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Johnny Depp Married His Mother

I come to this conclusion after doing astrology charts for ten years and picking the brains of my lab rats(said with total respect and including myself as the CHIEF lab rat). If anyone wants to learn astrology, one must do charts and get to know the native behind the chart. The astrologer will begin to see PATTERNS. These patterns cannot be learned in books. One must see them again and again to form conclusions. These conclusions are very valuable.

This brings me to Johnny Depp who is no different from any of us other than being famous(also gorgeous, rich and talented). Due to this, we are interested in him and he can become a life lesson. He is the same as you and me. He is just in the public spotlight and we hide behind our closed doors.

The Sun shows the father and the Moon shows the mother. His father brought him much pain as seen in the Chiron square the Sun.The square tells us that this relationship could never really be resolved. There is also, a Sun/Jupiter aspect which shows there were some good things in Depp’s relationship with his father. Depp says his father was a Southern gentleman and this aspect of his father seems to be something Depp deeply admired.

His relationship with his mother is represented by the Moon. The Moon is the feminine side of each person, the relationship with his mother and the relationships with women, in general. To me, if you want to know a person, look at his Moon. If you want to have a serious relationship with him, make sure you have compatible moons!

So, with Johnny, we have many positive aspects to the Moon and some negative ones. However, I need to really look at my asteroids because I am sure I will find something there. As of now, I will talk about the positive relationships.

He has one of my all time favorite asteroids in the chart of a man. It is Ceres. Ceres is maternal love. Depp has Moon trine Ceres. This shows in his nature, which seems to be very loving. To me, if a man has power aspect, such as Mars conjunct Pluto, as Depp does, as well as Ceres, he is super sexy. Ceres trine the Moon tells us that his mother did give him unconditional love.

Depp has Moon trine Pluto which is a deep and close relationship with his mother. Also, he is a very deep and perceptive person. This aspect is all the good of the Scorpio Moon and none of the bad.

Neptune sextiles the Moon. This shows a wonderful imagination and artistic gifts. It also shows that his mother has a gentle side and so does he.

Juno Trines the Moon so his mother was loyal and so is he.

Depp has Moon square Jupiter. This shows that his mother may have thwarted his sense of adventure. She may have gotten in the way of his opportunities in some way. He saw her as a force that may have made him have bad luck or “curse” him in some way.

He has the asteroid Grieve conjunct his Moon. His mother would cause him grief, as would other women in his life. We can see this with Amber, of course. His own emotions would cause him grief as well. We can see this with his addiction. He used it to cover pain!

I have looked at many of my asteroids but not all. I have found some amazing things in his chart such as both Bacchus(wild orgies),Pan( a bisexual who lived a wild life) and Moira(fated to be in the spotlight) conjunct his MC, so I am going to do another article. As of now, all I see about his mother was that she caused him grief and women will do the same. This surprises me, really. However, as I do more asteroids, I may see more and I will come back and amend the article. I hope this is not too confusing. I just some amazing asteroids in other parts of his chart and want to talk about them.


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10 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Married His Mother

  1. amiannMaria

    HI Ami-
    All I have on his mom is that she is a Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon.
    That sounds like a rough combo-is that the implication here?

  2. amiannStartoucher

    I am having the similar issue with one covert narcissist and it’s excellent how Johnny described it. You partially get what hou never got from your mother, all sorts of compliments, comforts, support but then you get the worse of your mother a few degreese higher. I strongly believe that Pluto is there, like between me and my mother, my narcissist and me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment, S! Yes, we can learn a lot about ourselves from the celebs. They are people too and we can see the same things we struggle with in them!

  3. amiannE

    Poor Johnny–did you see they both have Venus conjunct algol? And during this trial, mercury has been transiting conjunct?

    So literal!

      1. amiannE

        I agree! Another thing about AH, she has Neptune tightly square Mercury. That’s a real signal to be aware of a tendency for creating one’s own “truth” ie big fat liar lol. I actually have that square as well, but with a wide 6 degree orb—I always have to really ask myself if what I know to be true is truly objective truth or partly my imagination trying to get in there as well. To me, it looks like she’s running with her imagination in order to save her reputation.

  4. amiannE

    Just gonna add that there is a real “seduction” vibe with Neptune– it’s not exactly that she is just straight fibbing in the classic sense in order to get out of trouble, it’s that her mind is under Neptune’s seduction, playing with facts to support her subconscious aims. Kind of trance-like. That is why she is so convinced of her innocence–she isn’t completely cognizant of the same reality most people are. Blame it on Neptune!

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