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Kobe Bryant—WHY The Crash?

I am frankly “blown away”. I believe Astrology can answer any question. The lack would be in the astrologer, not the chart. There are hundreds of asteroids. I use roughly three hundred, but this is not really enough. The study of asteroids is a life long study and can never be mastered, per se. In that way, it is like the Bible.

I really did not expect to find the “answer” to why Kobe’s plane crashed. I thought it was too daunting of an endeavor. However, as I said, the answer is in the charts, somewhere. I will tell you what I found.

First of all, one U Tube video said that most, if not all, helicopters were grounded. I know this was the the case for police helicopters. For a private helicopter, a special dispensation, if you will, had to be made in order to fly. One U tube host intimated that since Kobe was so wealthy that he could break the rules. I don’t know if this is true or anyone could break the rules. However, I know that the visibility was so bad that a special dispensation had to be made. The U tube host intimated that Kobe’s hubris was the root of the crash : that Kobe thought the rules did not apply to him.

I took that point of view and added asteroids that had to do with rash, poorly thought out actions, like Icarus(1566). Most people know his story. He flew too close to the Sun and perished. The underlying root of his flying too close to the Sun was that he took an unneeded risk. I, also, added the asteroid Hybris(430), which is Hubris.

In the chart above, I changed my estimated time of birth a bit, so that the transit Mars would be conjunct the Ascendant.I think something profound had to hit the physical body in the case of death. However, this fact would not change the asteroids mentioned above, as well as some other asteroid connections that are almost too unbelievable to be true.

I will explain the meaning of some of the other critical asteroids and then I will show their position in the chart. The asteroid Ate (111)is, also, too much risk taking. It is like jumping from a cliff into water below. It is like driving on an icy road, that kind of thing. It could, also, be an emotional risk, like talking to someone on the internet and traveling alone to meet him in a strange city.

There is another asteroid,Bellerophon, which relates to accidents and particularly accidents resulting from rash action. YIKES.

Now, I will try to explain how these asteroids fit into the chart above. Wow. His natal Ate( and remember asteroids remain the same regardless of the time of birth) is an exact conjunction to Transit Hybris. Transit Mars is an EXACT conjunction to these two asteroids—18 Sagittarius for them all.

Then, Transit Bellerophon is a two degree conjunction with natal Hybris.

Transit Aphophis is a 4 degree conjunction with Natal Chaos. Aphophis actions leading to disaster or doom. I do not usually go above a three degree conjunction, but I am adding this because it is very profound.

In the time of birth I chose, we have an amazing confluence of asteroids. Again, the time was my theoretical time of birth. However, we have Ate conjunct the Ascendant. Melopomeme(18) conjunct the Descendant, which is tragedy in love. Then, we have Aphophis making this a T square. He does have a T square with all of these. We just don’t know if they conjunct the angles.

Oh My Lord, Transit Hybris makes an almost exact Grand Cross.

I think I have to stop here because I am freaking myself out. Just on a spiritual note, I think everyone wants to think that God is real and God in in control of this fragile life we each have. Astrology answers this question over and over again for me. That is one reason I love it. I hope you have gotten something valuable from this article.

I want to give a shout out to a wonderful website in which I learned about many of these asteroids. Check her out to get asteroid numbers I did not add.She is so amazing that she should be seen by all.

It is the website Straightwoo.come. Here is the link:

The Asteroids of Pain, Loss, and Abuse


I was listening to a pilot describe what he think happened. I am a layman, but this is what I think the pilot said. The visibility was very poor. The pilot was following a highway, as helicopters do. The Air Traffic Control told the pilot he was flying too low and had to move up. The pilot could not see the road below, the landmark, if he moved up, so he did not. This dilemma resulted in the pilot loosing his bearings and crashing.

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8 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant—WHY The Crash?

  1. amiannKaren

    1st house is Sag ruled by Jupiter (the stature of your physical body, your personality, plus mask you wear for others to see. Note- who you really are is your Sun). Natal Jupiter in 8th house (8th house hosts circumstances surrounding or leading up to your death) with Mercury/Sun/Saturn conjunction. Neptune (co-ruler of Sag) is in the 12th house of endings (circumstances of your actual death…what you will die of, or from). Neptune literally is fog! Plus, transit Jupiter although in Capricorn is still in the 1st house.

    Sag ruler and transit Jupiter in 1st house is a person with entitlement issues and feels they are above the law. Transit Mars (being too hasty) close to conjunctIng the Ascendant. a person who has entitlement issues and made a fateful, too hasty decision.

  2. amiannSinem

    in astrodem asc 7 degrees capricorn. Accordingly, there is the conjunction of mars neptune in the 9th house arc, as well as the angle of transit mars uranus 135lik. I wanted to consult you.

  3. amiannJ.L.W

    My position on why such things happen is that it is within the astrologer and the thing that astrologers miss is to have a real understanding of this stuff you have to have a real understanding about what is going on in the physical. You have to know what you are analysing, and with some of this stuff knowing what you’re analysing is so brutal it will actually harm you to know about it.

    For me, the coronavirus is related to the Saturn- Pluto conjunction and relates to patterns that go right back to the cold war and before. Very significant things happened close to the date of that conjunction, and the effects will continue, it’s just no one understands them.

    For me though being tied to certain things it will be nice to watch as the effects of all these things work out in the real world. And all the people that ignored anything going on deeper for so long will be quite surprised.

  4. amiannChristie

    I really enjoyed reading your Kobe Bryant articles.. your depth of research is great. It does makes you realise how fated our lives are though 😬… I’m knew to your website and I love it !

    Christie xxx

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