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Jeffrey Epstein Natal Chart with Selected Asteroids( Dejanira, Pholus, Eris, Nessus)

When I construct a natal chart, I use my entire list of asteroids. I think I have over 300. In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, I may look at all the asteroids or I may not. I will see if you like these articles and then make a decision.I decided to use some of the standard asteroids on and see what I could find. YIKES—we have a lot if information from a relatively few asteroids.
One thing I can tell you is that the charts never fail me.They exceed my expectations every single time.

The blueprint of each person is his natal chart. This goes for every, single person. I liken it to the Scripture that every hair on one’s head is numbered. God is so wonderful. He has ordered the Universe and that includes little ole us.

Each person has a choice to face his chart honestly or run from it. I am the astrologer for people who want to face their charts. That seems to be my life mission. I am both hated and loved for this. If I am hated, I am alright with it. Hatred of me in my career does not bother me too much. My integrity trumps everything. If I can look in the mirror and know I have helped to bring a soul out of darkness, I am happy.

Well, enough about me and onto the very interesting chart. Let’s start with the asteroid Pholus. It is conjunct the Sun at 1 degree. This is very unusual. I think I have seen it once. Pholus is the asteroid of explosions. I heard that it was a factor in a plane that was blown up a Muslim terrorist. I share this example because it is a very graphic illustration of the NATURE of Pholus. I have an article on Pholus entitled “Pholus Explodes What it Touches—–Boom”.

Jeffrey Epstein has a life like the bomb of a Muslim terrorist. If he did not do these crimes, he would be making some trouble in the world in some manner. I think this is a fair statement. The trouble may be simply a person who rages at others and rules his own family as does a tyrant. This native would bring trouble and harassment into his sphere of life, whatever sphere he may occupy.To be fair, a submissive person with Pholus conjunct the Sun may bring chaos into his life and the life of others in other ways than rages, perhaps by crying fits or hysterical behavior. I do not have enough information on Pholus to know exactly how it functions in terms of it’s malignancy. I hope that makes sense.

Eris conjuncts Epstein’s Moon at 2 degrees. We do not know the exact degree of his moon because we do not have a birth time. So, Eris may not conjunct his Moon at all or it may conjunct it even closer. With an asteroid conjunction, I use an orb of 3. However, the intensity of the asteroid is greatly magnified by each degree. An exact asteroid conjunction is much, much more intense than that of a 2-3 conjunction.

Let’s assume Eris conjuncts the Moon. Eris is like Steve Urkel. He is annoying but not malignant. He is like a mosquito. The mosquito may bite you. The bite may sting. It may itch, but it wisll not kill you. Hence, if Jeffrey has Eris conjunct the Moon, he is simply an annoying person. Eris may, also, espouse a cause such as “Save the Whales”. When he does, he will be very annoying in his manner of championing the cause. I think of the current feminists. I could slap them them I see them with the vagina hats. I mean…………………………ICK. This is the feeling one gets when one thinks of Eris.

Now, we have another big asteroid player in Jeffrey Epstein’s chart. It is the asteroid Dejanira, the victim asteroid. There is a 3 degree orb between the Sun and Dejanira. However, this is still significant. The Sun and the Moon allow wider orbs. I am surprised that Jeffrey is a victim type. He is, also, an abuser, as we know from his conviction. As we move onto more asteroids, we will see more, but we can say that he truly is a victim kind of person. See how the chart surprises you!

When I look at asteroids in aspects other than the conjunction, the orb must be very small. We have Saturn square Dejanira,exact. This aspect tells us that Jeffrey criticizes himself for being a victim. He does not like this part of himself and struggles with it. However, this kind of struggle exacerbates the problem in the manner of a drinker who struggles not to drink. The problem ends up being much worse due to the tortuous struggle.

Jeffrey has Juno conjunct Mars. This shows an aspect of himself that is loyal and devoted. Every person has many slices of himself. That should go without saying.

I will move on and do more asteroids. It is a fascinating study, I think. I hope you agree!

15 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein Natal Chart with Selected Asteroids( Dejanira, Pholus, Eris, Nessus)

  1. amiannKim

    Yowzer Amiann. Now we see his chart has Juno conjunct Venus/Mars and trine Uranus. According to Magi Society, Juno is the most sexual planet – it is sex without love or commitment and when it aspects other sexual planets (and it does here, with Venus/Mars and Uranus (Uranus is a sexual planet for men only)), it bestows a high sex drive on the individual. I believe in their interpretation of Juno. Add Nessus for the abuser or predator.
    The Sun/Pholus conjunction you mentioned is also part of a grand trine with Ceres, and Part of Fortune. Aspecting those bodies are Palla (genius). Ceres is all about big business. Sun is the person and Part of Fortune is where you find treasure. All at 3 degree orb. Looks like a very successful business man. To quote you, the chart never lies.

  2. amiannKim

    We’ll just have to differ on Ceres 🙂 Or, with your interpretation he would have unconditional love and devotion to himself? What is your interpretation of the Part of Fortune?

  3. amiannKim

    From studying charts for years..I agree these asteroids are very favorable. You and I just have a different view on them. Ceres and Juno have no ah ha aspects in the charts of my unconditional love or wife relationships or the charts I’ve studied. And in this chart, big business and sex seem to fit accurately. I mean no offense..I really like your site. I was just throwing out observations.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am cool with you, Kim. I get some jerks on here who harass me. I was wondering if you were one but you are not, so I offer a hand of friendship to you!

  4. amiannOlav HÃ¥land

    Hi Kim

    I have my Sun very close conjunct Pholus in Aqua (both 3 degree). My life has shown no sign to blow off, but I see myself as a peaceloving person (Sun square Neptun). I only blow off on things that are unfair and react on undermining situations that are good for the common best. Melanie Reinhardt says Pholus is ” the lid comes off” – which to me is getting things out in the open – or – unravelling secrets that else could pull the rug under ones feet.

    Best Olav

  5. amiannOlav HÃ¥land

    Hi again.
    No its very close – mySun is 3,29 degree and Pholus is 3,15 degree. Both Aquarius. So it counts. I have been studying the cebtaurs for many years – and have som favorites….

    Best Olav

  6. amiannOlav HÃ¥land

    Hi again!
    My Pholus/Sun is in 3 house. And to add more clues to this I can add: My twinbrother has it nearly equal placed. And he is a peaceful and family related man which to my knowing never has done anything that is not accepted by society. I think the Pholus aspect points to somewhere in life where some mystery or hidden aspect surrounding the person will be brought to the surface. That has happened to me – and in a private setting I could have told more – but it is a very long story AND one that is influencing my life for the rest of it. So I will not tell anyone! But not bad as society would point at it, more like a wound that is from an ancestral itch that crept up on my life. It created confusion and unrest to so much.
    Best Olav

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