus is our tastes. Our tastes include tastes in food, art, literature and, of course, the opposite sex. Venus is, also, our mannerisms. These include how we move, how we speak and how we dress. I am sure you have had the experience of simply liking how a person moves—-his “way”. It is hard to be attracted to someone if you see them as graceless or clumsy. All of this is under the domain of Venus. I have seen good relationships with squared Venus signs, when there were Moon trines. I think squared Venus signs can be overcome, but it will not be particularly comfortable.

Squared Mars Signs

Squared Mars signs seem to give powerful attraction, of a more “wild” nature. In other words, Mars squares seem to make people want to swing from the light fixtures. However( and this is the big “however”), the natives seem to get into insurmountable power plays when the lust wears off. I do not see Mars squares as having long term potential, but I could be wrong. If there are powerful Moon aspects, most things can be overcome. In my opinion, the ultimate Moon aspect in synastry is Moon trine Moon, then Moon conjunct Moon and Moon sextile Moon, which I see as equal.

Squared Mercury Signs

Mercury is the mind and, also, the nature and manner of communication. I do not think Mercury squares can be overcome, but I may be wrong. I, personally, could not overcome a Mercury square. Communication is the KEY to a relationship. If one’s communication is thwarted, well, that is a sad state of affairs. Perhaps, Moon signs could overcome the squared Mercuries. In this case, the couple would have to “speak” heart to heart, not mind to mind.

Here is an another article that will help you to understand squares in synastry better.

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15 thoughts on “How Do SQUARES to Personal Planets Function in a Relationship Chart?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto sq Mercury can stuff thoughts and they kind of stay there and can explode–like they simmer

      I just did the personal planets in this article but I could do another article with the generational planets like Pluto and Neptune

  1. amiannBonnie

    Well my son and i have mercury in gemini, my daughter/ his sister mercury in virgo.. it does clash.
    But hey she is still young.
    I have trouble at the moment with a guy with mercury in virgo.. telling me what to do.. pleaseeee get a life..
    I told him to go and catch flies..
    His mercury is in trine with my sun but not with my mercury..
    Sometimes you have to agree to disagree but with him.. pfff

      1. amiannBonnie

        Lol.. but his mercury isnt stable either.. as a sun in taurus its strange..
        Im too.. sensual for that..
        All, the if’s, but/ and why’s.. analyzing.. this is how you learn to ly to the doctor..
        Because they dont always have the answer..
        Your not happy with it.. so you dig a bit deeper..
        Until maybe the next discovery is made.. genius minds eeh..

          1. amiannBonnie

            I have an interesting Capital square by composite with him…dont be shocked:
            Sun 19° cancer 6th house conjunct Nessus 20°.
            Mercury 24° cancer 7th house (he wants a twin of me). Opposite venus 19° capricorn 12th/ 1st house axis. Asc 20’53° □ pluto libra 20° 9th house. Mars 15° libra opposite asteroid maniac 17° aries 3rd house.
            Moon in cancer 7° 6th house.
            Jupiter in virgo 18° 8th house.
            NN 7th house leo 21’50° is conjunct my natal mc.

  2. amiannA

    Hi Amiann,
    His Venus squares my mars , his moon squares my venus. Does this make him feel it or me? Cause I feel the attraction and You put into words. I like the way he moves. its strange I totally stare but I am a Virgo/cap venus scorpio. So its reasonably controlled stare lol

  3. amiannLine

    Hi Amiann, do you use composite charts? If so do you also use asteroids with the composite charts. I am wondering as I was looking at my grandparents composite chart, and Union was conjunct Descendant at 0 degrees. I find that it sums up their relationship pretty well. Always interested in your take on astrology and asteroids 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Line, and thank you for your kind words! I trust the synastry more, though. I think the synastry defines the relationship. I look at the Comp for interest as a second thought but do not trust it alone.

  4. amiannBonnie

    Soo the sparks of a natal to another natal stays?
    But dont we change.. through time..?
    This virgo guy doesnt let go..
    His mars is conjunct my pluto by natal.
    He would like to know now too..
    When i check his progression his persephone hits my Sun exact in his 12th / his pluto exact my natal saturn.
    His part of fortune 20° cancer 3rd house (our sun in composite).
    His progressed sun conjunct his proserpina 3’54° scorpio conjunct my natal jupiter 12th house.
    I even checked draconic charts 😭 i see connections everywhere…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would not be too good. The way in which one person viewed maturity and “being an adult” would be thwarted by the other person who count not understand the hoes and whys. I have not seen this but I don’t think it would feel too good. Can you tell us about it, E?

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