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How Do You Know if Your Guy is a Psycho?

I know “psycho” is not a professional term. You can substitute sociopath or psychopath if it makes you happy. Also, this could apply to women as well.( I always get that question). However, most psychos are men. I think “I” as a professional astrologer could tell you if your guy is a psycho. However, I would not be one hundred percent accurate. I would tell you that in my professional opinion “it don’t look good”.

Let’s go onto the aspects which I have found may indicate a psychopath. One is the North Node. The North Node shows life themes. It always comes true. It just does. I have done thousands of charts and that which conjuncts your North Node will be a life theme. This could be positive or negative but we are talking about psychos here, so it is negative.

There are certain danger asteroids. When any of these conjunct the North Node, one must pause. Is it the fault of the person? No. However, you should take heed. I talk about many of these danger/abuse/bullying/sadistic asteroids in my various articles. I will explain how some of them manifest.

Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. Many politically correct people feel that every chart must be “good”. They get angry when I talk about Nessus or the other abuse asteroids. Well, don’t listen to me. Be like the girl who acted holier than thou and later came back to tell me that her boyfriend tried to strangle her. This actually happened but it was with Moon square Moon not Nessus. However, the point remains the same. Nessus conjunct the North Node makes for a life theme of abuse. Usually, the native IS the abuser but in rarer cases, the native may get abused. If this were to happens, there would be aspects for “weakness” in the personality of the native. In other words, the native is not able to stand up for herself.

Sado is another danger asteroid. It is the asteroid of sadism. A close family member of mine had this. I saw it in bas relief, that means up close and personal. If Sado conjuncts your North Node, you will have sadism as a life theme and you will, usually, be the sadist. Does Sado always make the person sadistic? I think people can find a relationship with God and change deeply, but many of their original traits will remain unchanged.The natal chart is one’s blueprint. These sadistic traits may not show to the outside world but they will show to the person with whom one has an intimate relationship. No one is perfect but some people have much more of a “jerk” chart. It is just the way it is. If you don’t like it, go to an astrologer who sees everyone as good and keep your fingers crossed that Norman B. does not ask you out for a date.

Norman looks pretty cute in his picture, which brings me to my point that a psychopath can fool you and usually does. So, you need to study the chart of anyone with whom you want to form an intimate relationship. Our children come into the world with their own charts. I think one is born a psychopath generally speaking. However, a psychopath can be MADE due to a very abusive background. However, if I was forced to choose nature or nurture i.e the chart or the family, I would choose the chart.

Back to chart traits of a psychopath. I could add many danger asteroids because there are many. However, one biggie I have found is Medea. My last foray into true crime introduced me to Thomas Compano. He was very charming, and a high powered attorney. Read my last article on him if you are interested. What is relevant to this article is that his Medea was conjunct his North Node. Medea is EXTREME revenge. Compano thought people were disloyal in cases in which it was clearly not the case and he punished them. He did the ultimate punishment when he killed his girlfriend for daring to leave him for a more suitable man. In the myth, Medea killed her children in revenge for her husband’s cheating.

Now, we come to Jupiter, which is conscience. Many hard aspects to Jupiter can blunt the conscience. I think a sociopath must have a compromised Jupiter.It is that simple. The more compromised Jupiter is, the lower the level of conscience.

Pluto is a powerhouse in the chart. Pluto can a super hero. Pluto can give you the strength to fight the world. This occurs when Pluto is well aspected. Well aspected is the trines and sextiles. The conjunctions can go either way based on the rest of the chart.However, Pluto in hard aspect may make someone a terror. One example of Pluto in relationship to another planet is Pluto/Mars.Pluto trine Mars is great internal strength and drive. Pluto in conjunction to Mars or in hard aspect to Mars is temper! In the chart of Compano, we have a conjunction of Pluto and Mars. In the charts of bad dudes, we often see Pluto in hard aspect to Mars. Hard aspects are the square, opposition or quincunx. The closer the orb, the stronger the trait. The square tends to stuff rage and explode. The opposition tends to go back and forth with expressing rage and stuffing rage. The quincunx does not know what to do with rage. Rage may feel like an alien force with which he has no resources to cope. Pluto in hard aspect to Mars does not make a killer. It makes someone with a bad temper.

An aspect which I think I discovered was the nature of the Unaspected Mars. I learn from charts not from other people, generally speaking. I do charts and pick the brains of the owners of the charts.The Unaspected Mars has a wicked temper. When the Mars is in a Cardinal sign, it is much, much worse. The Cardinal signs are Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn. The fixed signs are the next worse, if we can say that. These are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. The best place to have an Unaspected Mars is in the Mutable signs. These are Virgo, Gemini,Pisces and Sagittarius.

I hope this article has helped a bit. I try to educate people so they can avoid the mistakes people make if they don’t have the charts as a resource. Love you all!!

16 thoughts on “How Do You Know if Your Guy is a Psycho?

  1. amiannShiver Fox

    What do you think a prominence of a Karen’s chart? I think they have some generational prominent point conjunct their North node, cause I don’t think a person can be that publicly awful.

      1. amiannThank you

        So I’ve got a 4° orb with Medea/Venus (phew) but sadly, a 2.3° orb between Opophis/Mars … what are your thoughts on that? Too, I’ve got Reiki Rx conjunct my NN and Jung is biquintile – I too prefer the truth and am always on a quest to better myself (which ultimately one cannot do without shining a light where it’s most dark).

  2. amiannStartoucher

    I have a case, Benus in Caori, Moon in Capri 11th conjuncts Ketu, t square Pluto 8th Libra, Saturn 5th Cancer with Rahu.
    Ruler of the Asc in 8th – Uranus, destroys whatever he touches.
    Almuten figuris Saturn in a very frustrated position, squared by Pluto.
    But the worst thing is his Sun in Aqua with combust Jupiter in 1st and retro Mercury in nested Pisces in 1st square Neptune on MC.
    Cerebral malignant narcissist, social narcissism, passive agresive, paranoid personality, manipulative, brainstorming, brainwashing, gaslighting and prone to domestic mental violence, both of his children are visiting shrinks…. Wife ran away but she is mentally destroyed…

  3. amiannShan

    The founder of a company I worked for hand an unaspected mars in Libra. Speed freak, the company had to move headquarters because he had gotten so many speeding tickets in a town, the police set traps for him. (He wasn’t a psycho tho! But he had to work on his anger, and still does.)

  4. amiannHolly

    What do we know about the asteroid Lucifer? My daughter and I both have it within a few degrees of our north node, as does a dear friend of mine. I’m not entirely convinced that Lucifer is a “bad” asteroid yet, but who the F knows? LOL

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