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Fifteen Interesting Aspects in the Natal Chart and WHY?

Interesting Aspects and WHY?

I hope I am meeting my personal goals—making Astrology fun and interesting while, at the same time, helping people learn Astrology.

Libra Moon
I have written about this Moon in other articles. I have gotten much criticism from Libra Moons( Of course, what do you expect?) However, I do think some Moons are not compatible with others. I am not compatible with a Libra Moon. I am a Cancer Moon. I am very reactive when it comes to emotions, particularly those having to do with loyalty. If someone hurts someone I love, I react. I don’t ask for a doctoral thesis, then decide what I am going to do.*YAK*

My experience with Libra Moons is that they “think” when they should feel. I have been very hurt by a Libra Moon who, also, had other issues, such as no empathy. So, that does color my viewpoint on Libra Moons. However, when it is all said and done, this is one of the coldest, if not “the” coldest Moon in the Zodiac. It is called the “Courtesan’s Moon” for reasons on which you can speculate.

Cancer Moon

This is my Moon. We are very deep feeling, although we are not “weenies”. Cancer is a cardinal sign. Hence, we are natural leaders. Our most important domain in life is the people we love. We are not perfect. We can be passive aggressive, due to anger being something that is “scary” to us. I am a Cancer Mars, too, so that may account for the “fear” of anger. However, by in large, a Cancer Moon native will be loyal and true. However, one caveat, don not betray them. Do not “sell them out”. You really do not want to see their wrath.

Scorpio Moon

This native defines”deep”. He is so deep that he falls in his OWN hole. He can’t help the intensity of his emotions. If I know someone is a Scorpio Moon, I make sure never to betray them. They are very sensitive to betrayal and may even take something “normal” in social intercourse as a betrayal. This Moon would be the most likely to slash your tires or sugar your engine. That being said, they are very loyal to those they love. They will protect those whom they love. This Moon would be too intense for me, as far as a very close relationship, but I do respect many things about them.

Nessus Conjunct the North Node

If I saw this aspect, I would be careful not to make the native angry. You do not want to be on the wrong side of this native. The “bad” asteroids do give a kind of power and strength. I have seen that. In that way, it may be better to have a “bad”, yet strong asteroid like Nessus, rather than a “weak” asteroid like Dejanira( the victim asteroid) However, I would not marry someone with aspect or be a BFF( best friend forever). I would give a wide berth. I know the charts of the people who are close to me. Some people have some “nasty” asteroids like Bilk conjunct the Sun, but I know that this will result in someone who may try to take advantage of me for money. I live with it, but I KNOW. That is why we should respect Astrology, not argue with the messenger( me).

Moon Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally.They are very open and honest about their feeling; they don’t know how to be any other way. They are, usually, very good looking, as well. The Moon here seems to grace them with an open and vulnerable beauty.

Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

This aspect is on many of my lists because it makes me laugh. I call these natives “Stink Eye” after my dog. I have to admit, she is not the best trained dog. If she gets angry, she will stare at you with a look that makes you back up ten paces. This is what I lovingly call “Stink Eye”. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant kind of wears this look as an every day accoutrement. People tend to respect this native. Wouldn’t you?

Uranus Conjunct the Ascendant

This native looks “weird” in some way. He may dress in a strange i.e unconventional way. He may have many piercings, such as ear, lip, nose, eyebrow and others one can’t see. He may, simply, act in an “off beat” way. Some people thrive on having Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. Some people feel burdened by it. It would depend on if you enjoyed shocking people. To some natives, this is a very amusing pastime. To others, they wish they could be more conventional.

Nemesis Conjunct the Moon

Nemesis is a hidden enemy. The Moon is one’s female self, one’s emotions, one’s mother and other women, in general. In the case of Nemesis conjunct the Moon, the mother may have been a hidden enemy. Also, the native may find that women, in general, seem to betray them. If this pattern exists, there seems little the native can do to dispel it.

Mars Conjunct Chiron

I discovered the workings of this aspect from doing charts of men. In several cases of Mars conjunct Chiron, the man was very uncomfortable being “male”. Being “male” means being assertive, going after goals in a forthright way and “taking care of the business of life”. In the cases I saw, the men seemed kind of paralyzed when confronted with these things. The men seemed confused as to why their lives were not working. The chart can answer questions such as these, if the person will be honest about facing himself, which is rarer than you think.

Venus Conjunct Chiron

These natives seem to have love, all love, associated with pain. It seems to show itself more so in the romantic realms, however. The native bears no fault in this. It is the nature of the chart. In cases such as this, the closeness of the orb is key. The closer the orb, the more the pattern is resistant to change. If there is a wide orb, the trait would be more ambient. This is the nature of orbs, in general.

Lower Half of Chart Occupied by Many Planets

These natives tend to be introverts. A practical thing I have noticed is that these natives will not open up and share their pain. They kind of simmer in it and this simmering seems to have deleterious effects on their health, emotional and/or physical. It is the blessed person who can share his pain. Pain shared is halved. Pain kept inside is doubled.

Upper Half of Chart Occupied by Many Planet

This native tends to be an extrovert. It is a blessing to be able to reach out to people. It is a blessing to “need” people in this way. God made us to have relationships. We suffer if we are too afraid to risk rejection: too afraid to show our vulnerable side.

Sado Conjunct the Moon

Someone in my family has Sado conjunct the Moon and she has no empathy. I would not fool with this asteroid the way I would not fool with nuclear waste. If I saw this asteroid in anyone, even my nail stylist, I would run—period end. You don’t fool with some of these asteroids( or planetary aspects). You respect them or pay. That is how I see it. Good luck if you don’t.

Moon Conjunct Mars

This native likely had a bad relationship with his or her mother. He, himself, is likely to be very irritable, in general i.e hair trigger. The closer the aspect, the greater the trait. Likely, this native mistrusts women, in general. If it is a female, she is, likely, not really comfortable with her feminine side. Also, she may not trust other women.

Venus Conjunct Pluto

This native takes love very seriously. If he is hurt, he hurts deeply. When he loves, he loves deeply. He can get obsessed with his love interests i.e life rises and falls on the whims of his relationships. Please, treat his heart kindly. Love hurts him more than it does the “average Joe”.

25 thoughts on “Fifteen Interesting Aspects in the Natal Chart and WHY?

  1. amiannBonnie

    Thats nice.

    Emotions vs judgement?
    With my Moon libra 6° 11th house + N.N cancer 15° 9th house/ my Ex= moon cancer 14° 9th house + N.N libra 19° in 1st house (my saturn R libra 17°).

    Ive met a guy (ex) last year with cancer sun 22° (* star pollux) in 10th house and cancer moon 14° in 9th house and nessus 7° (waldemath h58 in cancer 4°)- in trine * see below.
    You would say with our aspects it was meant to be.. his moon conjunct my North Node.
    I probably could write a book about it.
    The amount ive studied astrology now within the last year (thinking) didnt stop me from feeling.. i’ve cried new rivers on planet earth..
    It was a rollercoaster ride with him and it still is.
    He has really deeply hurt me but still i can forgive him.. dont ask me why..
    A few times i thought i would die by his hand, because he got so angry- jealous and possesive. His juno 14° scorpio 2nd house/ opposite my sun.
    Instant crazy ideas he had lilith conjunct venus in mercury 7°/ 9° on the edge of 9th house (my vertex on 14° gemini 8th house).. he was afraid of rejection/ fear of abandon.. thats what i “think” because he showed his emotions in anger, threatning, abusive, controlling, manipulating.. he didnt spoke about it. Yes the next day to say sorry and let’s forget about it.. he did fooled me a few times that way.
    Maybe his sextile venus/ mercury leo 9° (10th house)
    Untill he beaten me up, pulled my hair and dragged me over the street that way. Saturn in leo 16° in 10 th house.
    After we split he kept sending me pictures of him with others girls or him drinking.. then drunk texts every month or so saying i miss you.. i want you.. today again..
    Dont ask me why i dont delete his number.
    Maybe i got the text because venus transit his pluto libra 11° his 12th house today.. Asc 13° we did kept it silent our relationship which was intense for 4 months. Nessus in full play. His chiron taurus 5° conjunct my asteroïd chaos (7th house).. and my desc 8° taurus.
    His Uranus scorpio 7° (conjunct my asc) and Bacchus 2063 3° scorpio in his 1st house conjunct my jupiter R in 12th house, i felt leeched and drained of energy, emotions, money etc.
    * So a grandtrine of emotional manipulation with my dejanira 4° in pisces 4th house (and waldemath h58 pisces 5°)- his nessus/ waldemath in cancer – with his bacchus/ uranus and my jupiter and ascendant.
    I couldnt deal with the facts he lied, he was an alcoholic and tried to hide his drugaddiction.. he lied to his family too and asked me to lie for him.
    My asteroid lie 8° cancer (in 8th house) conjunct his nessus..
    I did lie (hide) to others about the sex and the sexual abuse. We had another argument he told his parents that i will say he abused me because i am that mean. I was flabbergasted!! So i kept my mouth shut about it all. It all didnt feel right anymore.. in the meantime i felt fear for him and was thinking of ways how to get out of his cancer claws. Untill his birthday 15th of July i got the final blows on my head and arm.. why?
    He was moody that day, we drank a bit, argued in the poolcenter because i was flirting in his eyes.. i only asked directions to the toilet.. he couldnt order the food he really liked. Then we went to the park and i must have said something that triggered him..
    His BAM 2031 leo 23° (11th house) was triggered by a moon transit opposite transit waldemath h58 in aquarius 21° that day… (waldemath was conjunct my IC) mars in aquarius that triggered uranus …
    His asteroïde karma is conjunct my juno capricorn.
    I can give more details of what happened, even the asteroids back it up with synchronicity.

    When i check the draconic charts my ascendant is cancer 21’26 and sun 27° capricorn- his sun capricorn 3° 10th house and saturn 27° capricorn with ascendant pisces 23’46° and i checked most of it out.. compared it with natal and it fits.
    When i hear from him i cry, i feel the connection.. at one point he felt like a twin, he felt like homecoming, but also reflected the bad.
    He with ascendant in pisces makes sense with his drugs.. and he drugged me to have sex with him. His D pluto conjunct my natal destinn, my natal karma/ venus/ pof conjunct his D north node with the transit chiron that triggered it. His D chiron libra 15° 7th house conjunct my natal saturn and my D BAM in libra 17°.
    My D chiron is aquarius 5° (7th house) conjunct my natal BAM at 4° aquarius.

    It seems draconic charts back up extra information especially it rules the north node at aries 0° with chiron transit over it now.. its like an unconscious layer exposed.

    Anyway.. sorry for all the libra and gemini details..
    And about feeling.. i did care and still love this man no matter how much he hurted me thats when i had to judge.. am i gonna drown here or need air..

    I am happy to share my story and research.
    Because i cant talk with anyone about astrology and i am scared to be judged of what happend. So Bonnie aint my real name out of privacy reasons.
    It feels safer this way.

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      “He has really deeply hurt me but still i can forgive him.. dont ask me why..”

      Bonnie, two questions, if I may.
      1) Do you understand why you can forgive him?
      2) How much are you afraid for your children’s future, especially your daughter’s?

      1. amiannBonnie

        Hi Julia,
        1) because people on drugs are selfish.
        I did learn a lot of what to look out for.
        2) my fears used to be terrible, unconscious i still do. My daughter has her mars on my vertex gemini 14° (she in her 9th house).
        I do try to raise her with more love, respect and understanding/ support then i had. I can fear a lot of doom scenario’s.

        1. amiannJulia_Y

          Hi Bonnie, is good what you do to your daughter. That’s what we, mothers, are for.

          What a super Mars, Mars in Gemini! A capable girl, good both with her hands & brains.

          Do you want to know how to never ever be manipulated, abused, exploited again? This will also greatly benefit to your daughter and son.

    2. amiannJulia_Y

      Hi Ami,

      Forgive me for taking so much space. As Bonnie wants to protect her privacy, the only place I can answer her is here.


      Hi Bonnie,

      Since you want to learn how to never be exploited/abused/manipulated again, here we go.

      You surely know the expression “to be open to people”. Truth is you open to people your personal boundaries.

      Imagine you live in a garden surrounded by a wall. This wall represents your personal boundaries – an obstacle between your territory and the other people’s territory. In this wall, there is a gate. This gate is what you actually open to people.

      No matter who can knock on this gate, but can he enter? No! He can’t, unless you unlock the gate, open it and let him in. Alias become receptive to his ideas and desires.

      When you communicate with a person you like, you easily let her in, don’t you. Why? Her presence pleasures you. A human seeks comfort and pleasure. So when you like somebody and let him in, you do it out of selfishness. You compliment her, buy her nice things, cook for her, take her to a restaurant or to the movies because you want this person who you like so much to stay on your territory, to be close to you. Because her presence makes you feel good.

      Selfishness is absolutely natural and normal. The only thing that is truly yours, from birth, is you. If you don’t have you, you can’t give anything to anybody. You plainly do not exist.
      A manipulator wants to get from you something you initially don’t want to give. An object, a service, time, sympathy… whatever.

      A manipulator is a regular person. He is no god. He is incapable of crashing your gate. The ONLY thing he is capable of doing is MAKING YOU FEEL DEPENDENT on him when it comes to your comfort and pleasure. You – falsely – believe that by giving him what he wants, you either have pleasure or avoid problem, or both.

      Ex 1. Aunty Molly, who was cheated on by her 5 husbands, will be sad (problem), if I say I don’t want to listen about her life all over again. On the other hand, if I sit and listen, she may feel better (and that’s pleasant for me to feel so kind and compassionate).

      Ex 2. My neighbor Bob who threatens to poison my cat Sherlock has taken my parking place again. But if I tell him off, he may indeed poison Sherlock! (problem).

      Ex 3. My boss asks me to stay late. I don’t want to, but if I refuse, he may not give me a promotion, when I ask for one (problem).

      Ex 4. Cindy, the girl I’m secretly in love with, wants me to lend her money she never pays back. I hope so much that if I keep helping her, she’ll see what a great guy I am and will date me (pleasure).

      And so on.

      Note: all these Aunty Molly, Bob, the boss, and even Cindy may not even try to use you because they are bad. They simply want (as all of us)something profitable to them.
      But you FEEL DEPENDENT on them. That’s why you open your gate, let them in and give them something against your will.

      So here comes the remedy.

      How to never be exploited/abused/manipulated?

      Recognize as much as two things :

      1) only YOU are in control of what you think, want, believe and do. Be independent in your thoughts and actions, because you ARE.

      2) you are NEVER in control of what other people think, want, believe and do. Therefore, act, according to your interests, not theirs.

      Every time you realize that somebody wants to take from you more than you want to give, without giving you not much in return, say “No”. Without any explanation. And pause.

      If the person asks why (why won’t you listen? Why won’t you lend me money? Why won’t you work with me?), give your reasons, but without blaming the person. Take the full responsibility for your refusal. Say not “you never give it back!”, but “I don’t want to”. Say no “I’m fed up with your stories!”, but “I am busy today”. Thus you won’t hurt the person. You don’t need enemies, do you?

      If the person repeats her why (You don’t want to, but why?), repeat “I don’t want to”, and say no more. If the person makes a guess of what prevents you from accepting (Are you afraid that I…), say “This is the impression I have”.

      Never blame. Never accuse. Never settle accounts. Never have an argument.

      And never say to the person what she should do, unless she asks you for guidance. But if you know how she can solve her problem, ask if you could offer her a solution. “Would you like to… (make a new cool friend?… know where to get money? ..). Or, at least, say “I beg your pardon for saying this, but won’t it be better for you to… (go on with your advice). This solution is not as polite as the “would you like” one, but it is way better than saying bluntly “You should do this, and that, and that”.

      One last note. If the person ever fuses and starts blaming you or calling you names, distance yourself. Leave. Hang up. Close the dialogue window. And do your thing. Don’t think it over, not once.

      To many people it is not very easy to start doing this. Especially when you have said yes multiple times before. You’ve listened to Aunty Molly for years, out of politeness! How would she feel if you say that you don’t want to listen anymore? Well, you don’t know that. And you should not try to foresee. Your only task is to make her feel as good as possible when you refuse. That is why you say a simple no, take the full responsibility, give an explanation only if she asks for one, and never go for an argument.

      To forge this habit, you’ll need 21 days of a regular exercise.

      That’s all.

      How do you feel now?

  2. amiannDaphne

    Oh my God Ami, I just learned that Sado is on mij descendant (1 degree from it) and squaring my Venus en Mercury in the tenth. I had a lot of painful relationships. Only now I learn why! Thank you.

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “Moon Conjunct the Ascendant… are very open and honest about their feelings”

    Mine are literally written all over my face.

    “Lower Half of Chart Occupied by Many Planets. These natives tend to be introverts. A practical thing I have noticed is that these natives will not open up and share their pain”.

    Yes. I don’t think my struggles interest anyone but me .

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would affect you. You may not feel comfortable with your male side–aggression, drive etc. Each person has a male and a female side, as I am sure you know.

  4. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    Hey I have a question about bilk and nemesis in synastry – when it’s in aspect to personal planets, is the planet person the hidden Enemy etc or the asteroid person ?

    I have someone who puts their nemesis on my Sun ..

    Also, Venus in hard aspect (semi sextile) to bilk in synastry?

    Thanks !!

  5. amiannJJ

    What about Jupiter/Chiron in a man? Would he be a bad husband/father only or is it overall trouble with his masculinity again?
    I have lower half planets and that’s true, introverted, Venus trine Chiron – too romantic. I’d rather die alone than be with the wrong man. Very idealistic. Also attract the emotionally distant so it’s better not to bother.
    For Moons and Venus, if you’re a few degrees away from the next sign (2-3) and resonate with that far more, would it be interpreted as that or is that wrong?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter/Chiron can’t say a good or bad father. You need to see the whole chart. Sun/Chiron may not be a good father cuz his own father gave me a lot of pain.Venus trine Chiron. I have it too. You can combine love with your pain to help others.
      Moon and Venus—counting as the next sign?? I would say no, but I could be wrong.

      1. amiannJJ

        A post on considering a man as a suitor like that would be interesting. Like, what would make a man a good father or bad or distant or anything like that, we usually just read things as a husband role, which is only half the picture.

  6. amiannNighta

    I agree with what you wrote of libra moons, to an extent. I am a Libra moon. I’m very in tune with other people’s emotions, but struggle to express my own sometimes.
    Funnily enough though my twin flame is a Cancer moon. He helps me be more emotional and vulnerable and I help him be rational when his emotions take over.
    Also just discovered I have nemesis conjunct my DC by 1 degree.. uh oh 😧

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