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Jeffrey Epstein—-Accurate Natal Chart

I truly apologize for my error in having an incorrect birth year in my last article.I do think I made some interesting points in my last analysis. I think the insights are too good for me to delete that article entirely, so read it or not, using your own discretion. Now, we are in business regarding the natal chart of Jeffrey Epstein. Once again, I am making the supposition that he has a Sagittarius Ascendant. I wish I could see him in video because this would help but it is a supposition only. Hence, the houses are not something we can rely on. The Moon may vary six degrees in either direction.

Onto the chart! When I do the natal chart for my clients, first of all, I tell them what “strikes” me. Then, I go around the chart wheel and talk about planets, houses and aspects. Then, I summarize. Then I do thirty or more charts in order to study 300 or more asteroids. Then, I do a final summary. This takes me 3-4 days. In the case of Jeffrey, let’s just start and see where the chart takes us.

First of all, I see the classic aspect for charisma—-Mars conjunct Venus. The conjunction is in Pisces, which surprises me.Pisces is the most romantic of any Venus sign. I bet he has quite a “line of cow excrement” he feeds his victims in order to lure them. With Mars in Pisces natives, they are not “go getters”, generally speaking. Since he seems to be a consummate go getter in the area of career, I am surprised he has this Mars sign, but we shall see more as we move on.

In my case, I have a Cancer Mars, which can be another “lame” Mars. Cancer Mars can be passive aggressive, rather than assertive. Cancer Mars would rather get sick than angry.Expressing anger is a struggle for Cancer Mars because this Mars is afraid of anger. However, I have Bellona, the Roman goddess of war, in exact conjunction to my Mars. I am a strong warrior when needed. So, as we move on, we may see powerful assertion or aggression in Jeffrey from some aspect other than his Pisces Mars.

If we accept my birth time for Jeffey, we have Uranus in the 8th house. In the chart of a person like him, I would expect Uranus in the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of hidden passions. Uranus “makes weird” that which it touches. ANY person with Uranus in the 8th house would be kinky. Jeffrey was well beyond kinky, but the principle stands.

The next thing I am going to talk about is noteworthy. I have seen this play out in charts and it is very painful. I am referring to the opposition of Uranus and Chiron. Jeffrey has it exact. I wish we knew the correct birth time because then we would know HOW he plays out his pain. In my example, Chiron is in the house of money. I have observed that one does not need to be in poverty to have a Chiron in the 2nd house, although most people who have it grew up with poverty. However, even if one is wealthy, money can cause pain. So, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, his sexual predilections are somehow triggered by money.

This could be from feeling a lack of money, needing money to feel secure or any number of factors. The human psyche is complex. The chart is the blueprint for the psyche but one really needs to talk to the client in depth to understand the psyche. That is one reason it takes me 4-5 days to do a natal chart. I do not need financial recompense from astrology. I do it because I love it. I love to talk to my clients. If I had to churn out charts with little interaction with the clients, I would not do it at all.

So far, I do not see a lot making me think he is a consummate predator, but we have just started. Some areas of struggle would be the close quincunx of Pluto and Mercury. Pluto is power. How one expresses one’s power or, conversely, the manner in which one is afraid of one’s power is very defining of the personality. In the case of this close quincunx, Jeffrey may not feel comfortable with primal power. This does seem to fit him as anyone who is a pedophile has a problem with power. Sex with children is not sexual, but is a power play. It reveals a person who has so little power that he has to take advantage of weaker people. This makes me speculate about the asteroid Toro, which is the asteroid of the bully. I, also, wonder about Sado, the asteroid of sadism. I, also, wonder about Aphophis, which makes chaos and doom to that which it touches.

Uranus opposes Mercuy, but it is not close. This makes for a brilliant person. However, the person could struggle with a racing and worried mind. However, this opposition is quite common, especially at a wide orb, and so does not bode for much.

If my chart time is correct, we have the North Node in the 2nd house, which would fit. Jeffrey is very successful financially. However, Chiron in the same house as the North Node shows us that his life purpose is fraught with pain.

His Moon is likely in Aries. There would be a small chance it could be in Pisces, but I doubt it. The Pisces Moon is very compassionate. I cannot see a sexual predator with a Pisces Moon, although I am sure it could happen but it does not seem very likely. The Aries Moon is a go getter. The Aries Moon can be selfish. Hence, we see how he could hurt others for his own selfish needs, although not all Aries Moons are so selfish that they disregard the needs of others. ( I hope I do not need to keep adding these caveats. Sometimes, the comments I get are so nonsensical like that I “like” pedophiles because I said he was handsome. Please, use your bean on your shoulders. That is what it is there for)

We have Nessus conjunct Jupiter at 3 degrees. This is wide for an asteroid but I do allow for 3 degrees in the conjunction. Jupiter enlarges what it touches, for better or worse. Hence, Jeffrey my tend to be abusive. If my time of birth is correct, we have Jupiter conjunct Nessus in the 5th house which is the house of the playboy, the player and the person who wants to have”fun”. Obviously, a pedophile is not having “fun” in the sense of the word, but he is being very irresponsible to meet his own needs with no thought for others. Hence, the 5th House would be the house one could expect a conjunction of Jupiter and Nessus.

Back to the Mars/Venus conjunction in the 3rd House, if my time of birth is correct, Jeffrey would be a sweet talker. Many abusers are sweet talkers. Think of Ted Bundy luring his victims. I knew someone with Moon in the 3rd House who could sweet talk anyone out of anything. The 3rd House is a powerful house when significant planets such as the Moon, Mars and Venus are there.

I am going to end my article here. I will be back to study some asteroids if you are interested. My summary is that there is not much here to define Jeffrey Epstein as a terrible pedophile. He looks like a normal person, so far. We shall see more if we move on, but that is what I see to date. I suppose this shows that one needs asteroids to really understand a person. Also, one does need the correct birth time.

16 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein—-Accurate Natal Chart

  1. amiannKim

    I see a very tight aspected pattern between Venus/mars, Nessus, Uranus, and Chiron. Uranus trine Mars is a sexual aspect in men according to Magi society (I too have found this to be accurate), as is the Venus/Mars combo. So he has a conjuncted trine of sexual aspects and that conjuncted trine is tightly aspected (1-2 degrees) by abuser Nessus and given the added punch by Chiron. Jupiter, planet of expansion and success, makes a loose aspect to this planetary pattern, giving us a clear picture of a sexual predator who is successful at carrying it out.

  2. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    The 5th house is also the house of Children. If you’re birth time is correct than Jupiter conjunct Nessus is in the House of Children….

      1. amiannLinda

        Hi Ami,
        It is also possible that Jeffrey himself has been abused during childhood. (Jupiter conj. Nessus in House 5). So the victim becomes the perpetrator.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YES, he was probably abused by his father and badly—Dejanira conj Sun. Jupiter/Nessus would not tell us about the childhood. That would be the IC, Moon or Sun

  3. amiannAndre

    no way he is not a scorpio rising. aries moon makes alot of sense, though with asc scorpio he would have been born right after midnight on the 20th, which pulls him into capricorn territory and i dont think he is a cap. aquarius makes alot of sense for him, especially with all the socializing and networking he did.

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