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Interesting Aspects in Men–and WHY?

I was thinking about this as I was deleting some of my over 3000 e mails. I am an earth void and I don’t do anything until I am overrun. In deleting the e mails, I came to some e mails from one of my very favorite clients, Dan. He talks so sweetly that I could melt. I am a Venus in Gemini. Words are the things that attract me i.e make me wild. I have to be honest. I demand it of you, so why not me?

Well, Dan is a Venus in Pisces. His way with words is simply delicious. I saw a picture of him, which is simply delicious, too, which brings me to another placement—-Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant. So, in one person, I have two of my favorite aspects in a man. I write about men because it is hard for me to see behind my heterosexual bent when it comes to women. Some aspects function in the same way with men and women. Some don’t. I am what I call a “watery” astrologer. I like to get behind the eyes of placements, not just talk from my intellect. Hence, I cannot get behind eyes that have an attraction to women.

Well, with that caveat, I will begin my article.

Venus in Pisces

I described Venus in Pisces above. He speaks as if he is reciting poetry, but it is not sappy or insincere. I have not dated one, but I bet his dates are up to any romantic chick flick’s standards. I think he would be a “jewel of a catch” when it came to meeting your romantic dreams, so if you are fortunate enough to have one, count your lucky stars.

Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant

Nessus is a “weird” asteroid. Maybe, Nessus is not weird, people are. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. It could also be called the “bad boy” asteroid. What is wrong with us women that we like the bad boys? That would take a tome to answer, but it does seem to play out. Nessus gives a “dangerous” feeling to the man who has it in a prominent place. The Nessus conjunct the Ascendant man seems to be very sexy, with a certain “something”. In other words, he kind of “does it for you, but you don’t know why”. My guess is that he would not be a good marriage partner. If you married him, be sure you are strong enough to dominate him if he tries to victimize you. I would never marry someone with this aspect, myself. Astrology will play out. Write that a hundred times.

Unaspected Venus

Daryl Hall has an Unaspected Scorpio Venus *Swoon*. The Unaspected Venus in either sex gives a big, fat dose of charm. So, if your boy is fortunate enough to have one, just sit back and enjoy, like an excellent glass of wine or a fine painting.

Moon trine Venus
I put this on every list. That is because it is such a darn lovely aspect. I can feel it in men. This men loves women. He charms them like a bee to honey. He, likely, loved his mother, although I have seen men with this aspect who did not. He, likely, respects women, but I have seen men with this aspect not respect women. At any rate, this man is a true, true charmer. He will make you feel special. He will pay attention to you in the way women like. So, this is a superstar placement.

Mars in Scorpio
Mars in Scorpio is on all of my lists. I have many articles on it. Men with Mars in Scorpio are sexy. I don’t think any other placement in his natal chart will negate this. It is certain “something” unique to this Mars sign. I have seen very unattractive men attract the most beautiful women when the men have a Mars in Scorpio. The key to us, women, is to make us feel beautiful and sexy and this Mars is the best Mars for the job, so to speak.

Eros Conjunct the Ascendant

Eros is sexy. It has cool, sexy vibes. It does not scream, “I am sexy”, as does Lilith conjunct the Ascendant. It just sits there and pulsates with erotic vibes. Either sex will be the same with this aspect. It is a pure cache into the world of romance and the native, usually, knows how to use it.

Mars in Capricorn
If you want to marry a guy who will provide you with an excellent home and all the nice things in life, this is your Mars man. He has wonderful traits, such as being responsible and being able to stick to a goal,such as going to law or medical school, not an easy feat.I am not saying this Mars is not “sexy”, per se, because he may be. However, he is the alpha male when it comes to “moving up the ladder of success”. There are some things more important than sexy vibes. Think long term!

Mars Conjunct Venus

This aspect for “out of this world” charisma is on most of my lists. WHY? If you see it, especially, if it is exact, you know you have a “hunk a hunk” of man. He, likely, knows it, too. This does not mean he is not humble. However, he will know the power he has to attract women. Women have been throwing themselves at him all his life. I am not saying he cannot be faithful to one women. This aspect would not tell me that, one way or another. However, this man has the “it factor” and knows it!

Mercury Conjunct Venus
This man expresses himself beautifully. He may do so in speech or writing. I have seen it mostly with speech. There is something about how he speaks—-his voice and his expressions that makes him beautiful I can pick out this aspect from hearing a man’s voice. Kenneth E Hagin, one of my fave Bible teachers has it. His voice is so soothing. I have listened to him many a night when I needed comfort. My current favorite Bible teacher, Henry W Wright, has it, too.

Mars Conjunct Mercury

I love, love, love this aspect. The man is very direct. He is very forthright. He seems to have a very high level on integrity, in that he says what he means. He is not “politically correct”, which is one of the biggest turn offs in a man ( or anyone). This man is a superstar in his own right because it is so rare to find a person who is not afraid to express his real feelings and opinion.

Cancer Ascendant

This is my favorite Ascendant in a man. They seem very homey, very warm and comfy. They look sweet and like a little boy. The Ascendant of a person can be very misleading. The person may or may not be like their Ascendant. Sometimes, they are very different. I have an article on “Fake Outs”. This talks about how a person can appear a way that he is not. I talk about Ascendants in this article. I will link the article.

Pluto Square Mars

These men may have a temper with a capital *T*. Pluto square Mars is an aspect for violence when in the synastry chart. In the natal chart, yes, the person could “lose it”. We are being honest. Right?

Moon Square Mars

I have many articles on this aspect. I call it the “Man who hates women” aspect. I have gotten so much flak that I do amend it to “men who don’t trust women”. Well, whichever way you cut it, this dude does have deep down issues with women, but I have yet to have a man, who has this aspect, admit it. When you see this aspect, Ladies, watch the dude. Don’t take my word for it. Does this aspect preclude a relationship with him? No, but I would watch it. Your best defense is to amass your own personal power. Isn’t that our best defense for everything, however hard it may be to do it.

Saturn in the 8th House

This aspect may make the native uncomfortable with sexuality i.e “WHAT, take my clothes off?”. This would work the same way with men or women.

Jupiter in the 8th House

This placement is supposed to make a man well endowed.

Jupiter Conjunct the Ascendant
This aspect works the same way with men or women. It makes the native popular and well liked. People feel good and happy being around him. That translates into popularity.

Apollo Conjunct the Ascendant
This man is very attractive. The same would be the case for women. People admire him. People think very highly of him. People want to imitate him like if he wears checked pants, you will, too.

Many, many hard aspects to Jupiter
Beware of a person with a lack of conscience. I have seen charts in which almost all the planets were in hard aspect to Jupiter. The people were sociopaths. There was another chart of a sociopath, self admitted, in which there were 3-4 hard aspects to Jupiter. The chart of a sociopath will show a blunting of conscience. Jupiter is a prime planet when assessing conscience. The Moon is second.

Fake Out Placements in the Natal Chart

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Fake Out Placements in the Synastry Chart

Four Fake Out Placements in Synastry

8 thoughts on “Interesting Aspects in Men–and WHY?

  1. amiannEmily

    Hi Ammie.
    Can you explain a bit about the meaning of nemesis conjunct ascendant in natal chart?
    I have it and it’s kind of a weird aspect to have. Does that mean you are you’re own enemy? Or Your body is your enemy (not feeling good about your looks for example)? Or maybe that others may see you and react as if you were there enemy?
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think YOU may be a secret enemy to people. This is not your fault, E. It is the nature of the chart energies, so don’t blame yourself. We each have certain of these “whammys”.

  2. amiannLaura

    Hi Ami,

    What about a man with Leo Venus sextile Libra Mars, quite possibly with a Moon-Venus conjunction? I’d say it’s close enough to the aspects you’ve decribed — Moon trine Venus and Venus conjunct Mars. Sweet and charming, he adores women and they love him, too. Could these aspects mean he sleeps around? He denied it and seemed sincere but I’m not sure I believe him.

    And yes, Venus in Pisces men are sooo romantic!

  3. amiannKim

    Mars in Scorpio is vindictive. For a water placement it is very cold. There is no exception when this aspect is in their chart. Can and will cut off all ties with family, friends, lovers, when they feel slighted. Yuk, who wants to walk on eggshells?!!

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