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Kobe Bryant’s Death–Can the Astrology Chart Help Us?

I was not satisfied with my other article. I don’t want to liken his death to food calling me because I know that is a cheap analogy, but I could not stop seeing if asteroids would fit his chart and yield answers, as it did in the death of Joan Rivers. Her death was foul play.

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12 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant’s Death–Can the Astrology Chart Help Us?

  1. amiannKim

    Under MagiSociety’s interpretations (which I have found to be accurate in charts I’ve studied), transiting Saturn was applying in opposition to his natal Jupiter (within a 3 degree orb). According to magi astrology a hard angle between these two planets is considered a Nuclear Clash (within 3 degree orb). During this transit, they recommend you lay low. Just some food for thought. He has transiting Chiron inconjunct natal Saturn (with transiting Uranus joining the Chiron/Saturn aspect). Chiron aspecting Saturn at a hard angle is considered a Heartbreak aspect by MS. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Chaos. I think looking at Gianna and/or one of the other childrens charts would show death of the parent. This is just too heartbreaking and I wish we could make sense of it but there isn’t any sense to be made in any tragedy. Praying for peace for their family’s hearts.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for being here, Kim. I am honored to have you. Question—could these transits show a simple accident like tripping over something and hurting a muscle as well as something like death? Can you tell if it is something little or something big from the chart?If so, how?

  2. amiannKim

    Thank you, I’m glad to be here. I enjoy your interpretations.
    Those aspects are not exclusive to death or physical accident. The Nuclear Clash aspect can represent an accident, an accident that leads to death, a disasterous relationship, a period of poor judgment with disasterous consequences, a divorce, etc. And the same with the Heartbreak aspect, except that one seems to be more of actual “heartbreak” as opposed to a physical accident, tragedy or poor judgment IMO.
    They are interpreted as not so much a one-time “falling and hurting yourself” but more like a period of trial with some of the examples above.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your help, Kim. Are there cases in which one can “predict” death,do you think, like JFK. In these cases, does it have to have many, many indicators which are so strong that one comes to that conclusion, as was the case with him. Astrologers called him and told him not to go to Dallas. I think Dixon saw his death.

  3. amiannKim

    Also, the more planets that join in an aspect, a stronger influence is created and adds more to the interpretation (for example, in Kobe’s chart above, you have transiting Uranus and Chiron aspecting his natal Saturn and Chaos – the more points that join the aspect create a stronger influence).
    His natal Mars conjunct Pluto is another example of this. This is a Champion aspect. Venus is out of orb to his Mars by 1 degree but because it is a pattern of three planets it is considered aspected (no greater than 4 degrees for only one of the three planets). If you look at the birth charts of LeBron, Tom Brady, etc. you will see a tight orb of Pluto/Mars or Venus/Pluto aspect. Aspect of Champions.

  4. amiannMichele

    I”m glad I’m not the only one messed up by this tragedy. I didn’t have much of an opinion about Kobe prior to this event. His rape case was questionable to me – I have known a few women (not intimately) who were into choking, and the accuser got quite a payday, so I can’t fairly judge that event.

    I do believe he completely redeemed himself since then and now I’m obsessed with the sadness of their deaths. Having been orphaned completely by 13, my heart breaks when I see children lose a parent because I know it is a life sentence.

    So thank you, amiann, for making me not feel so much like a freak on a leash. lol

    And, by the way, I have been saying the same thing about Joan Rivers – to me, it was so obvious she was a hit. What concerns me the most is the blatant boldness “they” display in eliminating their detractors. Such Hillaryish behavior.

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